Pulse Day last year's challenge.

Terminal City on the Terminal Day


June 1st 2021

"You know for the guy who hates heights," she smiled walking up behind him on Terminal City's main building's roof, "you certainly spend a lot of time up here."

He briefly smiled as he looked out onto the city, his city. He missed it. Missed being part of it on a daily basis. Ached to do more than watch over it. "Stay up here long enough…" he smiled at her.

"Normalcy is highly overrated," she smiled back at him.

He smiled again, but it quickly fell. "Twelve years."

Her brows lifted in confusion then fell, "The Pulse."

He nodded. "The city fell asleep dreading Monday morning," he smirked. "Can you imagine?"

"Makes the normal hatred of Mondays a little more justified," she shrugged.

He chuckled lightly. "I wish you could have lived it Max. Really lived it. Not in a crappy foster home, running from Lydecker."

"Gotta admit, does look kinda cool in the movies."

"All we could see was how screwed up it was, there were so many things wrong, we didn't see what an amazing world we lived in."

"Gas stations alone would have convinced me it was heaven, I mean every block and they had gas?"

He frowned at the automatic connection his mind made between those words. "At least then you got shot inside the mini mart." He shook his head, trying to free himself of the memory of fear. "We all just went to sleep, we didn't have any idea what was about to happen."

She waited for him to continue, this was his story because that had been his world, never hers, she had just barely lived in it, but she had never been given the chance to connect with it.

"You know when you're out there you can see it the whole morning. Feels like everyone is watching the clock. Countdown to their lives being over. There's just this impending sense of dread with every minute that goes by. It doesn't feel like it was over a decade ago, you can feel it about to happen, but there's nothing you can do to stop it." His head slowly shook as he continued looking out at the city and not at her, "When I was at the paper, you could physically feel the day slow as noon approached, even when you tried to stay busy you could feel its pull. By noon the office would be almost silent, women would clutch hands, the tears would start and 12:05 it would break. They say it's because we never got a chance to grieve when it happened. No one understood or even could understand that it was permanent for a really long time."

"What about you?" she softly questioned.

He looked over briefly, "I don't know." He turned back. "Most of the time I get it, but maybe days like today," his head slowly shook, "it just doesn't seem possible."

"I can get that," she nodded. "There are days I wake up, can't figure out why I'm not in my bed. Wonder what kind of tips I'm going to pull in before I open my eyes."

A bittersweet smile graced his lips. "You know after the city started to function again after the pulse, I never thought I'd take central heat and air for granted again."

She let out an unexpected low chuckle and he couldn't help, but mimic it.

"We're gonna make it through this you know," she said moments later as his gaze returned to his lost city and his lips fell.

He turned back with amused, but disbelieving eyes, "Isn't that normally my line?"

"Looked like you needed a boost," she answered with a sweet smile. The kind of smile he couldn't truly stay sad when seeing, if only for the simple reason that he didn't want it to reflect on her, she had too much of it already, he couldn't be the cause for more.

He was about to deny her observation, but they had come farther than that, "Thank you," he nodded.

She held out her gloved hand with a teasing smile and sparkling eyes. He took it. The lights out there suddenly didn't seem that unobtainable or even bright, not compared to where he was standing.

Was going to make that longer and tie it into Snippet 3, but I decided I that Max and Logan weren't quite there yet in this fic. There's still a definite separation between them. That and well I have no muse. :-P

Thanks for reading!