Title: Two Days
Rated: M
Pairing: Jack/Elizabeth
Summary: Elizabeth helps out a witch and is granted a wish - anything that she wants, for two whole days. If you get what you really want, in the end, it'll only hurt more.
Notes: AWE spoilers. Adult scenes, strong language. Grab some tissues while you are at it.
Beta: HowlongmustIwait

Notes: Elizabeth is NOT pregnant. She just got sick, but Gibbs thinks otherwise.


Epilogue: We Meet Again

Elizabeth gave a soft smile at the merchant man, and continued looking at the goods on his cart. She sighed, and decided to purchase an apple and some bananas. Taking a bite out of the apple, she walked calmly down the road of San Salvador. The port was busy with the day's usual events, people brushed past her without even knowing who she was.

Elizabeth liked it.

It had been three months since her adventure into another world, and even though it still pained her to think of her days there; she had learned to cope.

She took another bite of apple and stopped to look at some fabric another vendor was selling. Cloths of various kinds, colors and patterns filled her vision, and she was about to buy a bright shining red cloth when a tarred hand came into her line of vision -

- A tarred hand holding a ring, a skull with two pink diamond eyes.

Elizabeth gasped, and turned to look into the face of Jack Sparrow.

"Me wife seemed to have left this on our ship." He frowned, and looked Elizabeth up and down. "Me wife didn't come back to me ship."

Elizabeth's eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she fainted right into Jack's arms.

A/N: Doesn't seem like an ending? That's because it's not. There is a sequel in the works- don't know when it'll be done and posted, but it will be done and posted!! Hope you enjoyed!!