The Substitute Flower

Draco let out a sigh as his Thestral drawn carriage drove up the long gravel lane to the enormous and elegant Malfoy manor.

The sun had begun to set and the blazing summer heat was dissipating into the hot kind of mugginess that Draco despised.

It was finally the summer holidays and Draco was glad to at last be home.

But his happiness was bittersweet, for he knew that his mother would never stand at the door waiting for him again, never would she shower him with gifts and kisses.

His beautiful mother Narcissa was dead, killed by the very man her husband served so readily.

Voldemort had killed her in cold-blood for Lucius' failing to obtain the prophecy about potter, Well Damn Potter, and Damn Voldemort!

He was now to be alone with his father in a draughty old mansion which to be honest he was dreading.

The two of them had never really had much to say to each other, Draco just did what ever his father said and was otherwise left well alone.

Except when he was asked about potter and Dumbledore and any other information the death eaters could use.

No, it had been his mother that tended to him on an emotional level.

Draco shook his head to clear it of disturbing thoughts as the carriage finally stopped outside the manors large doors.

As he made his way out of the carriage he paused for a second, looking for perhaps a house elf or even his father, but it seemed no one was waiting or him tonight.

He knocked using the large silver serpent doorknocker, that gazed at him with slitted eyes, its huge mouth open and its forked knocker tongue, hanging majestically on the outsized green doors, they swung open with a creak and he walked into the impressive entrance hall.

"Hello?" asked Draco to no one in particular.

"Hello? Father?" but nothing but silence met his voice.

"Seems like I'm alone" Draco smiled and let a house elf take his coat, he grabbed the ribbon in his hair and tugged it free, his pale locks now cascading across his shoulders.


Draco spun round to see his father, slightly drunk and in an absolute state.

His father grabbed him round the waist and hugged him breathing in the soft smell of his hair.

"Father..wha..Whats going on?" Draco was beginning to worry, his father's grip was tightening and Draco began struggling against him.

"I have something for you in the study, it's a gift, come and see".

His father kept his arm tight around Draco's waist as he ushered him somewhat reluctantly through the large doors to the study.

Abraxus Malfoy stared down at him from his picture in the frame above the fireplace; his father moved away to a large glass cabinet returning with a small vial of swirling purple liquid.

"Drink this Draco" smiled Lucius

"What is it?"

"I Said!…..Drink…. IT!"

Lucius grabbed his son's face in one hand, pushing Draco's lips apart with his fingers and forcing the potion down his throat.

Draco stared at his father in horror as he covered his mouth and forced him to swallow before letting go.

Draco gasped and pulled himself to the other side of the room, resting against the wall before collapsing into unconsciousness

When Draco woke up his head and body ached horribly, he sat up cautiously only to find himself in his mother's white silk nightgown.


He was also laying in his parent's bed with his father sleeping next to him.

Draco was suitably terrified now, he quickly tried to get away but his fathers arm slid across his hips, underneath the nightgown.

/Oh shit, what's happening?/ thought Draco as he fought against his fathers superior strength. But before he could achieve much, his father was on top of him, exhaling alcohol soaked breath into his face.

"Oh Narcissa I've missed you" Draco froze as his father began kissing down his neck.

/He's gone mad he thinks I'm mother/ thought Draco.

"Mm my sweet, you know that I love you don't you hmm?" Lucius ran his hand down Draco's flat chest and down to his member, which he missed all together as his fingers entered a moist slit.

"Ahh! wha…what have you done to me?" Draco tried with renewed vigour to extricate himself from the bed.

Draco all but screamed as his father pushed two of his fingers into a place that he knew he didn't have yesterday.

The fingers moved out and were replaced by something much larger and hotter.


Draco screamed and shouted until a hand was pressed against his mouth.

"Shhh, shhh now Cissa, you always enjoyed this before." And with that he pushed into Draco's new opening and Draco cried out, tears running down the sides of his face and wetting his ears and hair.

His fathers alcohol breath and the smell of sweat and sex made Draco wish he could apparate through wards, anywhere at all, anywhere but right here and now.

His father began a brutal thrusting motion and gently pressed his thumb against the small bundle of nerves at the top of Draco's vagina and began to rub.

Draco's gasps and murmurs were muffled as his father replaced the hand on Draco's mouth with his soft lips and the combination of rubbing and thrusting was unwittingly driving Draco over the edge.

Draco soon wrapped his legs around his father's waist as lust took over his thoughts and he began to kiss his father back.

"Mmm that's it my sweet."

Tears were still poring down Draco's cheeks even when with a final thrust they came together, and Draco sobbed as he felt his father's juices fill him.

Feeling totally ashamed Draco cried himself to sleep his father still inside of him snoring loudly on his chest.

When Draco woke up next day his father was gone and on the bed was one of his mother's emerald velvet dresses, waiting for him to wear also her wand.

Draco quickly ran to his own rooms to find some clothing, he searched through every wardrobe but all his things had disappeared.

Draco sat on his bed and saw a note on his pillow, written in his handwriting.

Dear Mother and Father,

I have decided to tour Europe for the summer holidays before returning to Hogwarts, I will probably be back for Christmas break.

Lots of love

Your son


Draco stared at the letter, he hadn't written this! Draco passed his mothers wand over the parchment, which revealed it had been magically written.

It was while he was holding the letter that Draco saw his mother's wedding and engagement rings on his left hand, he tried to pull them off but they were stuck fast.

Draco stormed back to his parent's bedroom and looked for something more manly to wear, anything!

It seemed his father had made small adjustments to his mother's clothes so that all her clothing fitted him.

He would have worn his father's robes but they were way to big and had been locked away.

Luckily his mother had a pair of jeans tucked away at the back of the bottom draw in her dresser, he then had no option but to wear a white angel blouse with red and blue flowers embroidered into it.

He then sat at the dresser and used his mother's brush for his hair.

As he looked in the mirror he frowned at himself; it was then he noticed the note on the reflective surface, wedged under the frame.

Narcissa my love, Look in the draw.

And make sure you are dressed for dinner tonight

Your Husband


Draco opened the draw warily and was attacked in the face by several small lying objects and a cloud of powder.

He coughed loudly as the items settled back in the draw, he looked at himself in the mirror and screamed.

He was wearing makeup, a pale powder made his skin look matt and soft, his eyes were circled in smoky black eyeliner and shadow and long mascara coated lashes made his eyes look huge. His soft lips were painted a deep pink and were very glossy, he also stank of jasmine, his mother's perfume.

Draco growled at his reflection and tried to rub the make-up off his face but it wouldn't even smudge!

He looked like a strange version of his mother; the overall effect made him look very androgynous.

Draco cried out in anger and threw his mothers things across the room.

Suddenly a terrified house elf popped up next to him.

"Mistress Narcissa! You mustn't be ruining your lovely thingses"

"I'M NOT NARCISSA! I'M DRACO! DRACO!" Draco kept pointing to himself angrily

Draco slumped down against the foot of the bed

"I'm Draco D.r.a.c.o Draco, Draco, Draco, Draco" he sobbed pathetically.

Why had his father turned him into some kind of hermaphrodite, a half-baked version of his mother, then r..raped him. Draco realised one thing.

He had to get help before it was too late, before his father took things too far.

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