Are We Falling or Flying?

Things Ain't Bad, But Things Ain't Right.

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"You're such a whore Peyton! I can't believe you would do this to me again!" Brooke yelled as she stormed into Peyton's newly painted room.

Peyton whipped her head around to see what Brooke was ranting about. By the looks of it, whatever it was, it wasn't good. "What are you talking about?" Peyton took off her painting smock.

"Oh don't play dumb with me Goldie locks! I know who you were with last night!" Brooke crossed her arms.

Peyton mentally rolled her eyes. "Brooke," She came closer to Brooke. "I was with Lucas, but not for whatever reason your head is making up."

"You slut! You're actually admitting it to me? Wow, you're more whore-ish than I thought!"

"Brooke!" Peyton yelled.

"Peyton, don't talk to me the next time you see me." Brooke said coolly, but coldly and then stomped out of Peyton's room.

"What the hell Brooke!" Peyton yelled, running after her down the stairs.

"I said don't talk to me! While we are at, don't look at me either!" Brooke yelled as she slammed the front door.

Peyton sat down on the top of the staircase, wondering what just happened.


Brooke ran to her car, hair flying every which way, the heels of her Jimmy Chos sinking into the earth.

"Whoa, Brooke, what pissed you off?"

"Your little fuck buddy!" Brooke said softly but loud enough that Lucas heard it.

Lucas grabbed her arm, "Brooke, what happened?" Brooke pulled her arm away quickly.

"It's called you plus her," Brooke pointed to Peyton's house. "Plus your car equals big idiot, also known as me." She started on her way back around to her car.

"Brooke!" Lucas yelled, but Brooke ignored him and sped, while squealing her tires, and took off down the block.

"Yea, um, I don't think that went well." Peyton said from her front porch.

Lucas turned around. "Yeah, what was that about?"

"I think she found out about last night, but took it the wrong way…" Peyton bit her lip nervously.

"Oh…" Lucas nodded. "Well, I'll go talk to her."

"No, allow me. I'm her friend."


I just wanted to give you all a little taste of my new story.

There is more but I just wanted to throw it out there.

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