A/N: I'm off to school like, now, but I had to post this. I wrote it this morning, so it may be ehh but whatever :P. Enjoy!

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An Ode to the Original Fiction Writers

How do we loathe thee?
Let us count the ways.

Your words, spoken with less truth than Morrible
Your characters- the Wizard shows more emotion!
Your clich├ęs, used more than the word 'Oz'
Your grammar, straying far more than Boq's devotion

For you have less brain than the Scarecrow,
And I do mean that in the cruellest way possible
(Though I mean no offence, Fiyero, dear)
For not even flames seem to make you more humble

You have less heart than the Tin Man,
(And that's quite a large feat to achieve)
Surely someone with an ounce of dignity
Would respect us, pack up, and leave

If we should compare you to the Wizard
Oz forbid! You make the dictator look kind!
For he at least upon seeing his mistake
Had the dignity to be ashamed and resigned

So this is our plea- listen hard and listen well
For we've said it far too many times by now
Leave us alone- go to fictionpress now- scurry!
Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, ciao:

We shall loathe thee less in memory.