Chapter 1 (Emptiness)

Disclaimer: I do not own the Phantom of the opera or Swan Lake, trust me.

That one word filled his heart with sorrow and angst as he looked at the music box which he had spent so much time making and sculpturing it. Love hurts, he now knew, and he promised himself that he would never ever fall in love again. rage tore through the thick mist of sadness in him and he lifted the music box above his head and let it crash to the ground, breaking into million of pieces. Dropping to his knees, he could only reflect on what did she last said to him.

"Pitiful creature of darkness

What kind of life have you known?

God gave me courage to show you,

You are not alone,"

And then she kissed him, right on the lips.

Why must the world be filled with lies? He knew that it was not true, every single word she said. She had betrayed him; she had said those just in order to set them free.

He dragged himself from the lair, and hitched up Cesar. It began to rain, and every since drop of rain reminded him of her. Finally, he reached his destination. He dismounted, took the saddle off Cesar and patted its wet nose.

"You are free, there would be no more war, go, to where you once belonged," he said, tears sliding off his face. Cesar trotted off.

The garden was nice. No one ever went there before and the trees were sufficient enough to hide him. No one would ever bother him anymore. Never. He walked along the bank slowly, surveying the lake, whose surface was dancing with raindrops. A single swan was resting in the lake, its head under its wing, looking all innocent and peaceful. He smiled at it, before tying one end of the rope he was carrying to a thick branch of a tree and the other around his neck. He stepped on a large rock beneath the tree.

He was destined to go there, he had to go. The world could no longer accommodate him, anymore. There would be no more pain, he thought as he felt the last few raindrops dripped onto his face. Just one more step.