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Sakura woke up slowly, to her screeching alarm clock. ' Damn Ino and her fucking humor...' She slamed the poor abused watch into the wall. Sakura slowly got up and went into her bathroom. After a bath and everything, she walked into her kitchen, only to find Ibiki sitting at her table.

Sakura's eye twitched. 'How the fuck do they get in here?!?!?!' Sakura walked by him and cooked some eggs and backon. She gave some toIbiki and sat herself down to eat.

He found it funny that she would just sit there, as if someone didn't just break into her house. He slowly ate the food that was given to him. He looked at Sakura's tired face and his little brothers face flashed through his mind. ' I will not make the same mistakes...'

Sakura sighed as she washed the dishes. "At least your quiter in the mornings than Anko." Ibiki chuckled. "Ready to go?" Sakura nodded, not mentioning the nightmares she had last night, about what happens in that tower.

They made their way to the tower and walked in. Sakura felt shivers run down her spine when she heard the screams. Ibiki saw this and put his hand on her shoulder. She clamed a little at his touch. She swallowed and pushed forward. Too late to turn back.

Ibiki had her help him by determining what their body language. When she got something wrong, it was another lap she had to run around the village. Sakura, still feeling the heaviness of the weights, tried not to screw up.

They went to cell after cell. Who knew there were so many evil things going on inside the village. Sakura flinched as a guy confessed to raping his daughters, more than once. ' I don't think I'll ever look at this village the same way ever again...' She saw as the guy was draged out. Life in prison, because after he finished, he killed both of his daughters and dug them in the garden behind his house. Sakura watched, thanking the gods her parents weren't that abusive. Her parents...

Sakura's eyes glazed over. Images flashed through her mind. bodies, heads, blood. Ibiki noticed Sakura's dazed look and gently sook her. "Are you ok?" Sakura snapped out of her daze. "Yeah, that just kinda scared me..." Ibiki nodded and they countinued their day. This went on till sunset.

Ibiki walked with Sakura to her next trining area. Sakura eyes went wide. This was teams 7 first training ground... The bell test... Sakura took a shallow breath. 'I can do this!!'

Kurani walked up to us. "Still sane?" Ibiki noded and She laughed. "Good, because for genjutsu you must have a strong mind. I'll be helping in ninjutsu as well!" Sakura nodded. Fanally. someone who didn't act like a syco. "Now, your going to practice until you've run out of chalkra! This way when you do it later, it will be easier." Sakura sweat dropped, shes just as sadistic as Anko... What in the hell was she thinking when she agreed to be tought by these people...

The moon is high in the sky and Sakura is down on the floor. Shes right, Kurani is just as sadistic, but none the less, Sakura smiles. Kurani smirks. She has really good chalkra control. Sakura tries to move and just falls back down. Kurani lifts Sakura up and gets her home. In a month, this girl will be stronger than anyone on team 7.

Sakura has another nightmare and wakes up around 5:30. 'Anko isn't here yet.' She got up and went downstairs, to her surprise Ibiki was there. He grined at Sakura. 'The lazy ass wants food...' Sakura smiled. She made food for herself, Ibiki and Anko. Who knows, maybe Kurani would join in on this new tradition. When Anko got there she was surprised to see Sakura up, and to see her an Ibiki sitting at the table, having a sort of family breakfeast. She saw there was an open spot with some food, so she sat down and ate.

After this, she dragged Sakura to her new training spot.

This went on for 3 weeks. Kurani did join their morning tradition. Sakura was already really strong. She also has been given notes on poisons and on healing stuff. Her new clothes were still the talk of the village. She had new clothes and a new attitude. Ibiki, Anko and Kurani thre her into as many missions as possible.

Today was her first day off and she was going to enjoy it. Sakura was walking through the village, saying hi to many. 'My life totally rocks.' Sakura was dazed and she ran right into Neji. She fell on her butt and looked up. She smiled and took Neji's outstreached hand. "Sorry about that!" Neji looked at her. He just returned from his misson and this was the first time he saw the new Sakura. He swallowed. "No problem." Shikamaru and Gaara came up to the 2.

"Hey Neji, Sakura." Shikamaru said. Gaara nodded his head as a greeting. Sakura smiled at the 2 men. She hadn't seen them scence that night they walked her home. Her stomic growled, she blushed. "Guess I'm hungery! See you guys later!" "You could come eat with us." Shikamaru said, before he relized what he said.Troublesome hormons. Sakura smiled. "Better than eating by myself!" The other two were going to complain, until they saw Sakura smile. Damn their hormons. They spent the day together. At night, they took Sakura back to her house. She gave each guy a kiss on the sheek and walked into her house.

Sakura got a phone call from Ino. Ino, Tenten, and Hinata came over and the girls stayed up all night, telling secrets and playing around. ' Yeah, my life fuckin' rocks!!'

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