A/N: Yeah, a second chapter. No, not another "polite flame" to the original fiction writers. This one's for the flamers :).

A basic overview? I'm sick of the flaming going on (hypocritical, I know, coming from me, of all people). I'm not saying we shouldn't yell at original fiction writers, no. But when flames consist of a string of the most vulgar profanities we can find- just because? It's getting ridiculous. I'm embarrassed to be part of the Wicked fandom right now. So embarrassed.

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A Notice to the Original Fiction Flamers

If a flame is salvation, a flame is damnation
It is eternity as it is ephemerality
The words are poison, poison
And poison's effect is forever
Even if the poison itself
Is only a temporary fix
To the problem at hand.

With a loathing sigh one looks forward and says 'Oh, how I hate thee,'
When with a self-loathing sigh one's actions say, 'Oh, how I hate me.'
So at all times you must be wary your words shall not be
Taken at a hypocritical face value
In fact, the best way to avoid such circumstances is
To purely avoid.

The night is closing in but the ruby-red inferno flickers brighter than the slippers,
Hotter than the Ozians' tempers, faster than the Witch's wit.
Observe: the best way to put out a fire?

Stop supplying fuel.

In case anyone's interested, the format for the first poem was Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee?"

This one's Delmore Schwartz's "Phoenix Lyrics."