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The prompt; 20 Minutes / Female Character / wanting what you can't have.


Wanting an Image

Ginny sat in her room, looking out of the window down at her brother and his best friend, though that friendship had gone further over the last few weeks. She has always thought that she would be the Weasley that would be with the Hero of the Wizarding World. She was, of course, the only female. Who would have thought that Harry Potter would be gay.

She was angry that Harry had gone with her idiot brother, Ron didn't even realize what he had at his fingertips, the power and prestige that went along with being The-Boy-Who-Lived's boyfriend. She knew that she would have used that fame, that fortune to do what she always wanted and that was to pamper herself.

She wanted that fame, she wanted that fortune, she wanted that title, but you can't always get want you want. Ginny had found this out the hard way only the day before, when she had gone to Harry and told him that he should be with her, giving him silly reasons, like that she was girl, and that she would be a better choice.

She was shocked when he just smiled at her and said in that soft voice of his, 'Ginny, you want a fictional character, someone who don't exist. I am a young man about to go out into the world. I need someone who will be there for me, not for themselves, like you. Ron has always been there for me, even when we were fighting he would find a way to make sure I knew what I needed. You Ginny fell in love with an image, one that the Wizarding World painted me as when I couldn't even talk properly. I have no time for a fake, I want someone real, and that what Ron is for me, someone who can love me for me and not an image.'

Ginny had stayed up during the night to try and figure out a way to get Harry for herself, but as morning broke someone knocked on her door, her brother Ron. She had yelled and screamed abuse at him, but he had just stood there with a sad smile on his face. When she had finished he spoke and told her to leave Harry to his choices, not to interfere, she had immediately accused him of brainwashing Harry, corrupting him.

He shook his head at her and looked at her sadly, 'You have always wanted what you can't have, and most of the time you got it from mom and dad as you were the only girl, and they spoilt you. This time it is because you are a girl that Harry will never be with you. He may decided that he no longer wants me as a lover, but until then I will love him like I always have. Ginny, it's time for you to grow up and act like the young woman you are supposed to be, instead of the spoilt little brat you have become.'

Ginny looked out the window once again, with sad and mournful eyes. She watched as he brother grabbed Harry around the waist and swung him around, the young witch could hear the pure laughter from the young Hero. She saw the two wrap arms around one another, facing, the kissed so gently and softly, that she finally saw what everyone else did. Just a young man that was finding his way in the world, and finding that precious True Love.

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