Kunai Kitty

Chapter 5

(A/N: Before we start, 'Clairebell' and 'Clairabell' are the same girl- I made a mistake in the name spelling- my bad)

&% Konoha %&

Kakashi awoke to the scent of cinnamon apples and sunlight- and a half naked girl sleeping in his bed. She smiled, her cat ears perking up. "Good Morning Kakashi Sempai! I made breakfast, but, I came back to wake you up anyways." She giggled. He sat up, yawning, ruffling her hair. "After a quick shower, alright?" She nodded., sitting on his matress cutely, watching him drudge to the bathroom and shut the door. She giggled, covering her mouth with her finger tips. "I'm going to have so may stories to tell Malik! 3" Then, abuptly, a lovely voice filled her ears. "I'll be right back, Kakashi-San!" She yelled over the shower, before following the sound.

&% Sound Village %&

"Morning bath time!" Orochimaru cheered. Cleopatra make a move to bolt, but he grabbed her ankle and dragged her to the bathroom. She'd delt with it the first day- but she had developped a great dislike for water over the night. She dug her claws into the door frame.

"I'm not going!" She declared. "I don't wanna take a bath!" She yelled, digging her claw-like nails deeper into the door frame.

"Come on! A pretty girl like you needs to be clean all the time!" Orochimaru said.

"I got 3 baths yesterday! I should get a day off!"

"Not in my village you don't, missy!" Orochimaru said, tickling her, until she released the door frame. He threw her over his shoulder, hissing at her everytime she dragged her sharp nails down his back. When they got to the bathroom, he ripped off her clothes and threw her in the bathtub with a cannonball of a splash, crouching at the edge, as she surfaced. "Look, I got Kabuto to go get that shampoo you wanted." He said, tossing it to her. She caught it and looked at it, before reluctantly thanking him, as he went to the other side of the bathroom and slipped into the bathtub. (Think of a hot spring- only- there isn't a wall seperating the girls form the boys.) Orochimaru crossed his arms on thwe edge of the bath and rested his cheek on top of them deligently, watching her bathe. "Don't forget behuind the ears!"

"Thank you."

"Need some help with your back?"

"No, I think I got it this time-"

"I could get your hair for you if you want!"

Tears sklipped silently down her cheeks. She just wished he'd stop for a moment with the asking- She missed Akeifa badly enough- he didn't ask many questions. Orochimaru was almost nothing BUT questions- Kabuto- he was a scientific guy. Kabuto used the scientific method- he made statements and suggestions- Orochimaru was comments and questions. Cleopatrea giggled. She had made a rhyme. She got done bathing and rinsed off, before grabbing a towel, wrapping it around herself as she stepped out. She looked down at her collar- did it just get bigger? She waited for Orochimaru to finish up- she didn't want to get lost in the twisting and turning hallways of what reminded her of a maze. Wehn he did finish, she stood up. He collar didn't give her clothes anymore- so Orochimaru would have to find her some.

"Oh! Sasuke-Kun might have some extra clothes for you!" Orochimaru said, thumping his fist down into his open palm on the 'oh'. 'Sasuke' sounded like a girl- so she guessed she was in good shape- until theyu entered Sasuke's room. A half-maked boy stood there, changing his shirt. Orochimaru looked happy to see him- Cleopatra whipped around so her back was facing him, her face beet red.

I-It's a harem! Its a male harem! I haven't seen a single girl in here! O-Orochimaru h-he's running a male harem! She whimpered softly, putting a hand to her forehead, her expression dropping. What have I gotten myself into?

"Oh, Sasuke, do you have a clean change of extra clothes?" Orochimaru asked, the boy giving him a suspisious look, making Orochimaru chuckle. "It's not for me- it's for my little dollie over here-" Orochimaru said-


He did something worse- he pulled her in front of her to face the boy. Cleopatra saw him, Sasuke saw cleopatra, Orochimaru smirked at eye contact made, and cleopatra covered her face in her hands in embarrasment. "I-I'm so sorry- y-you're changing-" She quickly turned and hid behind Orochimaru. She laughed nervously, crying and sobbing on the inside of the unfairness and harshness of the times she was in.

"She's cute- what's her name?"

"Clothes first, Sasuke-Kun." Orochimaru told him, unfazed by the small girl whose back was pressed against his own.

"Name first, then clothes." Sasuke said sternly.

"Fine, fine, her name's Cleopatra. Now the clothes?"

"Why mine?"

"Because you're the closest one in her to her size. Half of the people are too tall, and the other half (firls) are either too tall or too flat." Orochimaru explained.

"...She'll have to change in here if she wants to wear them." Sasuke said, making her blush harder. Change? Infront of some stranger? She didn't even do that with Orochimaru!

"She's very insecure-" Orochimaru said.

"Either she changes with me, or she doesn't get the clothes. Simple." Sasuke said in a snippy tone, probably frusturated.

"I tried and failed, Cleo. Sorry. I'm not a good negotiator when it comes to my favorite ninja." Sasuke grumbled somethign unaudiable under his breath at the last part. Cleopatra took a deep breath, covered her eyes and stepped in. "Good kitty. Now, don't forget to unclip your hair when you change, or you might ruin the clip. You're hair is damp, so it won't damage the clothes. I'll stand right out in the hall." Orochimaru said reassuringly, stepping out, shutting the door behind him. Cleopatra whimpered softly, before she heard rustling, looking towards the sound. Sasuke stood infront of her- still shirtless- holding a bundle out to her.

"Here. They should fit." He said without emotion. She took them and bowed. He walked back over to the bed where another set of raggity clothes awaited his attention. Cleopatra turned her back to him and let her towel drop. (Thankfully, Orochimar hand passed her someunderware before leaving the room.) She changed into the matching mint green pantied and bra, speckled with brown dots, to symbolize Mint Chocolate Chip ice set the clothes down, pulling out what she thought was the shirt- it looked like a jacket. It had sleeved, and- a huge cut down the middle. She decided to put it aside and pick another article of clothing- pants- they weren't realy pants thought. Every piece of clothing looked different and foreing, until she finally turned to Sasuke slightly, embarrassed. Sasuke glanced back- seeing her puzzled and embarrased face. He smirked, thinking it was adorable, before walking over, picking up a pair of black sleeves. "These go on first." She practically jumped out of his skin, his breath on the back of her neck. She looked at him in a lost way He pulled up on of the articles of clothing and helped her into it

(30 minutes later)

Cleopatra exited the room,shivering, in her new outfit- sloppily dressed. "What happened in there?" Orochimaru asked. "And why are your clothes sloppy?"

"Well, I asked Sasuke-Kun to help me and he did-" She looked up at Orochimaru. "I was sexually harassed- can I file a report to the cops here? Because in my time, you can do that." Orochimaru flinched at her confession, before going in Sasuke's room and beating the SHIT out of that uchiha bitch of his for getting some before he could. Cleopatra thought of her friends and how much she missed them- then ears suddenly picked up a strange sound, and she followed the sound and vanished.

&% Akatsuki Village %&

Itachi peeked at Shilo from the corner of his bed, just over the comforters. Shilo lay on his bed like she OWED it. He ringed a bell, making her open an eye lid lazily, as he slowly, revealed a ball of yarn to her, shaking it tauntingly. "Kitty want play with Itachi's-" He suddenly revealed a SECOND yarn ball, smirking twistedly at her. "-yarn balls?"

"Stop it with the verbal sexual harassment, Gaylord!" She snapped, before closing her eye. "Go away- I'm trying to sleep."

"Can I sleep with you?"

"You've asked me that 57 times already- what was the answer before?"

" 'No'." Itachi repeated her answer to him the last 56 times.

"Then its still no." She said.

"Wanna- wrestle for it then?"

"No, I don't want to wrestle. I want to sleep. And I don't want to pass out to do so." She said.

"May I lay on the pillows, since you're on the foot of the bed?I'm tired too-" She sat up, hissing.

"I dn't give a damn what you-" She stopped in midsentence, he anger menting away, a lifeless look in her eyes. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood, walking out the door, Itachi got up, curious, and followed.

"Clairebell, what's wrong?" Itach heard Sasori yell, running out of his room, Clairebell having the same effect on her as Shilo. Suddenly, something over came them, and they snapped out of it, Itachi grabbed Shilos arm, shaking her.

"What's wrong with you? Yell at me or something!" Itachi demanded. Shilo flicked him in the forehead, and he flew backwards into his room. Shilo giggled, smiling.

"What a lovely sound-" She looked at Clairebell. "You hear it, don't you?"

"Yes!" Clairebell said, bowing to Sasori. "I will return momentarily- the two SKIPPED out of the Akatsuki base, leaving the two boy to watch. Itachi got up and ran after Shilo, as did Sasori.

&% In the Middle of a Forest %&

The four of them at together. Delilla spoke up first. "M-My owner is very nice to me-"

"My owner makes me take a bath 3 times a day- and I got sexually harassed/raped by some guy who let me wear these." Cleopatra said, tugging on the clothes she was wearing a bit (Orochimaru having fixed her up properly.)

"My owner is so kind!" Clairebell said.

"Is it just me, or was I the only one to get catnapped by some weirdo in the same house as my 'supposed' owner, and paired up with him instead?" Shilo demanded serious, Cleopatra raised her hand, having been taken by Orochimaru from Kabuto as a kitten. "Good. I'm happy you're all ok though-"

"Shilo-Chan, can you teach us some of your ninja skills?" Delilla asked, speaking for herself and cleopatra.

"No- I reached by limit yesterday, and I woke up in bed with a freak who likes a girl yellign at him, and also lies it rough (-cough- Itachi-cough-). I'm sorry- but you'll have to try and figure it out. I need at the skills I have to keep the freak submissive- GOD do I HATE the Uchiha Clan and all their badly mad offsprings!" Shilo cursed, not noticing Itachi and Sasori in the area. The other three comforted and hugged Shilo- keep in mind- they were all wearing thing sundresses. It seems when they hugged, their clothes changed that way- or was it because they stepped over some line of glowing rocks a yard back? Huh- ANYWAYS. They released on another.

"So- the topic now is: How cute is your master?" Delilla said. "My master's cute when he smiles! It's so Kawaii!"

"My Master is cute when he smiles too!" Cleopatra chimmed.

"Master Sasori is so cute when he's focused! Especially with reading glasses!" Clairebell cooed. Then- they all looked at Shilo, looming over her, dangerous.

"You have to admuit something cute about your Master, Shilo-Chan- not Master Marik, either! Your Master in this time." They all said, scary looking. Shilo didn't move a muscle- this did not faze her. She scratched the back of her neck, looking away from Sasori and Itachi's hiding place. "CONFESS, SHILO-CHAN! Or we'll tell Marik where you're from!" Shilo flinched.

"O-Ok, ok!" Shilo yelled, coaxing them to sit back down again. "M-My-(deep breath) My Master is cute when he has his hair down- when he wins, he has this adorable, 'I-am-the-awesomest' look on his face, that you- I- can't ignore. (Itachi's face she is talking about looks like this- :3 ), A-And when he tries to win me over, he's so persistant- he does the funniest shit to get me to smile, and I think that's cute too." Shilo said, looking up at them. "T-There- I confessed- please don't tell master marik- please. I- He'll completely disown me if he knew."

"Well- we need to do something for Cleopatra." Dellilla said. "We can't have guys preying on us- its hard enough to try and stay pure already!" Everyone but Shilo agreed. "Maybe- Shilo-Chan- can guard us?" Shilo snorted, looking down.

"I love you guys- but you gotta learn to defend yourselves." Shilo said, taking a deep breath. "Ask your Masters to teach you- if trhey're attached enough, they'll help out no problem." Shilo suggested, leaning back, hands on the knees of her criss-crossed legs. "I just- want to still be accepted by my Boss- when I get out of this hell."

"Don't worry Shilo-Chan! If you get disowned, you can stay with me an Akeifa-Kun!" Cleopatra reassured her.

"O-Or with me and Malik!" Delilla chimmed.

"I'm sure I can get Bakura to let you come live with us in the Mansion!" Clairebell smiled.

"Y-You guys-" Shilo sniffed. "You're so nice-"

"Well, we don't want you to go back! We want you to stay in Japan, and we WILL kidnap you if you leave!" They all laughed, as Shilo only smiled. "Come on, laugh, Shilo-Chan!" Shilo grinned wider, before laughing wildly with them, showing off unusually sharp canines. She realized this, and quickly covered her mouth, embarrassed. They coaxed her to smile- like she did with marik- suggestion that Itachi would because jealous when she laughed. Shilo shook her head.

"I-I refuse to laugh in such a way infront of such a douchebag as that man!" Shio declared, standing up, grabbing her katana from off the ground, in a crouching position. "Don't talk any longer, ladies- we should let the GUYS have a word or two- not to be rude." Sasori and Itachi didn't budge, even when she looked right at them. "Well? Sasori? Itachi? Why not come out and meet the girls?" Itachi abruptly stood up.

"Anything for you!" Hew declared, before Sasori tripped the Uchiha, who fell on his back. Shilo grinned mischeviously, the end of her palm resting readily on the hilt of her katana.

"I see you two, don't be so coy-" She maade a 'come over' gesture, and something pulled Itachi to his feet. Chakra strings- on the tips of her finger nails- looked almost invisible- until the light caught them. She smiled cutely. "I said- come over here big boy!" Itachi walked over, as well as Sasori. Cleopatra hid behind Delilla, shivering.

"H-He looks like Sasuke-" She whined.

"Cleo, just imagine this guy as Sasuke, ok?" Shilo said, the shy girl peeked out from behind Delilla. Shilo hugged Itachi- like he was a huge teddy bear. "He's just an unloved rapist who needs to be put in jail- you just need to tell him no and put him in his place-" Itachi's hand slithered down her side and under her dress. Shilo quickly removed herself and kicking him in the side of the head. "NO, UCHIHA!" She snapped. He stood strong- registering it as a 'demonstration' for the shy girl. "See?" Cleopatra nodded. "You can't let them in-" Shilo pausded to stomp on Itachi's foot, who had tried, to lift up her sundress once more and been foiled. "-get in your pants. That's for your boyfriends." The other girls nodded, and Shilo whipped around and punched him in the stomch. "Stop trying to take my sundress off!"

"I have no regrets." He said simply.

"So- ias Shilo-Chan going to beat up Sasuke?"

"No- Shilo-Chan is NOT. Cleo-Chan is going to." Shilo corrected, slapping away Itachi's hand. "Cleo needs to feel the adrenaline pumping through her own veins."

"Oh- ok!" Cleo smiled.

Shilo smiled, waving goodbye to them, the two stepping out of the circle. Shilo instantly grabbed Clairebell from Sasori. "Wanna see a trick, Clairebell-Chan?"


Shilo released her and transformed into an identical version of her boyfriend, making her smile. Shilo grinned , chuckling. "Miss ya, Babe. Come back, babe. I'm a broken record, babe!" She said, sounding JUST like Clairabell man back home. Shilo stood up, the two boys just watched, as she thrusted a thumb towards herself. "No matter- what your sister says- you're the only one for me- you're my one and only Vampire Bride, Clairabell Lullaby!" Clairabell blushed, and Shilo changed back, grinning. "Was that good?"

"You're so cool, Shilo-Chan! You looked exactly like Bakura! You sounded like him too!" Clairabell said.

"Just- don't cry." Shilo smiled, making Clairabell blush slightly.

"Aww, so cute-" Itachi commented. "Now let's get back-" he grabbed Shilo and vanished, leaving Sasori there with Clairabell.

"Isn't Shilo-Chan nice?" Clairabell asked Sasori, looking down. "Sometimes- I think she deserves fare better than what she has- you know?"

"I see-" Sasori said, taking her hand in his, and vanishing with her.

( Elsewhere )

"Shilo-Chan is gone!" Marik squealed.

"So is my Delilla." Malik growled unhappily.

"It appears my Clairabell has gone missing as well." Bakura, a vampire lord, said darkly.

"That same bitch stole my Cleopatra too!" Akeifa hissed.

"Calm down, boys- I know who's behind all of this." Lex, who had been changed into a cat but taken out of the world by her brother, Dylan, told them. "With our combined power- there is no doubt that you'll get your women back."

"When Shilo comes back, I'm going to ask her out!" Marik declared, looking at his Yami- his dark side- "What about you, Yami? what are you going to do?"

"I've got something planned already- Akeifa?"

"I'm in the process of buying an engagement ring!" He said proudly, the others looked at Bakura.

"My Clairabell- has always wanted a child." Bakura admitted. "I think I'll help her be a mother when she gets back." They all blinked at his blunt honesty.

"Whoa- way to step up!" Akefia said. "I change my mind! I want kids!" Malik nodded in agreement, as Marik blushed.

"I-I don't think Shilo-Chan would agree to immediately sleep with me when she gets back-" Marik admitted shyly, but he became determined. "I will put all the effort I can- into bringing her back- that's the main thing! Everything else will come later."

"Then its agreed- come- I'll show you the way to Dylan's home." Lex grinned.