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'inner Sakura or Kyuubi talking'

Arc 3: Forgiveness and Regret


Hokage's office

"Your seal reinforcement, is it advisable to remove it?" Tsunade said, trying to sound offhanded and failing to do so. She was nervous about confronting Naruto with this issue, since she couldn't stand it if she started spouting nonsense about, quote 'Kyuubi can no longer control me. Isn't that what Konoha wants?' Ok maybe it wasn't nonsense but she just didn't like it when he says that.

"Why would I want to do that?" Naruto asked incredulously. The Godaime cringed visibly at this question.

"We want you to have your memories back." Jiraiya answered.

'Thank god Jiraiya answered for me…' Tsunade sighed inwardly.

"I have them secure and unable to mess with my thoughts." He retorted coolly looking away from the sannins.

"You said you don't remember them." Jiraiya said, frowning at his apprentice.

"I lied, partially. I remember them vaguely. It becomes clearer whenever I feel those emotions again." Naruto said still not meeting their eyes.

"So you, being all emotionless, are just trying to secure the bonding?" the female sannin prodded.

"In short yes." was the short reply.

"What do you mean by that?" Tsunade eyed Naruto suspiciously.

"It's motivation to not feel." He answered curtly.

"So if you remove it you could freely feel again?" Jiraiya changed the subject quickly not wanting to argue about trusting Konoha and stuff again.

"It'll remove itself once I start to freely feel." Naruto said passively.

"So it's no longer there?" the Hokage said happily.

"It's still there. It takes time for it to dissipate." The blonde said with a sigh.

"Oh…" the two sannin chorused.

"That is why I want to leave. If the reinforcement fails then the Kyuubi's aura will once again reign and it will cause panic. Then Konoha will no doubt want to exile me again or maybe execute me." Naruto tried explaining.

"If we explain the condition to them, then that will not happen." Tsunade said confidently.

"You cannot be sure that will happen. I do not want to take chances." The blonde argued.

"How strong is the aura?" the sennin interjected.

"Strong enough for the shinobis to start panicking." Naruto said tonelessly.

"We'll just have to give it a chance because I refuse to let you leave." Tsunade said smiling at the blonde's shocked expression, dismissing him with a wave.

Sakura's apartment

"Can you stop fidgeting Kenji? You're making him nervous." Sakura said glaring at Kenji casting a worried glance at Naruto who was sitting by the window.

"But I'm nervous, I can't help it Sakura-sen… Okaa-chan…" Kenji said smirking at Sakura's horrified face.

"DO NOT EVER CALL ME OKAA-CHAN!!!! I'M NOT THAT OLD!!!" she shouted and started chasing the boy, both of them jumping over furniture. Kenji was giggling happily, chanting 'Okaa-chan' and Sakura looked like a banshee screaming obscenities at the boy.

"Shut up!" Naruto stern voice echoed strongly. "They're here. I have to go now. Kenji, behave and don't destroy anything. Come on Sakura." He added when a knock on the door resounded softly.

He strode up calmly, opened the door and greeted the guest. "Gaara, I'm sorry that you have been summoned here for some crazy scheme the Hokage is about to unleash. I ask of you to be patient with it."

All he got in response was stares from both Kankurou and Temari, but if you observe properly, Gaara did raise his eyebrows in question, only you couldn't see it because he has none.

"That is the longest sentence I have ever heard from you since…" Kankurou finally said.

"Yeah…" Temari agreed enthusiastically and moved forward to hug her adopted little brother.

"Well things change. Let's go, we have a meeting to hurry too." the blonde said with a small smile.

"I'm glad, Naruto. Perhaps a spar later?" Gaara gave an almost non-existence smile.


Streets of Konoha

"God damnit!!! Where are they?" Sakura shouted halting to stop a fellow shinobi,

"Did you see Uzumaki and the Kazekage?" she frantically asked.

"Yes when I passed the training grounds. They're at No. 25 I think."

"Thank you!" she said breathlessly and sped of to find Temari who should be around looking for them as well. She spotted her talking to a vendor and shouted, "TEMARI!!! I know where they are!!!!"

Temari promptly followed the pink haired girl in search of the brothers. Cursing and swearing all the way, promising ways to torture them when they are found. A few minutes later, they came into view of the 'spar' Naruto and Gaara were having.

"Not again? Should we stop them?" Sakura groaned.

"If you want to get in range for the final attack and probably die, then yes you should try to stop them." Temari said, gritting her teeth.

Just as the words came out of Temari's mouth, the two jichurikis manage to finish the spar with a loud explosion most probably due to explosive notes or maybe because of the clashing of two great powers.

As usual the smoke and dirt cleared and the two 'boys' were rolling around with laughter. The two kunoichi's temper rise and both were yank to their feet, injuries ignored, as they demanded answers,

"I've had enough!!!! Why the hell do you always laugh like some five year old kid after the spar?" Temari roared at her brothers causing them to laugh even harder.

Sakura blinked and a realization hit her like a ton of rocks. "You both were laughing because you think it is fun to make us fret about the both you isn't it?" she said, her voice dripping with venom.

Both jinchurikis pause a moment, regarding them carefully before deciding to compose themselves and try to pry their hands of their shoulders, survival instinct acting furiously. Both kunoichi gave a snarl and the 'sparing' continued, this time the girls were beating the hell out of the boys. Therefore it is only fitting that the four of them ended up in the hospital.


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