Sakura - new and improved

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In this story Sakura's parents killed themselves in front of Sakura when she was about 4 years old, why will be said later in the story. No one knows about her past, and she wants to keep it that way. This is set before Sauske leaves and before Sakura becomes Tsunade's apperentice. Enjoy!!! XP

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Sakura stood by the door, hand shacking on the handle. Tears slilently rolling down her face. A weakling, a waste of space, a lost cause... Even Naruto agreed... Sakura let the handel go. She was about to turm around when Naruto opened the door. Naruto already knew she heard everything they said. He was going to say something to calm her down. He reached his hand out toward her, but Sakura smacked it away and ran. Naruto looked back into the room. Kakashi was angery at himself for not noticing Sakura and Sauske looked like his normal brooding self.

Sakura kept running, she ran through the village gates and into the woods. She ran until her legs gave out. When they did she fell to the ground and stayed there, crying.

Anko and Kurani saw a flash of pink pass her by. Anko was impressed by the speed. Kurani was impressed by the fact that she felt no chalkra in the girls legs. The saw as the pink flash left the village. The gaurds were going to go after it, but the 2 women said that the girl was training with them. The 2 followed the weak chalkra singal. When they got there, they were surprised to see Kakashi's student laying in the dirt crying and she looked lost.

"Aren't you Kakashi's student?" Kurani said gently. Sakura pulled herself up, two sit on her knees. Her voice barely a whisper. "Yes..."

Anko and Kurani looked at eachother worried. They've seen this girl smiling and laughing, with some shamless flirting, but never as lost as she looked now.

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" Sakura kept her eyes to the ground, in the same voice as before, " I don't know..." Anko was getting really fed up with this girl. No matter what happened its not enogh to act this depressed.

"What happened?" Kurani was used to taking care of Hinata, so being gental was second nature to her. Sakura gave a dry sob. "They hate me..." Anko and Kurani looked at eachother and back at Sakura. "Who?" Anko said, getting intrested. "My... Team 7..."

"Why?" Sakura looked held her hands to her head. "They say I'm a waste of space a lost cause..." Unknown to the 3 women here, Ibiki also came to see the 'pink flash.' "So your weak?" Sakura stood up. Her voice shacky. "I'm not weak..." Tears ran down her face again.

"Your sitting here crying, laying on the floor." Sakura closed her eyes tight. "It's not my fault!!" Anko, Kurani, and Ibiki looked at Sakura. "No one wants to train me... I try and I try and no one will help!! How is it fair to call me weak!!" Sakura wiped the tears from her eyes. "I'm not as strong as Naruto! I don't have anything special about me like Sauske and Kakashi!!! But that dosen't give you the right to call me weak!!" Sakura hicupped.

Anko smirked at Kurani. Kurani nodded and smiled. "What if we trained you?" Sakura's eyes went wide. "W-what?"

"You heard me! Is it a yes or a no?" Sakura nodded her head so fast it looked lke it would pop off.

The 2 new teachers laughed. Ibiki came out from the trees smirking. "I offer my experties as well." Sakura's smile grew and she nodded more.




Sakura just finished her bath and was washing up when she heard someone at the door. She quickly put on her pjs and ran to the door and opened it. Her smile fadded into a frown when she saw her team at the door.

"Sakura..." Sakura looked away from them. "Do you need something?" Kakahi spoke up. "We will be leaving for a 2 month mission." Sakura sighed. "We as in me and you guys or you guys?" Naruto sighed. "Us as in not you.." Kakashi said and turned away along with Sauske, Naruto sent Sakura a look full of pity before leaving with Kakashi and Sauske.

Sakura knew they thought she was weak, but leaving her behind like that... she felt like they just put a big ass hole where their place use to be... That night she went to her room and promised she would never cry for them after that night. She cryed herself to sleep for the last time.

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