Here is my new story. Don't stress, I'm still writing Everything Changes But You, but I've had this idea in my head for a couple of days and I needed to get it written. Bella was nagging me to do it hehe. Enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: Roses are red, Violets are blue, I don't own Twilight, So you can't sue. (Whoever wrote that disclaimer rocks). All characters, except Melinda, David and Shaun, are owned by the awesome Stephenie Meyer.

Bella Swan pulled up to the large mansion. The top of her car pulled down, the sun shining in and the music in her car up as loud as it could go. Pulling in next to the black BMW Z4, she turned off the engine to her Audi TT and climbed elegantly out of the car. She smiled to herself as the diamond bracelet on her wrist sparkled like her skin. Making sure the car was armed, she walked gracefully towards the front door of the luxurious mansion. Before she had time to slip the key in the lock, the door swung open to reveal a stunning staircase and a welcoming entrance.
"Welcome home Miss Swan," David, the Butler greeted as he slipped the black coat off Bella's back and hung it in the entrance closet. "I presume business is going well." "Yes thank you David," she replied warmly. "Where's Melinda?" "Upstairs in her room Miss Swan," David answered. He excused himself and went off towards the kitchen as Bella headed upstairs. Knocking lightly on the soft pink door, she opened it quietly and watched as Melinda sat at her little table having an imaginary tea party. Bella allowed a small smile as she remembered her childhood and the many tea parties she had with her dolls. Melinda looked up and her beautiful brown eyes grew wide as she realised Bella was there.
"Mummy," she squealed and ran to her mother. Bella laughed as she hugged her daughter close.
"How has my little girl been?" Bella asked following her daughter into the overly pink bedroom.
"I've been good mummy. David has been looking after me. Yesterday we went to the fun park and he went on all the rides with me even the scary ones," Melinda babbled as she made room at the small table for her mother.
"And I will never be doing it again," David said as he entered Melinda's bedroom with a basket full of clothing.
"Please can we go again David?" Melinda begged. Her brown eyes took on a sad puppy dog look and David relented quickly.
"Any time you want Miss Melinda," David said before turning his attention to Bella. "Miss Swan, there are a few messages for you in your office that need replying too." "Thanks David," Bella answered. "Honey, mummy is going to be in her office working. I'll be in later to tuck you in." Melinda nodded and got back to her tea party. Descending the stairs and walked across the entrance to her office, she closed the door a little more forcefully then she should have and crossed the room to her large mahogany desk. Taking a seat, she picked up the large stack of messages and began thumbing through them. Most of them were from her employers. She picked up the phone ready to dial a number when the last message caught her attention.
Miss Alice Cullen called, 24th May. She asks that you reply immediately.
Bella stared dumbfoundedly at the message for several moments before screwing it up and throwing it at the rubbish bin. The Cullen's were history in Bella's books. Concentrating on work, she started making calls.

"Kimberley, we can't afford to take on anymore waitresses. Stick her in the club for the moment. I'll be out tomorrow to check her out," Bella said before hanging up the phone. There was a soft knock at the door and seconds later Melinda walked in.
"Mummy, you promised to tuck me in," Melinda whispered as she walked around the desk to her mother.
"I'm sorry baby. Mummy had to deal with work problems," Bella explained and hoisted Melinda into her lap. "I have to go back to the hotel tomorrow to sort a few things out but I promise I won't be gone long." Melinda nodded, kissed her mother on the check and then ran out of the room with the grace of a dancer. Finally finished with her work problems, she leaned back in her comfortable desk chair, propped her legs on the desk and got lost in her thoughts. Six years. It had been six years since it had happened. Six years since the love of her life walked out on her. Edward Cullen. The only man she had ever loved and he had left her heartbroken and alone. She remembered that day better then any other day. He had been funny all day. Not his usual self and she sensed that something was wrong the second he had arrived at her house to take her to school. However, that day they drove straight passed Forks High School and continued onto the Cullen house.

"Bella, you know that I love you, right?" Edward asked as he lead her into the house. Bella grinned to herself.
"I love you too Edward," she confessed.
"And you know that I would never intentionally hurt you," he continued, ignoring her confession.
"Edward what's wrong?" she asked, suddenly afraid.
"Were leaving," he said, his eyes looking anywhere but at Bella.
"Where are we going?" she asked, a wave of relief washing over her.
"Not you Bella. Your staying here." Bella stared at him for the longest time, before bursting into laughter.
"Your hilarious Edward," she said between fits of laughter. However, Edward's face didn't look like he was joking and she immediately ceased the laughter.
"Your not joking are you?" she asked after a few seconds of silence. She felt angry tears beginning to build yet she wouldn't allow them to fall.
"You need to have a normal life and you can't have that while I'm around. The rest of the family have agreed. They are already waiting for me in Denali and then were moving on," he explained. The tears began to fall and as he kissed her one last time, Bella fell apart. She begged him to come back long after he had gone. It wasn't until the next morning that she realised he wasn't coming back. Three weeks later while lounging in bed, having cried herself dry, she remembered him mentioning Denali. Climbing quickly out of bed, she tied her hair in a messy ponytail, threw on an old pair of jeans and a sweat shirt, she ran downstairs, tripping on the last stepped, and grabbed her car keys. She left a cryptic note for Charlie explaining that she had gone to visit some friends and would be back in a few days. Climbing into the Lexus convertible that Edward and Alice had bought her for an 18th birthday present she sped off towards Denali. She didn't know how long she had been driving, but suddenly she had arrived. She hadn't slept or eaten in awhile yet she didn't care. She needed to see Edward. She needed a better explanation then needing a normal life. She was disappointed when she knocked on the door and found that the Cullen's had left. It was then that she begged Tanya to turn her into a vampire.

"Miss Swan. Your plane leaves in a few hours, shouldn't you be packing?" David interrupted and Bella jumped out of her chair in fright. Clutching at her cold heart she smiled a thank you at David and left the office. She packed quickly and pulled the suitcase downstairs. Her chauffeur, Shaun, held open the door to the Mercedes and smiled warmly as she climbed in. He placed the luggage in the trunk of the car and he climbed in behind the wheel.
"Business as usual, Miss Swan?" Shaun asked as the large mansion disappeared from view.
"Business as usual, Shaun," Bella confirmed as she flicked through the messages left on her blackberry. Her pesky employer, Patrick, who managed the hotel while she was away, had left a lengthy message about several clients staying in there hotel.
"Time for a new manager," Bella mumbled to herself as she began her reply to Patrick. Several hours later she was in Las Vegas, and coming into view was the Antoinette Hotel.