His garden is beautiful in the fall, the trees slowly losing their leaves in cascades of reds, yellows and browns. Planets were closing up, ready to sleep for the winter, even though in Vegas you didn't get much of a winter.

His dog would go mad in the leaves, jumping into mounds of them, chasing them away as they floated away on a breeze. His dog didn't seem to notice changes around the house, the small removal of furniture and other little things.

The house was always in autumn now, since she had left, leaving him alone to watch the seasons pass, while he seemed to be stood in time, as though waiting for her to return, knowing she won't. She's dead.

Sara had loved the autumn sunlight, loved playing in the leaves with the dog, chasing the leaves as they were lifted up into the air, playing with their daughter in the leaves, pointing out the colours to the child. His child. Their child.

Slowly, he walked down onto the grass, as though seeing her ghost chasing the leaves, her laughter echoing around the small garden. And then she was gone, and he was looking at his daughter.

"Come play Daddy!" He smiled. She was so like Sara.

"Of course poppet." Nick Stokes found himself answering.

Seasons changed, new ones dawned and old ones faded, but they came back, and Sara would, he'd just have to wait for the leaves to turn yellow and brown once again.