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Well here is another one that was prompted by Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generator.

The Prompt; 500-1000 words / Male Character / Celebration

Celebrate Good Times

The music was playing and two wizards were dancing, gently swaying from side to side. People watched with smiles on their faces as the couple danced their first dance as a married couple. Moments later other couples started to move out onto the floor and join them in their dancing. The only people left at the sidelines were those without a partner and those still gathering the courage to ask someone to dance. The music stopped and all looked to the newly married couple. Clapping as Severus Snape and Harry Potter smiled their thanks.

It had been four years ago when Harry and Severus had told their friends that they were dating. It had been shocking to all those that knew the two, as Severus and Harry had never truly gotten along. It had happened, and people could see the light of life back in Harry's eyes. His friends and family had thought it had gone forever, as after destroying Voldemort he had stopped laughing, and stopped smiling his true smile. Severus brought that back, talked with the young wizard to find out what was troubling him.

Three years before there was a scare that Harry would die, when supporters of Voldemort went after him. They had injured him quiet badly, leaving him for dead in the cold November air on the hills mountains around Hogsmeade. When he was reported missing, Severus had not rested until he had found Harry. Harry had almost frozen in the cold weather. While lying in the hospital wing recovering, Severus was sat next to him night after night, staying with him, others thought that he was afraid, and they would be right, he was afraid of losing his lover.

Most didn't realize that it was two years ago that Severus had proposed to Harry. Only one remembered the panic that the older wizard went through, as he was choosing a ring and a place to propose. Harry had been feeling a little down over the Christmas period and Severus wanted to pick his spirits up, he had gone to Molly and asked for her help in choosing a ring and a place where Harry would like to visit.

A week later Severus had packed bags for the two of them and with a smile he told Harry that they were going away for a week and would be back before Christmas. He had taken Harry to Rome, to show him more of the Wizarding World, a little of their history. He had proposed on the last night they were there as they watched the sun set from the balcony of their hotel.

They should have been married the year before but an attack by the few remaining Death Eaters had stopped it. Thankfully no one was hurt seriously, but it had put a dampener on the day, so the wedding was canceled, postponed to another day. Molly and Harry had worked for eight months to plan this wedding, yet keep it a secret from reporters and others that they didn't want gate crashing, but they did it.

The people gathered for their pictures and smiled as the camera went off to record a wonderful day. The beginning of something new.

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