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"The tigers were huge mummy," Melinda was saying as Bella stepped out of the elevator and took of her shoes.
"Did you have fun?" Bella asked and slipped off her jacket, throwing it on the coat rack. She froze suddenly as she realised she wasn't alone. "Melinda, honey, mummy has to go but I'll call you in the morning. I love you."
The closed her phone and took in a deep breath. The scent was strong and she glided quietly across the room. She saw something move to her left and before she could make another move the light flicked on.
"Oh my Carlisle," Alice Cullen squealed and ran towards Bella. Bella stared in disbelief and held her hand up for Alice to stop.
"What are you doing here, in my room?" Bella spat. "You have no right to be here."
"You wouldn't return any of my calls and I was worried," Alice replied, anger in her words.
"Leave Alice. I don't want you here," Bella replied and flipped open her mobile phone, dialling the front desk. "Pack your bags, Patrick, and get out of my hotel."
"It's not his fault," Alice argued.
"Get.Out," Bella said, her eyes going completely black. Alice stared for the longest time then danced towards the elevator. In the blink of an eye she was gone. Bella sank to the floor and for the first time in five years she cried. Her body was shaking with tearless sobs and she wished desperately that for just one night she could sleep and have meaningless dreams. She had finally admitted to herself that she was unhappy.

"I have never seen her so angry," Alice said as she paced the hotel room. Jasper Hale watched his wife as he tried to calm her down. "She isn't Bella anymore."
"But she is a vampire, like Tanya said," Jasper said. Alice continued to pace. "Are you going to tell Edward?"
Alice stopped pacing and stared at her husband. She sighed and collapsed into his lap.
"I don't know. What am I going to tell him if i do?" Alice asked. An internal battle was raging as to whether to tell her brother about his ex-girlfriend or not. Jasper stayed quiet.
"We should go and stay at her hotel," Alice suddenly said and in the blink of an eye she had everything packed and ready to go. "And I think we should call Emmett. Bella always had a soft spot for him."
Jasper smiling lovingly at his wife and pulled out his phone. While Alice checked them out, Jasper organised to meet Emmett and Rosalie at the Antoinette Hotel. Two hours later the four were checked in.
"Rose and I are going to the casino," Alice called out and the two left.
"Why do I get the feeling you and Alice are hiding something from us?" Emmett asked as he eyed his brother. Jasper shrugged and finished tying his laces.
"We're going upstairs," Jasper replied. "Please control yourself when we get there."
"And where would that be exactly?" Emmett asked, a mischief twinkle in his eye.
"Strippers," Jasper announced with forced enthusiasm. Alice had mentioned something about Bella being there and he wanted to check out the new Bella. Maybe he could talk to her without too much trouble.

"Thank you for the ice cream mummy," Melinda said as she held Bella's hand in her left and her chocolate ice cream in the right.
"Anything for you princess," Bella replied and watched as her daughter munched on the ice cream. Bella didn't feel the need to pretend in front of her daughter. When Melinda was around she was the Bella that she had been when she was human. In front of others she was the powerful ass kicking Bella that her workers feared.
"How long are you home this time?" Melinda asked and gazed at her mother with wonder in her brown eyes.
"I have to go back tomorrow, but I thought you might like to come," Bella said. Melinda's smile said it all and she hugged Bella's leg.
"Thank you thank you thank you mummy. I'll be good, I promise," Melinda said. Bella smiled and they continued walking. Although not a favourite past time of her human years, Bella now loved to shop and Melinda was only too happy to go along. Bella would give Melinda the world if she asked for it.
"How about some new shoes. Can't have you looking less then perfect tomorrow," Bella said. Melinda nodded and threw the rest of her ice cream in the rubbish bin.
"Bella?" a soft voice asked and she turned around. She took in the sight of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. As much as she tried to feel anger towards them, she couldn't. In a way they were her parents and she couldn't forget all that they had done for her when she was human.
"Hello," Bella said. Carlisle and Esme took in the vision of the new Bella.
"It's so good to see you again," Esme said and held her arms for a hug. Bella smiled and hugged the older woman.
"And you," Bella replied. Melinda tugged on Bella's hand and Esme's gaze fell on the small girl.
"Melinda, honey, this is Doctor Cullen and Mrs Cullen," Bella introduced. Melinda stuck out her small hand. Esme took it softly in her own and shook it. Carlisle copied his wife. His topaz eyes then rested on Bella.
"What happened?" he finally asked. Bella sighed. She had been waiting for this question.
"Not here. Would you mind coming over to my house?" she asked. She quickly wrote down her address on the back of her business card and handed it too them. "See you in an hour."
Bella watched as they walked off and completely forgetting Melinda's shoes they walked back to the car.

An hour later, Melinda was outside playing with her puppy dog while Carlisle, Esme and Bella were seated in the living room.
"Your mostly here to know what happened, right?" Bella asked as she fiddled with a coaster on the coffee table.
"Mostly," Carlisle replied. Bella sighed.
"Three weeks after you left I went up to Denali looking for Edward. I was ready to beg him to come back to Forks. Instead I found Tanya. I asked her to change me and she did. End of story," Bella said. "Although, I thought Tanya would have told you herself."
"No she never mentioned the change. Just that you had been looking for Edward. She said you stayed a week and then went back to Forks," Esme said.
"I did stay with her for a week after I was changed. For some strange reason I can't smell human blood. Almost considered a career as a doctor," Bella answered and threw Carlisle a warm smile.
"Must have been your aversion to it as a human," Carlisle reasoned. Bella shrugged.
"Either way, I'm able to run my own hotel and not have to worry about eating half the guests."
"Hotel?" Esme queried.
"I'm surprised Alice hasn't told you. I own a hotel in Las Vegas. The Antoinette Hotel," Bella said. When Esme gave her a questioning look, she continued. "Alice paid a visit a few nights ago."
"That must be why Rosalie and Emmett suddenly took off for Las Vegas," Carlisle said more to Esme then to Bella. Bella groaned. This was just what she needed. However, curiosity got the better of her.
"How's Edward?" she asked. She tried to sound indifferent, like she didn't care, but deep down she felt a tug at her dead heart.
"He's good. He's with Tanya in Denali at the moment. He'll be joining us down here soon," Carlisle answered.
"Sorry to bother you Miss Swan but your have a phone call," David said, appearing from the kitchen.
"Thank you David," Bella said. She turned to Carlisle and Esme. "Excuse me a minute."
She entered her office and picked up line one.
"Bella. We need your help. A couple of guys are causing a few problems and refuse to leave until they talk to you. I told them you were out of town but they demanded they see you," Amelia said. This was just what Bella needed.
"I'll be there in a couple of hours," Bella replied and hung up.
"David," she called out as she re-entered the living room. "Please take Melinda upstairs and pack her suitcase. Also have Nickolai have the plane ready to leave in half an hour."
"I guess that's our cue to leave," Carlisle said and stood up.
"I'm sorry. There is a problem at the hotel and they need me. Please stop by and if your ever in Las Vegas, feel free to stay at the hotel," Bella said and hugged both Carlisle and Esme. 45 minutes later, Bella and Melinda were on their way to Las Vegas.