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The next day at school was the best day ever Brooke decided. She wasn't mad and her best friend and boyfriend anymore. She didn't know why she was in the first place. Okay, so maybe she did, and she had a divine right to be mad…but she stood corrected and was okay with that; as longs as she got the two most important people back. Honestly she didn't want to start another fight, ever.

"B. Davis." Peyton said, not as much as a question or a 'Hello' or 'Good Morning', but more of a statement. Brooke loved it. Brooke closed her locker and walked over to Peyton's and bumped hips with hers.

"P. Sawyer!" Brooke said back.

Peyton smiled as she put her extra books into her locker and pulled out the necessary ones for her first class. "What," Peyton was surprised to see Brooke hugging her. Not that she mind but it was awfully random that is for sure. "What's up sugar bun?" Peyton asked while rubbing her back.

"I am sorry, again." Brooke mumbled into Peyton's shoulder.

Peyton tilted her head. "I told you, I am not doing that to you again, it was a mistake and one that I don't plan on repeating, ever. Got it?" Peyton lifted Brooke's chin up so their eyes were mirrored.

Brooke nodded then smiled. "Good, I was scared I lost you again." Brooke bit her lip, a habit she had since they were nine years old.

Peyton let go of Brooke so she could lock up her locker, then turned back and set one hand on each of Brooke's shoulders. "You are never going to lose me, sorry, it's just that's how it goes with me." Peyton's shoulders shrugged.

"Good, cause I am never going to leave you either, no matter how bad your taste of music is." Brooke fired back, smiling all in all though.

Peyton's face turned shocked and smacked Brooke's bottom and pinched her left arm with her other arm.

"Hey, PDA is against school policy I believe."

Peyton and Brooke turned around only to see "Slut-Face-Boyfriend-Snatcher-Rachel-Gattina".

"Why don't you powder your fake nose and stop wishing you only could get some of this action." Brooke snapped back and glared at Rachel, grabbed Peyton's arm and walked off leaving Rachel standing there scoffing at what she just said.

"Whoa Brooke, bitchy much?" Peyton asked.

"Who cares, she deserved it. God, I just hate her. How could anyone be that perfectly, plastically ugly yet all the boys are after her? Hell, I even think Turner has something going on with her." Brooke held her books closer to her chest.

Peyton laughed. "Wow, Principal Turner?"

Brooke turned to Peyton and glared, "No Timmy Turner, duh Principal Turner Goldilocks."

"Do you want me to provoke anymore personal displays of affection before English?" Peyton raised her hand.

"Only if you make it hurt!" Brooke stuck out her tongue.

"Okay, did I really need to hear that?" Lucas said, covering his ears.

"Oh, you know you like it sweetie." Brooke grabbed Peyton close and Peyton, already knowing what to do, raised her right leg just as Brooke grabbed it. Both girls displaying seductive looks towards Lucas, Peyton even added to it more by sticking her index finger in her mouth, biting it like Marilyn Monroe.

Lucas for a moment was shocked, but then laughed it off and leaned in to kiss Brooke. "See ya at lunch. Later you two." He waved as he walked off to his first hour.

"We totally got him excited, if you know what I mean." Brooke wiggled her eyes, undressing Lucas with her eyes as he walked away. Almost at that exact moment Lucas looked back at Brooke just in time to see her unconsciously licking her lips. He laughed to himself and kept walking.

"Okay B.P.D. I am off to English, see you in math?" Peyton asked.

"Sure thing P.E.S." Brooke answered back. "Later!" She waved and off she went.


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