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Hinata awoke to the smell of…. Pancakes?

She looked around at her surroundings and quickly got into fighting position. "Wh-where am I?" she asked to herself grabbing the largest thing she could find, a magazine. The ONLY thing out of place in the room. "Great whoever abducted me was a NEAT freak"

finally she saw someone move in what she guessed was the living room and mercilessly beat him with the magazine. He grabbed both her hands. "Who the hell are you" said a 18 year old guy with bags …err… lines… under his eyes staring at a half naked girl in his living room.

"DON'T YO-YOU THINK I SHO-HOULD BE ASKING TH-THAT!! WHERE AM I??" she yelled glaring at him

"Well, for starters its not intimidating when your stuttering and yelling… actually sounds like Orochimaru…but lets not get into that. By the way your in the Uchiha house hold, and that is my dirty magazine" he said pointing to the playboy Hinata had been using to beat Itachi.

Hinata stared at the magazine she had picked up in the bedroom. "oh crap" she though to herself.

"Don't worry, I only read it for the stories" he said smirking. All Hinata could do was sweat drop.

"well, don't you want some pancakes, since you've already intruded into my house…"

Once Hinata had explained the situation (and gotten her memory back…) Itachi decided not to "punish her". Gladly she never found out what he meant by that.

"So my little brother took you in? MY little brother? Who wont even clean the fricken litter box?"

Hinata decided not to ask why they had a litter box if they had no cats. "So…wh-where is he?" she said looking around the kitchen.

"where is who? My brother? Where he always is in the morning, sleeping."

"WH-WHAT? But I woke u-up and…. He wa-wasn't there…." she exclaimed.

"Hah no, he just goes into fettle position when he sleeps. Look closer next time."

Hinata sighed and went back to the bedroom. Loa and behold there he was, apparently he blent in quite nicely with the navy blue pillow cases, sheets, quilt, and headboard.

She poked him to see if he would respond. Sadly his only response was "MOMMY I DUN WANNA GO TO SCHOOL."

"wow" she thought to herself "and I thinkI have problems"

Deciding to try a new tactic she poured a bucket of ice cold water on him. (for the record the real Hinata had noting to do with this, it was evil inner that tends to come out sometimes.)


"H-hey look. I-it worked!"

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" he screamed, now drenched in water.

"ano… I… um… I'M SORRY!" (now here's the real Hinata :))

"Look, its about time we go to the stakeout, wait what time is it? 7 AM! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!" he sighed and went to the kitchen to get pancakes.

Hinata couldn't stop herself from noticing that he had abs. so, she was blushing like a mad man

"Are you… Ok?" asked Itachi.

So, she fainted.


When she woke up she was in Sasuke's car and fully dressed. "ano… Sasuke-kun?"

"yes, Hinata?"

"U-um…. Ho-how did you dr-dress me?"

"Oh, I had Itachi do it since I didn't really think I should be the one to violate you."


"calm down I was just joking" he said putting his hand on her knee. "I did it but it wasn't like I raped you or anything. I just er… put the pants on you…"

If it were humanly possible for Sasuke to blush he would have been right now from the expression on Hinata's face, which was a mixture of embarrassment and overall glaring at him.

When they got to the "stakeout" as Sasuke put it, Hinata asked him what they were going to do here, he said she had to be initiated.

"In-Initiated?" she said squirming on the walk to the door.

"What does tha-"

"You'll see when you get there."

When they opened the door all of the boys looked down, almost with a sad expression on their faces.

"So, has Sasuke told you what you have to do?" asked Naruto.

"Er…N-No." she said half scared half exited to see what was going on.

"Should I tell her boss?" whispered Shikamaru into Sasuke's ear.

"Fine." he said staring coldly at him.

"Well. You see, you have to stay 10 minutes in a room with the leader of the gang and well… get the shit beat out of you. If you survive, your in." he said looking down again.

"WH-WHAT?" she said close to tears.


"sorry babe, we all had to go through with it" said Naruto. Who earned a nice hard kick from Neji.

"W-well, who's the Lea-leader?"

"Sasuke is" said Gaara.

"B-But." She was breathing harshly now.

"Well, better get to it then…" said Kiba.

Hinata was pushed into a small room with Sasuke. As she heard the door close she burst into tears.

Sasuke looked over at her "Look, either fight me, or leave."

She stared at him.

All of a sudden she launched running towards him ready to block off his chakra flow on his leg when he used his Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu, leaving Hinata badly burned.

She was in a corner now, un able to get up.

"Oh shit. Hinata? HINATA!" Sasuke went over to her and put her head in his lap, stroking her cheek. "Hinata are you ok"

"Sasuke-kun?" she asked weakly.

"Look, they don't have to know if we don't fight the whole 10 minutes. What we did was fine. Just kinda stay here an rest a bit."

she smiled weakly and inwardly hated herself for being so weak.

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