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Summary: Natsume Hyuuga, 17 yrs. old is one the world's richest person and is heir to a world renowned business corporation. He's a genius and he's the country's hottest bachelor. You can say he already has everything, too bad he doesn't. His father, who wants to find the perfect girl for him, sponsors a beauty pageant open to all girls who are interested. What's this? Natsume is a judge and he doesn't know what his dad has in stored for him.



Chapter 10 Double Visionf


Natsume Hyuuga…


There are many terms that can be associated with the name. These terms vary depending on how a person views the owner of the said name. For instance:

Hot, Handsome, Cool, Sexy… These are words that fan girls scream to the heavens at the sight of him.

Intelligent, reliable, dependable… This is how business associates and employees view him as.

A prodigy, the heir of the most powerful business empire, and a perfect example of what a man should be… This was the general conception of him.

In totality, the number of positive adjectives in the dictionary would not be enough to describe Natsume Hyuuga so everyone would settle to describe his totality with one word… perfect.

One person begs to disagree… unless of course perfect meant something different as in perfect punching bag, perfect target practice, or perfect crash-test dummy… Then yes, said someone would completely agree.


Natsume Hyuuga…


There are many terms that could be associated with the name. And for one very agitated Mikan Sakura, the words are as follows:

Stupid, arrogant, perverted, pokerfaced, jerk and much much more…




Even though he wasn't one for flavored drinks, he couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from moving upwards despite the fact that he was practically soaking wet with ice cold punch. He entered the limousine and sat himself comfortably as he waited for his family and his bestfriend to arrive.

Victory is so sweet. And what was he feeling so victorious about? He was finally able to teach the little girl a lesson for making him look like a fool that one time in the food court. No one messes with Natsume Hyuuga and gets away with it. Now, as he recalled her shocked expression, he suddenly felt all smug about himself because he was able to make her gape like an idiot at him like a fan girl—though her reasons for gaping are totally different.

He paused for a split second as a thought ran across his mind. They weren't even after all. She poured cold beverage on him twice making him gape at her twice and making him look twice the idiot she is. Interesting. No matter, he's sure he'll see her at the pageant tomorrow. Mikan Sakura.

In front of the limousine, the driver couldn't help but feel the different aura his master was omitting. Before he arrived, Natsume looked like he'd rather murder someone, preferably himself, rather than to go to some stupid ball. Now it seems as if all the negativity has dissolved and was replaced by thorough… amusement. Curious, the driver asked, "So how was the ball young master? Found anyone that interested you?"

Without averting his gaze from the window, he smirked and muttered, "Maybe…"




"Well… That went uhm… I'm not sure how it went. What do you think?" He asked confusedly while staring at the soaked figure being assisted by her friends.

"How do you think it went? They poured punch on each other," She said as she gently shook her head. She was curious as to what the Natsume Hyuuga whispered to her bestfriend to make her gape at him. "I'm going to check on the idiot."

"Well, Ok then. See you tomorrow at the pageant Hotaru," Ruka said as she nodded and left him. He sighed and began searching for Mr. Hyuuga and Aoi.




"It was a nice and valiant effort Ruka. I didn't even think he'd dance with her," Mr. Hyuuga was rarely amazed but now, there was no way to describe the bewilderment his son's behavior is causing him.

"Yeah… Brother actually looked like he enjoyed himself. Plus, the girl was really pretty." Aoi looked at their limousine and found her brother already seated inside.

When they have all entered the limousine, silenced washed over them as they all stared at Natsume incredulously.

Ruka was the first to break the silence by faking a cough.

"So… How was the dance?" he asked, his blue eyes hopeful and excited.

Natsume showed no emotion on his face and didn't even bother to look at him. "Hn"

"Well, I'm not sure how you young people work. I guess things really do change overtime. Back in my days, we had to use pick-up lines and compliments to show the other that you're interested. Now, pouring beverages onto each other seems to be the new thing," Mr. Hyuuga commented wryly while shaking his head.

"Don't you think you went a little bit too far, Natsume?" Ruka eyed him amusedly. "You must really fancy her then."

Natsume just shrugged. There was no way that he'll ever bring himself into ever liking a girl. Never. She just amuses him and nothing else.

"Well I like her…" Aoi glanced at her brother and asked, "Do you know her name, brother?"

Natsume pondered for a moment. He sort of did but he still had to confirm it. He shrugged and shook his head much to his sister's obvious disappointment.

"Oh…" Aoi bent her head down and sighed. Natsume just eyed her and said nothing. The rest of their trip home was silent, except for the occasional business calls Mr. Hyuuga would receive.




"Kimi, are you okay?" Nobara asked worriedly. They were still at the Ball and Mikan has been zoning out since Natsume Hyuuga exited.

Anna and Nonoko glanced at each other worriedly. What's wrong with her?

"Uhm… I'm o-okay" Mikan blinked and sighed.

"I can't believe that you poured punch on each other…" Arisu said, her silver eyes twinkling with mischief. "Well… I guess Natsume Hyuuga isn't that much of a gentleman. Unlike my brother here… Don't you think so Kimi?"

Arata could feel his nerve's twitching. His sister was interfering with his life again.

"What do you mean? It was an accident, wasn't it?" Yumiko asked

"Well, only one way to find out… Let's ask Kimi! So was it an accident? Was it? Was it? Huh? Huh?" Arisu beamed.

Mikan laughed nervously and said, "O-f course it was an accident," Mikan never did like lying but she did for a number of reasons. The first being that she wouldn't want to explain why they poured punch on each other purposely and another reason is because she wasn't one to destroy a person's image—especially to people who might like said person. Besides, maybe Natsume Hyuuga was only a jerk to her. It certainly seemed that way.

"Let's go," Hotaru said when she arrived.

They said their goodbyes and Mikan, Anna, and Nonoko followed Hotaru out.

"Kimi sure is pretty huh brother?" Arisu asked as he caught his brother's gaze following Mikan's retreating form.

Absentmindedly, Arata muttered, "Hm"

Arisu snickered and Yumiko and Nobara couldn't help but giggle at the situation as well. Arata snapped out of his trance and flicked a finger on Arisu's forehead.

"Ow! What was that for?" She whined. "You like her and you know it!"

Arata sighed. "Stop being brat and let's go home."

Yumiko and Nobara shared amused glances at the bickering siblings.

"Fine" Arisu said. 'But she is sooo going to be your girlfriend'

Hence the formation of the get-my-brother-a-girlfriend plan, Arisu Akira style.




The limousine halted just in front of the Hyuuga Mansion. Ruka was already dropped off at his place and Mr. Hyuuga had a lot of paperwork to attend to so the two siblings were left outside.

"What's bothering you now?" Natsume asked, hands in his pocket and looking intently at her.

"Brother… Remember the girl who saved my life?"

"The one who got run over by the truck?"

"Well, I think I found her," She smiled at her brother.

His brow rose as he asked, "Where is she then?"

"She's the girl you danced with," Aoi grinned. 'And your new future girlfriend'

Natsume's lips parted slightly with surprise.

Aoi'sOperation: M-T-G-W-S-M-L-M-F-S-I-L which is short for make-the-girl-who-saved-my-life-my-future-sister-in-law has now commenced.




"Are you ready for tomorrow, brother?" Yumi asked worriedly.

"Of course. I'll finally tell her how I really feel" Yuri answered determinedly.

"You know, Faye still wants you and she might hurt Mikan again."

"I know. But this time I won't let her. I won't let anyone hurt her… Not even me."

"I'm proud of you brother," Yumi looked as just as determined in repairing her friendship with Mikan. She glanced at her brother. You'll soon be a couple don't worry…

And so begin's Yumi's repair-friendship-and-restore-love mission.




"Hotaru where are we going?" Nonoko asked. They were currently inside a cab.

"You're all sleeping over at my house. I already called your parents. Don't worry about clothes, you can have some of mine. I haven't used some of them," Hotaru shifted her gaze to Mikan."Besides, I bet we'll have a lot to talk about."

"Yeah, Mikan! What did Hyuuga say to you?" Anna asked curiously.

Mikan felt her throat go dry, "Uhm… Guys, he knows who I am."

"HE WHAT?" Anna and Nonoko chorused. Hotaru was silent but the aura she emitted screamed murder.

"How?" Hotaru calmly asked.

"Well… I don't know myself,"

"Think Mikan. There must have been something you said," Anna insisted. They can't afford anyone especially a judge knowing she faked her appearance.

Mikan thought hard and then it suddenly struck her.

"Strawberries, don't you want to dance more?" he asked nonchalantly though he was eagerly waiting for her reply.

'He's calling me strawberries again?' "Pervert!" she balled her fist and raised it to show her irritation.

Natsume smirked. That was all he needed to hear…

"I t-told him myself…" Mikan hit her head with one of her palms.

"What? How?"

"I called him a pervert! I'm not supposed to call him a pervert. He's never done anything perverted to me… only to nerd girl!" Mikan said frantically. She was tensed. That jerk would definitely use this to make her life miserable.

"Calm down Mikan. We can still do something about this," Hotaru's gaze was stern indicating she was deep in thought. "If what you say is true and that's all the basis he has, then we can definitely convince him otherwise."




Hotaru's Mansion

"So let me get this straight. You're asking me to go as myself tomorrow at the pageant? Me. As in as me not nerd girl," Mikan asked Hotaru for the third time that night.


"Are you mad? What if Faye sees me? She'll definitely recognize me! And how will that help?"

"Let me make the plan simpler. Pay attention," Hotaru turned towards the drawing board and pointed at different figures drawn there. "The principle behind our plan is that no same person can be at two places at the same time. If Hyuuga sees you both tomorrow, he'll have to conclude that you two are different people."

PLAN 001: Operation Seeing Double


Mikan- will be going as Kimi Sakura, nerd girl's cousin.

Anna- will go as Mikan Sakura, aka nerd girl.

Nonoko- will stay with Anna so Hyuuga won't get a chance to talk to her and she won't get to blow her cover.

I will get Hyuuga's attention so he would see Nerd girl and Kimi both at the same time.


1 Anna disguises herself as Mikan Sakura

2 Mikan goes as Kimi

3 Someone distracts Faye and Yumi

4 I get Hyuuga's attention

5 Hyuuga sees Anna as nerd girl talking animatedly with Nonoko. At the same time he also sees Kimi

6 Kimi explains to Hyuuga that the only reason she called him a pervert is because her cousin told her all about him.

7 Hyuuga hits hit head on a wall for being such an idiot

8 Anna removes her disguise and Mikan puts it on just in time for the pageant


"Is the plan clear?" Hotaru asked.

"Uhm… ok… Not that I don't like the plan or anything, in fact I love it especially the 7th part but won't anyone notice Anna isn't me?" Mikan wondered.

"No. No one recognizes you with the disguise on so no one would recognize her too. She'll wear amber contact lenses and those glasses. I've already prepared a wig she could wear. We'll stick it with water soluble glue as well as the fake skin. She'll look just like you as nerd girl"

"Ok. Who's gonna distract Faye and Yumi?" Nonoko asked.

"I haven't thought that part out yet," Hotaru looked at Mikan, "If we were to include someone else in this plan, that person will have to know your secret. Know anyone we could trust?"

"Oh! I know! Let Koko do it! Come on! He's the only guy I get along with besides Yuu. I just know we can trust him," Mikan excitedly suggested. "Come on Anna! Call your boyfriend! Hurry! You too Nonoko call Yuu!"

"Uhm… about that guys. We broke up already," Anna said neutrally. She wasn't sad or anything.

"Huh? Why? You've only been going out for a week! And you get along so well!" Mikan really liked Koko because he didn't judge her for her looks like the rest.

"Well we had more of a brother-sister thing. We played pranks on each other and we joked a lot. We could never really move into anything serious without letting go of all the goofing around. Since that was what brought us together in the first place we just couldn't so we decided that it would be better for us to be just friends. Besides, I like him better as a brother so we get to do pranks together and mostly on each other," Anna brought out her cellphone, "But I'm sure he'll be more than willing to help you out Mikan so I'll call him."

"Oh. Well, as long as we're all still friends then it's all the same to me," Mikan smiled.

"Tell Yuu and Koko to come over here early tomorrow so we could brief them about our plans," Hotaru paused, "and for them to get over the shock once they see how Mikan really looks like."



The next day…

Mikan could barely sleep at all. She didn't sleep at all. How was she to sleep? She is about to reveal her identity to two of her few friends. Today is the first day of the pageant and she's so nervous about their plan she could faint. And she wished she'd just faint just so she won't have to go through any of the things she has to go through today.

"Calm down Mikan. Koko and Yuu are here…" Anna said. Mikan was in Hotaru's room hugging her knees close to her for comfort.

"Whaddup?" came a very familiar voice. "Is specks there?" Specks. That was the nickname that Koko uses to call her.

"Is Mikan-san there?" That had to be Yuu with him. Mikan buried her face in her pillow. "I'm p-here. P-come h-in…"

"I can't understand you specks. What did you call us for?" Koko walked towards, his hands behind his head. "Specks?"

"Uhm… What's with the pillow Mikan-san?" Judging by the clarity of Yuu's voice, Mikan could tell they were standing right in front of her.

"Mff immph," was her muffled reply.

Koko looked at Anna for answers but she just shrugged at him and mouthed 'Find out for yourself'

Hotaru and Nonoko shook their heads at the drama unfolding. "Just show them Mikan"

"Show us what?" Koko scratched the back of his head. What is it? Did Mikan finally allow all the insults to get to her and got plastic surgery as Luna and her goons suggested?

Mikan slowly lowered her pillow and anticipated their reactions.

Yuu's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. "Who are you? You're not Mikan-san!"

"Holy cow! You really did get plastic surgery!" Koko gripped her by the shoulders and shook her non-too-gently, "I told you not to listen to them! You were fine just the way you were!" Koko reexamined her face and added, "Though I have to admit this new face would probably give Luna a heart attack and it's not bad at all."

Mikan rolled her eyes and asked. "Are you done yet?"

"Yeah. I'm good. Though I still think you were fine just the way you were."

"Ok. Truth time. I'm sorry I didn't tell you this before but now that I need your help, I at least owe to you to tell you the whole truth," Mikan began but was interrupted.

"Oh! Can I have popcorn while I listen?"




After a couple of moment's of talking for Mikan's part and a whole lot of popcorn munching in Koko's case, Yuu and Koko agreed to help with the plan.

"Wow. Isn't it convenient that the pageant semi-finals is being held during our Christmas break?" Koko wondered out loud. He was watching the girls as they transformed Anna into nerd girl.

"Maybe the Hyuuga Corporation, strategically made it that way," Yuu suggested.

"So… You do this transform thing every morning before you go to class?" Koko was clearly amazed at the transformation.

"Pretty much," Mikan shrugged.

"There done!" Nonoko wiped an invisible sweat off her face and nodded in satisfaction with her work. "No one would be able to tell the difference"

"Everyone get ready. We have to get there early."

"Finally. I was getting bored!" Koko stood up and did some stretching. "Let's do it then…"



Northern Park

Mikan and her friends were inside Hotaru's limousine. They were checking out the place where the pageant would be held. When they arrived they saw a lot of people surrounding the set. Some were there as fans, some were protesting about the pageant.

"What are all those protests about?" Mikan wondered curiously.

"A lot of people view pageants as oppression against women," Hotaru replied curtly.

"Really…" Mikan pondered on the thought for a while. Why? She never really viewed pageants as anything. After all, besides her, every contestant joins because of their own free will.

The protesters threw rotten vegetables at the vehicles of the other contestants.

"Boo! Down with this pageant!"

"No to sexism!"

"Everyone can be beautiful!"

What surprised Mikan was the fact that the protestors were actually cheering her on. Well, they were cheering nerd girl.

"Yeah! You show them girl!"

"Anyone can be deemed beautiful!"

Those who supported the pageant just threw glares and disapproving looks at their direction.

"It's the Sakura girl…"

"The nerve of her entering something so prestigious"

Mikan was glad they were already inside the park vicinity which was off limits to those without passes.

Anna fidgeted in her seat. So this is what Mikan feels when she dresses like this…

When they confirmed that it was safe for them to leave the limousine, they surveyed the area and started to commence their plans. Within the park, there was a stage, probably for the performances. Behind the stage was where the contestants were to rendezvous and since they were early, only the judges were there. Each contestant had a designated trailer for wardrobe and make-up. There were a lot of camera crew and a snack table. Everything needed in a production set was there.

Koko walked over to the snack table to well… eat some snacks. He checked the picture given to him. Nope… No sign of this Faye girl he was suppose to distract.

The rest of the gang had already assumed their positions. Hotaru gave them micro-communicators stuck behind their ears in case the need arises. Now they just had to wait for the target. Natsume Hyuuga.

"Nonoko here, I don't see Hyuuga"


"Nope. No sign of jerkface anywhere"

"Yuu here. I think I see him and he's alone. He's headed towards Anna and Nonoko's spot."

"Perfect. Commence Operation Seeing Double," Hotaru smirked.



Natsume still couldn't believe what his sister told him. She was the one who saved his sister all along. Maybe he should be nicer to her… Yeah. Natsume being nice to a girl, Riiight. Speaking of girls, it was time to test his conclusion. He scanned the area for a certain auburn haired girl and smirked when he found her talking to that blue-haired friend of hers.

Hotaru's blank gaze landed on Natsume's back. It was time for her to call his attention so he'd notice Mikan (the real one).

"Hyuuga," She called out to him.

Natsume turned around to see who had called him. He stared at her boredly waitng for her to say something.

"Where's Nogi?"

That's right this was Ruka's creepy girlfriend. Hotaru Imai. "Don't know," he replied impassively.

Hotaru nodded and swiftly turned around to go to where Mikan was. She knew Natsume was still watching her and it was a perfect way to get him to notice Mikan without raising any suspicions. Natsume is a genius after all so they had to make this plan elaborate

Natsume watched as the inventor moved away from him. That was when he noticed another auburn haired girl. His eyes widened and he looked sideways to see if the other girl was still there as well. Much to his surprise, they were both there. Now, how was that possible? He needed an explanation.

Mikan couldn't prevent the triumphant smile from gracing her lips when she saw Natsume's obvious confusion. For a minute she thought about just leaving him like that so he'd go crazy but she still had a heart so she decided to just stick with the plan.

She waved at him and greeted, "Hey Jerkface!"



Koko was still at the buffet table eating free snacks. He was non-too-silently humming the Mission Impossible tune to himself. When asked by Yuu, he simply stated that it was his way of getting into the mood for the mission. Yuu was on lookout for Faye and Yumi.

'Koko I think I see them!'

"Mission time…" Koko grinned.



"I'm so glad you came to watch me Yuri!" Faye cooed.

Yumi rolled her eyes. This wasn't good. If Faye keeps clinging onto her brother like this, their plan won't ever take place.

"Whatever," was Yuri's bored reply. His green eyes were searching for that familiar auburn hair.

Koko slowly made his way towards them. "Hey there sexy ladies!" Koko looked at Yuri and wondered to himself, 'Who on earth is this guy? Well, he's not part of the plan so I guess it doesn't matter'

"I'm the instructor and I'm here to instruct you on the happenings here," Koko said confidently with a goofy grin on his face.

'Perfect,' Yumi thought. "Let's go Faye. This will give us an advantage over the other contestants who aren't here yet" Yumi gave her brother a meaningful glance. Now's your chance.

"I'll just go to the bathroom. I'll just catch up with you girls," Yuri nodded and left.

"Bye Yuri! Find me soon 'kay?" Faye sighed, "let's go then."

Koko shrugged. 'He isn't important anyway, right?' "Well first let's have a tour. This is the snack table…"




"What's the matter Hyuuga?" Mikan looked really smug right now. "I can't believe you mistook me for my cousin."

"Tsk," Natsume was way passed annoyed right now.

"She told me all about you, ya' know. Being a pervert and all," Mikan smirked. She could win an Oscar for this act.

"Okay then. What's your real name?" Natsume asked calmly. He should at least get her name for Aoi's sake. Although he's suspicions are not entirely erased, he had no choice but to buy her story since he had nothing else to prove that they are the same—nothing except a strong feeling. Besides, he couldn't find a flaw in her explanation.

"It's Kimi Sakura, Mikan's cousin," Mikan smiled at him and extended her hand. Maybe now he'll be nicer to her?

"Hn," He had to admit, she has a very beautiful smile but she was still annoying. He just nodded and ignored her extended hand.

"Hmph. Jerk!" Mkian huffed and turned away.

Natsume smirked. She was cute as well. But she'd have to be crazy to believe that he's thoroughly convinced with her story. After all, he's not called a genius for nothing. He didn't miss the fact that one of her friends seems to be missing.

'Operation successful guys' Mikan whisphered loud enough only for the communicator to intercept.




"Well that ends our tour ladies… I've got to go. It's my break time already. Bye!" Koko waved as he took off towards the snack table. He left Faye and Yumi at Faye's trailer making sure they'd stay there long enough for Mikan to switch back to nerd girl.

Anna and Nonoko were already in Mikan's trailer waiting for her to return.

"By the way, Koko… Who was that guy with that Faye girl a while ago?" Yuu asked curiously through the communicator. He was at a far distance where he could spot everyone's locations and be a lookout.

Hotaru froze. 'What guy?' She asked. She was the one controlling the communicators so she could hear each of them.

'Oh. The guy the Faye girl was clinging to? Yuri was it?' Koko gaped. 'He was Yuri Fuji? The athlete? I should have gotten an autograph… Aw men…'

'Focus Koko. That was the same Yuri we went to school with. She'll recognize Mikan. Yuu where is he right now?' Hotaru scanned her surroundings to look for him.

'He's near Mikan!'




"I can't believe the nerve of that jerk," Mikan walked over to one of the trailers where she spotted Arata Akira leaning against. She was about to greet him when her name was called.

'Mikan get out of there, whatever you do don't turn around' She hear Hotaru's voice from the communicator.

"What? Wh-" She didn't get to finish because her name was called again. I know that voice…


I know that voice…



To be continued…