Keep asking him why he is alive.

Tell him he is dead and he has no hope of coming back.

Tell him Tal has a crush on Milla.

Tell him Milla has a crush on Tal.

Tell him the Underfolk weren't freed.

Replace his crow's feather in his hat with a pink one.

Tell everyone he sleeps with a bear named Brownie.

Steal Brownie.

Hide his hat somewhere inside Ebitts room.

Point at the veil and yell "Look it's a bird!"

Laugh when he looks.

Give Brownie to Gill.

Make him watch the scariest movie you can think of.

Act out this movie with him as the victim. Make sure he doesn't know it's you.

Give him a big bar of chocolate. When he starts to eat it inform him of the fact that there is six insect legs in every normal sized chocolate bar.

Tell him he is dead and nothing matters anymore.

Cement over his doorway to his room.

Film him attempting to find his room.

Give this film to everyone in the Freefolk and Tal and Milla.

Unleash a group of furious chickens on him and film him being pecked.

Pour tar over him.

Throw bird seeds on him.

Unleash the chickens and Ebitts bird on him.

Tell him Sharrakor survived.

Whenever you see him yell out "Zombie!" and run away.

Each time he is about to have a drink exchange it for alcohol.

Film him going on a drunken rampage.

End every sentence with "but that doesn't matter, you're dead."

Sing the Llama Song until he starts to cry.

Hit him in the head so he falls over.

Do it again and laugh maniacally.

Blurt out his secrets to Tal or Milla, preferably both.

Yell out run to him whenever someone talks to him.

Paint all of his clothes white.

Paint his room white.

Be in his room with a white suit on and fake wings and when he wakes up say "welcome to heaven!"

Lead him down dead ends claiming that there is a shortcut somewhere and start to feel along the walls.

When he does nothing yell "Aren't you going to help?!"

Laugh at random times and when Crow asks what you're laughing at say "It's gone now" and walk off.

Keep calling him Wiggles.

Make all the Freefolk call him Wiggles.

When he tells you to stop say "Crow is dead, now you're Wiggles!"

Assure him it now rains mustard.

Use a spoon to flick peas at him.

Fill his hat with mayonnaise.

Take a picture of him wearing it.

Give this picture to the Freefolk.

Hypnotise him and make him eat his shoes.

Fill his room with sheep.

Kick him in the shins every time you see him, and then engage in normal conversation.

End awkward silences by singing Cotton Eye Joe.

Flicker the lights in his room.