Title: Two Days
Rated: M
Pairing: Jack/Elizabeth
Summary: Elizabeth helps out a witch and is granted a wish - anything that she wants, for two whole days. If you get what you really want, in the end, it'll only hurt more.
Notes: AWE spoilers. Adult scenes, strong language. Grab some tissues while you are at it.
Beta: HowlongmustIwait

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Chapter One: The Help, The Offer, The Wish

Doesn't anyone come through here with a broom? It would be nice . . . Well, pirates are not known for their cleanliness. Everything is so quiet here . . .

Elizabeth looked up at the night sky, thankful that she had enough sense to bring her lantern with her. She takes a trip, every couple months or so to get out of Shipwreck Cove. It was beginning to get to her; she would think that the walls were about to close in on her.

It was also tiring. When she took the role as Pirate King, she did not think there would be so much work involved. Pirates were known to be lazy, but with the Royal Navy and the East India Trading Company coming down on the pirates, hard, it meant that all the pirates were running toward the one place where they think they would be safe: Shipwreck Cove.

Which meant that she had to lay down a few more codes in order to keep some semblance of peace in the large island castle, and also, since she was of course King, meant that whatever problems the sailors came across while on the ocean became her problems.

And most of her problems concerned the Trading Company and the Lobster Backs.

Elizabeth sighed, and lifted the lantern up a bit. She wondered, and not for the first time, why Jack had elected her King. Why? Was it because he wanted her to have constant headaches, to be tortured about the problems of the whole Pirate Brethren?

Did he believe in her? Did he . . . forgive her?

If so, he has a funny way of showing it. I wonder where he is?

So quiet . . . not even the whores are chirping about the isle. I don't like this.

I don't like this at all.

She looked down at the rocky path of St. Thomas . The tiny port was filled with the painted two bit strumpets; the taverns had lights in its windows . . . usually. Now everything was dark, save for the moon. Dark and quiet.

I bet if he was here, he'd have a whole crowd of people around him. He'd be telling them of his entire stint in the Kraken, and of how he - single-handily, of course - defeated Cutler Beckett. Or he'd have a whore under each arm.

Or maybe he would have been running away, afraid that I might kill him again. I wonder -
But then something caught Elizabeth 's ear. A fight had broken out somewhere ahead.

The King took a step back, blowing out the soft light of the lantern. The tussle grew louder, with uniformed men stumbling down the path, pulling a woman in chains.

"Le'go of me, ye sniveling scouts of putrid vanity!" The woman hollered. One of the two military men shoved the butt of his rifle into the stomach of the woman. She let out a cry and crumbled, slowing the men down a bit.

Elizabeth ran up to them, putting all her weight behind her small lantern and swinging it, as hard as she could, into the face of one soldier. She heard glass break, and the yelp of the surprised man. Luckily she had the element of shock and surprise, and kicked her leg out to the other soldier's groin.

Without thinking, she grabbed the chains locked on the strange woman's wrists and pulled her toward her, stepping out of the way to avoid a collision and throwing the woman behind her.

The man with glass in his cheek stood up and lunged at her, angrily, but Elizabeth was quick and drew her sword out, cutting the man on the shoulder. She spun on the spot, and stabbed the other man in the arm.

Kicking the wounded man in the stomach, she twisted the sword in her hand and, with her weight, pushed it into the stomach of the man behind her. He fell to the ground, praying to God that he would not die.

God didn't listen. Nor did Elizabeth , for she was busy dueling with the other soldier. He limped, and groaned against pain, but still kept fighting her. Elizabeth admired that, and allowed him two minutes of sparring before she twisted and slashed the man's throat.

That's when Elizabeth heard the first dying man. She went over and kicked his head, hard, and thus ended his praying.Sheathing her sword, Elizabeth hurried over to the woman. Upon sight, Elizabeth noticed that the woman was an unnatural beauty. Her brown, bushy hair had all manners of beads, twigs and leaves in it - most of them woven in. Her large, amber colored eyes shone with something else besides life; her ears held dangling a small bird's feet. She wore a shawl around her shoulders, and a tight fitting dark blue dress. Her feet were bare.

Elizabeth reached up and grabbed her shackled wrists, helping her to stand up.

"I am sorry about that." Elizabeth apologized, and turned to the dead militia. "One of them is bound to have the key."

"'De one whose throat you hacked. Thank you." The woman held out her hands, waiting for Elizabeth to find the key and free her from the blasted chains.

"You're welcome." Elizabeth smiled, and found the key. Jingling them in the air, she walked toward the strange woman. "Any idea why they arrested you? Pirate?"

Elizabeth asked, working the key into the locks.

"I have no connection wid pirates . . . until now, yer Majesty." Elizabeth looked up at her, startled. She never mentioned her name. She had never even seen this woman before. "Yes, I know who ye are. Mrs. Turner, the wife of the dead, and the King of the pirates."

"So eloquently put." Elizabeth said, finally managing to free the woman's wrists. "So who are you, so desired to be put behind bars, and yet not pirate?"

The woman gave a warm smile, and Elizabeth found herself wanting to be close to her. She wanted to touch her, to worship her, to be with her.

"I am Desi're, and what you feel is what I can do."

Elizabeth jumped a bit, and realized that she was so close to the other woman she could feel her breath on her skin. She cleared her throat and stepped back, feeling a hot blush on her cheeks.



"Very useful, I presume?"

Desi're smiled, but this time it did not hold the amount of warmth it had before.

Elizabeth noticed cracked teeth, which were white but jagged. "Very useful indeed. And I am offering the use of them to ye."

Elizabeth looked at the men on the ground, and looked back at the woman. "What would you give me?"

"Two days."


"Anything ye could think of." Desi're cracked her knuckles; Elizabeth winced a bit at the sound, but the witch paid no heed. "From this midnight to the other, you will be granted with the one thing ye want."

"Anything?" Elizabeth asked. Asking for peace and freedom for pirates was not going to work; only a two days reprieve? Asking for Will . . . two days, and he would be gone again. And she also believed that no matter what, Desi're would not be that powerful to deal with the immortality.

"Or anyone."

Anyone? From midnight . . . one chance, one person to be with, to see how it would have worked out . . . to see if it was possible . . . to see if he was right.

"Two days, no problems, and everything will be back to normal?" Elizabeth asked, wary of Will and the curse. "There has to be some catches. This seems too easy."

"Only ye will remember the two days."

Elizabeth nodded. Seems pretty straight forward. Desi're seems honest enough. It's the honest ones you've got to look out for. Trust the dishonest ones.

Do whatever is necessary.

"What could it hurt?" Elizabeth sighed, and looked down. "In five minutes it will be midnight."

"Best make yer choice hurried, then." Desi're said, picking her nails.

Elizabeth looked up at the witch. She could not believe she would do this, and so quickly too. But she had always wondered, in the back of her mind, what it would have been like if she stayed on the Pearl two years ago. Would she have been cast out, or would they have had some semblance of friendship?

I can see him now. His dreads, his golden smirk, his rum soaked breath, the flouncy air around him, the object of respect.

I wonder what if would be like to be with Jack Sparrow.

"Yer choice, have you made it?" Desi're asked, feeling the moon pull at her. It was nearing time.

Elizabeth took a deep breath, and said in the exhale, "Jack Sparrow. I want Jack Sparrow."