The Substitute Flower

Draco ran to his mother's bureau and pulled out parchment and quill, he began to write to Severus and then just in case he also wrote a letter to Harry Potter, If anyone could save him, it would be the saviour of the wizarding world.

Dear Potter,

I know it's the summer holidays and I know you hate me but, listen Harry I need your help, this is not a trick or a joke or anything like that.

My father Lucius Malfoy has gone mad. As you may or may not know my mother Narcissa passed away a few months ago.

My father has, changed me to be like my mother. He believes that I am her, he even calls me Narcissa and left me a note from myself saying that I was touring Europe and would be home for Christmas.

Come quickly I don't know what he may do!

Yours hopefully

Draco Malfoy.

Draco then wrote a similar letter to Severus and closed both with the Malfoy seal.

It was then that Draco realised his father had locked the owlery and grounded the birds. Draco decided to use a spell he saw his father do once that allowed him to banish a letter to its recipient. The letter would hopefully appear in front harry and Severus.

Draco performed the spell using his mother's wand and watched, as the letters seemed to melt into nothing.

He hoped that they had worked.

Draco glanced at the clock and gasped as he saw the time it was 6.35 and he had to be in his dress and at the door to greet his father when he arrived home, he would have a snifter of Brandy and then dinner was at 7.30 sharp.

Draco quickly called Misty the house elf.

"Yes Mistress Narcissa how may I help you" the Elf looked pleasant and not at all distressed which meant that Lucius had obviously put a confundus spell on the house elves to make them think he was Narcissa, he would play along for now.

"Yes Misty could you prepare dinner for myself and my Fath….Husband"

"Yes Mistress! Anything in particulars!" asked the Elf happily.

"Yes, make Lucius his favourite four courses and I will have…..Rabbit soup….Roast chicken…Beef and Trifle for desert"

"But mistress! That's Master Draco's favourites, surely yous would like the Lobsters and the Lemon sorbet as usual on Tuesdayses?"

Draco stared angrily at the Elf he may be giving up his life but he would not give up his food!

"Well Misty I miss Draco, maybe his food will make me feel a little less….lonely" Draco felt tears fill his eyes.

"Very well mistress, I will gets your dinner ready and Brocket will rings the bell when its ready."

Draco clothed himself in his mother's dress and tied his hair with a ribbon at the nape of his neck.

He placed his mothers diamond dinner jewellery around his neck and even put on her gloves.

He then slowly descended the stairs and walked into the drawing room where he quickly drank a few glasses of Brandy. He now knew why his mother drank so much.

The clock in the hall struck seven and Draco quickly hurried to the side of the large circle in the entrance hall that served as the apparition point.

Within minutes Lucius Malfoy was standing there in all his pureblood glory, he stare at Draco and then gave him the cruellest smile.

Lucius threw off his robes and wrapped his arms around Draco, kissing him passionately.

He walked Draco backwards until he hit the nearest wall, lifting him up and hitching up his dress.

"No knickers Cissa?" Smirked Lucius as he quickly released his throbbing member from his pants and thrust into his false wife.

Draco gasped in pleasure as his father's enormous member pounded into him, he couldn't help orgasming as his father came deep inside him but Draco had noticed that although he had orgasmed he released nothing.

At dinner they ate in near silence, Draco gazing at his plate.

Suddenly an own swooped into the dining room, it was Severus' owl Hecate who flew to Lucius and dropped a letter by his plate.

Draco was terrified, was Severus in on his fathers mad schemes!

Draco's musings where interrupted by his father's voice.

"Well Well Cissa it seems Severus is visiting tomorrow and is bringing Draco, apparently his trip to Europe with his friends was cancelled as young Master Zabini has got a nasty case of Dragonpox"

Draco stared at his father in shock!

"What time are they coming?….Darling?" Draco quickly added.

"Ten sharp, but I will be working so be sure as to greet them when they arrive"

"Of course F..Lucius my love" Draco played with his mothers wedding bands, he was terrified of what tomorrow would bring.

Again not a longy but there you go!

Flamage, Flamage, Go on and shake your tailfeather! Flamage, Flamage!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



PS. Harry/Fenrir in process(Harry has puppies!) should that be Ferry or Farry or Henrir or Hanrir?