Summary: Natsume Hyuuga, 17 yrs. old is one the world's richest person and is heir to a world renowned business corporation. He's a genius and he's the country's hottest bachelor. You can say he already has everything, too bad he doesn't. His father, who wants to find the perfect girl for him, sponsors a beauty pageant open to all girls who are interested. What's this? Natsume is a judge and he doesn't know what his dad has in stored for him.



Chapter 1 Introduction


"What the-?" a certain raven haired guy said as he rounds a corner running for dear life.




He ran as fast as his feet could take him. He was just out to grab a bite to eat and now this. How could an ordinary day end up like this? Well, the answer is quite simple….

Natsume Hyuuga is everything but ordinary

He is the heir of the most famous company in the world. He is proclaimed as a prodigy, a genius at practically anything he does. He is the hottest guy and obviously the most wanted, as well, in the country. He is said to have everything; too bad he doesn't have a girlfriend…


Natsume takes another quick turn and enters the main building of his father's company. He tells the guards to close the doors and runs to the elevator, knowing that not even a herd of stampeding elephants is a match for his CRAZY love struck fan girls.

He reaches the top floor and sighs.

"Glad that's over with," he said nonchalantly. He didn't notice that someone else was in the room he's in.

"What's over?" a man, a little bit taller than he is, said.

"It's nothing." He replied as he looked away.

"Son, you know those girls would leave you alone if you only find a girlf-.." Mr. Hyuuga was suddenly interrupted.

"No. I don't want one so quit insisting." Natsume said. He knew where the conversation was going and that he won't like it, not one bit.

"Oh come on Natsume your dad's right you know. Having a girlfriend isn't that bad." A boy with navy blue eyes said. He was listening to their conversation in the other room.

"Hn. If I wanted a girlfriend, I would have gotten one a long time ago." Natsume said as he left.

"-sigh- What am I gonna do with him Ruka?" Mr. Hyuuga asked the blond haired guy who was staring at Natsume's retreating figure.

"Hmmm… If only we could find the perfect girl for him…" his gaze landed on a certain magazine placed on top of Mr. Hyuuga's desk. Mr. Hyuuga also looks at the said magazine and smiles.

"If only…" they grinned at each other. That day, they spent the whole afternoon conspiring in Mr. Hyuuga's office, making telephone calls, pulling some strings and so on.

What was written on the magazine? Well it goes like this…

"Search for Next Beauty Queen" a pageant, open to all aspiring teenage girls…




"Mom! I look fine!" a certain auburn haired girl said impatiently.

"Look dear. I just want you to look perfect. There I'm done. You look beautiful," cried a very happy mother.

"Mom I'm just going to school you know. Sheesh! Must you fix me up everyday?"

"Mikan you look great. -sigh- But how come you still don't have a boyfriend?" the older woman said as she frowned.

"Whatever mom I love you! Bye! See ya later." Mikan said as she hurriedly left for school.


Mikan walked to school as fast as she could. All eyes were on her. She was really pretty and every where she goes, she gets all the attention. Any girl will love that right? WRONG! Not her anyway. She reached the school gates and found her best friends waiting for her.

"Hi Ana, Nonoko, Hotaru!" She said as she smiled at them.

"Hey Mikan! Looking great as usual!" Nonoko said with a smile.

"I know it's horrible!" Mikan said as she frowned.

"Don't tell me you're gonna make yourself look ugly again Mikan?" Ana said.


Mikan Sakura, age 16. She has killer looks and is smart, warmhearted and talented. Any guy she looks at instantly falls madly in love with her; if not, they just drool to their hearts content, too bad she doesn't want that to happen. Every morning, after her mom fixes her up, she goes to her school but not before making herself look like a nerd. No one actually knows how pretty she is except her mother and her best friends.


She quickly messed up the hair that her mom tied up neatly for her. (She'll fix them again once she gets home) She tied it into two messy braided ponytails. She took out large circular eyeglasses (not even real glasses) that concealed her beautiful hazel eyes. She wore removable retainer to hide her perfect teeth. She placed fake skin over her cheeks to make her flawless skin look tarnished and freckled. She fixed her uniform too neatly making her nerd transformation complete. She also acts clumsy instead of being her graceful self. She didn't need to hide her intelligence because it helps her with her disguise.

"How do I look?" She said as she twirled in front of her friends.

"Like a nerd" Ana and Nonoko said as they frowned. "How are you gonna have a boyfriend like that?" They sighed.

"They are right Mikan, Why do you keep pretending to be ugly anyway? It's not like you don't look ugly enough even without that disguise." Hotaru said impassively though she really didn't want to see her best friend like this.

"I don't like it when people act all nice to me because they think I'm pretty. I want people to be honest with me. AND I DON"T WANT A BOYFRIEND!" she said.

'Idiot, you're not being honest to yourself.' Hotaru thought.


The school bell rang and they went to their class….

To be continued…