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Author's Notes: I rate this story T, for anyone who chooses to see the relationships in a certain light. As such, I imagine the six to be somewhere in their early to mid-twenties during the course of this story.


She goes to Ryoutarou when she needs friendship. There are days when people only see her as a title, and the masks that she wears get her so tangled up that she becomes hopelessly lost from herself. Yet he sees her for who she is, and she never has to wonder about who she should be when they are together. She clings to him as a rock, a lifeline, and he is the one that she thinks of most often because she knows he's always there and will always be there.

She goes to Kazuki when she needs happiness. He offers her a shoulder to cry on, a word to inspire smiles, and a trumpet to play duets with. There are sweets in his apartment, and she knows all the good hiding places. He is so genuine that she can't help but become swept up in his joyfulness, taking the time to simply be thankful for everything she has. He has given her some of her favorite memories, and they often part with a smile on their faces.

She goes to Len when she needs passion. When she wants to fall in love with her violin all over again, he shows her the way. He takes her hands and they play everything from children's songs to concertos, minuets to masterpieces. They don't talk much, preferring to let the music speak, and at the end both are left breathless from the fervor of their shared obsession. He won't let her thank him, so she offers to teach him in return. He accepts every time.

She goes to Azuma when she needs perspective. Though he breathes deception, she knows that he will never lie when she wants truth. She goes to him when she can't trust herself, knowing that while his moral compass may be skewed, it's never shaken. He is brutal in his candor, vicious in his eloquence, and she is grateful. She bares her soul to him and, though he owes her nothing, he will bare his in return until there are no secrets between them.

She goes to Keiichi when she needs peace. He is a source of quiet in her chaotic life, taking her to concerts or their favorite bookstore or stealing her away to his house for days at a time just because he can. They talk and she relaxes; she plays and he listens. They often fall asleep against each other while listening to a new CD, waking up surrounded in music and warmth. They share knowledge and enlightenment and discover new worlds together.

But Kahoko does not know where to go when she needs love. She knows they all love her, and she loves them, but she can't bring herself to choose because having one means losing four.

So when she needs love, she holds only her music, and Corda carries the scars of teardrops shed in the dark.

Author's Notes (10/01/07): Corda is the name of Kahoko's violin.