Kunai Kitty

# Fun House. Lex' the vampire's Mansion #

Lex slept in her bed with Shelby. Sleeping peacefully for once. Something she hadn't done in years. A figure was crouched outside her window. Her window opened slowly, as the said figure slipped in undetected.

He came upon the dark-haired, natural navy blue highlights, vampire princess. Her navy blue eyes counseled through her eye lids.

It picked her up, taking it's time to pry Lex away from her dear friend, before jumping out the window once more. The window shutting behind him.

# Egyptian Citadel. Home of Delilla #

Delilla and her spiky, sandy-blonde haired, dark lavender-eyed boyfriend, Malik, relaxed peacefully in his elegant Egyptian room.

Malik lay against the head board of his four-poster bed, amongst the abundance of gold and red pillows, only a pair of red silk pajama pants covered his lower half (and his underwear of course). Delilla sleep close to him, her head rested on his upper chest and so was the rest of her torso. Malik's arm around her sleeping waist protectively, as he continued to read the small red leather bound book in his free hand, a pair of reading glasses rested on the bridge of his nose to help him see it.

"'Abaksuda no migata, hi dashi mosu keta' 'Let me show you around.'" Marik read, looking down at Delilla. "Delilla, I can't understand this, any tips?" He whispered to her softly. She smiled in her sleep.

"You'll get it." She said sleepily, snuggling into his bare chest even more, still tired.

He got back to his book which was titled 'Dorgoian Literature. Let's Translate.'

There was a crash in the other room, making Malik alert of it. Delilla jumped, waking up.

"W-what was that?!" She questioned shakily, hugging him tightly in fear.

"I'll check it out, you stay here." He said, getting up. He put a book mark into his book and left the room. Delilla stay on the bed, half laying, half sitting up. A figure appeared behind her.

"Good Evening." They grinned, making her jump into a kneeling position on the bed. The figure grinned, showing white fangs, as they swiftly snaked an arm around her waist and covered her mouth. Escaping out the window with her into the night.

# Cleopatra's House #

Cleopatra lay asleep on the leather couch in her home with her short, spiky, white-haired and lavender eyed boyfriend, Akeifa (Or Ancient Egypt Bakura.). A figure slipped in with nothing, and stealthily escaped with Cleopatra.

# Rare Hunter Hide out #

Marik sat on the bed, Shilo in his lap. The sandy blonde haired boy, nipped playfully at her neck, making her laugh.

"Master Marik stop!" She pleaded between her cute giggle fits.

He nuzzled his head in the crook of her neck, breathing in her intoxicating scent. Letting his fingers become trapped with in her starlight locks.

"Keep laughing and maybe I will." He said, kissing her neck softly, before there was a knock at the door. He growled in anger. Looking at Shilo with calm lavender eyes, before placing her on his bed and getting up to go to the door. He opened it to find no one. "Huh. Weird." He said, before turning to Shilo. "Hey, since the door is open and I'm already half out, you want me to get you somethin'?" Shilo shook her head, making Marik shut the door.

(5 minutes later)

The two hadn't even made out before they fell asleep. A figure stepped out of the shadows and picked Shilo up, whisking her away back to the shadows, leaving.

# Dylan's Castle #

The other three were already on the ground, asleep. Dylan came in with a struggling brunette.

"Let me go! MALIK!" Delilla yelled. Hoping Malik would actually hear her.

"Shut up, female! Your boyfriend is far, far, away!" Dylan growled, throwing her on the ground.

He pulled out a book, reading off a chant that made the four girls glow yellow, before there was a bright light. He smirked. "A success!" He exclaimed, opening a portal. He had changed the girls into kittens. Delilla was a brown cat with green eyes, Shilo was silver with white eyes, Lex was a dark blue with dark olive eyes, and Cleopatra was a blonde kitten with aquamarine eyes.

The portal opened in the form of a mirror. It showed a bedroom where a pale skinned, raven-haired, make-up wearing male, was sleeping in a bed. Dylan picked up one of the kittens, and tossed her in there. It showed another room with a man with red hair was sleeping, and again, Dylan picked up one of the pretty kitties at random and tossed her in there. Next was a portal leading to another room where a boy with long brown hair slept peacefully. Dylan picked up the another cat and repeated the process of throwing her into said room.

One last portal opened, showing a guy with spiky grey hair, asleep in a bed. Dylan grinned as he picked up the very last kitty, who narrowed their kitty eyes at them, hissing and thrashing about.

"This is the end of the line for you, kitty!" He said darkly to the struggling kitten, before throwing her into the room. (Now that's animal cruelty! Is this guy PMSing or did he have a bad day today?)