"Stop that, my Nanao-chan."

Gentle tones, not quite an admonishment but she treated it as one anyway, fingers flinching away from her weapon as though it was in flames.

"The petals, Nanao-chan?"

A distinct query, again, so well-mannered, no pressure whatsoever. And he even just sighed, humoured, when she dumped the basket on the tiles beside him when she'd had enough. She was allowed to act as spoilt as she wished around her captain.

"Won't you give me a chance, Nanao-chan?"

He was flirting with her again, tilting his wide-brimmed hat down until his eyes couldn't be seen and that small smile was somehow shadowed with sadness; it was times like that, times like that really made her wonder if perhaps he was genuinely serious.

"That's enough, my dear, sweet Nanao-chan."

And even when she'd frozen right in the thick of battle, a deer petrified in the path of danger, hesitating when she should have been fighting, should have been defending her captain and making him proud to have her as a subordinate; even then, her captain was always so courteous.

Truth to tell, I wasn't expecting my first Bleach fic to be focused on the relationship between Nanao-chan and her lovely captain, who I so dearly wish to claim for myself. Earlier today I actually started writing a little something around Kenpachi and Yachiru, so I thought that'd be the first… but then, I feel so much love for just about all the captain-lieutenant relationships. Expect lots more, really. Feedback is adored and appreciated; flames make my day a whole lot brighter.