The Search for Rose by Peyton Halliwell Chapter One: Paradox Prevention 101

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AN: This story is the sequel to The Key to Time and the final part in the two part series. It is going to swing between serious and humorous so be warned, I will be using all ten official Doctors and putting them all together over the next fifteen chapters so they can save Rose and stop the enemies and save the universe. If this level of fun and insanity is too much for you, turn back now. You have been warned!

Straightening his white suit, the White Guardian smiled at Ace and nodded his head to her before looking back at the Doctor. "All right then Doctor the first thing we need to do is set up a Time Loop that you can pull your other selves out of"
"What will that do Professor?" The Doctor grinned at Ace,
"I don't remember meeting me Ace so in order to make sure it isn't a paradox I need to make sure none of my other selves will remember it. A time loop basically creates a little loop in the time line that doesn't affect the rest of the flow of time." Ace nodded slowly, her years as a time hopper keeping her on the same page as the Doctor. Looking down at K-9 the White Guardian knelt down and touched a small round piece of metal onto the mechanical dog.
"What's that?" The Doctor asked raising an eyebrow as he rubbed the Key to Time with his index finger.
"Just feeding the information into K-9, he'll have everything programed in a few hours."

Nodding at the White Guardian's statement the Doctor looked back at Ace, "Ace find yourself a room and get some sleep, if you're coming along for this be warned there isn't going to be any down time." Grabbing her bag Ace nodded to the Professor with a glance to the White Guardian. Slipping into the hall she stopped and leaned back up against the wall to listen, she knew that tone from the Doctor.

"I know what you're thinking now Doctor and the answer is no." The Doctor clutched his hand around the Key to Time.
"This is the ultimate power why can't we restore things before the Time War." A soft compassionate look crossed the Guardian's aged face.
"The same reason you turned away from the Skasis Paradigm Doctor." The Guardian sat down in the captain chair, folding his hands in his lap. "Gallifrey and the Time Lords had stopped changing, stopped evolving. You know that such a state is unnatural and always means the end." Struggling with his words the White Guardian sighed and looked right at the Doctor, "We vanished because we had to let Gallifrey die Doctor." Sharp pain crossed the Doctor's face for only a moment before it was shoved behind a cold mask. "The Daleks and the Time Lords were both straining the universe and the balance to the point where only mutual extinction of both species as they were could stop it. We tried to warn the Time Lords so many times, tried to turn them from their isolationist ways but only you ever seemed to listen to the call we sent out. Only you and few others ever even left Gallifrey and took a look at what else was out there." The Guardian shook his head, sinking back into the seat as if exhausted. "I'm sorry Doctor I really am, after the Time War passed we stitched up the universe around the hole where Gallifrey once was and turned to get things moving again. I'm sorry but as you said yourself everything has it's time and everything dies: Gallifrey, the Time Lords, Skarro and the Daleks. This is what life is Doctor, change and questioning. Both Time Lords and Daleks forgot that."

The Doctor said nothing but turned back to the controls and pulled off his overcoat. Draping it over the railing he stared up at the TARDIS and sighed. "Then why are you here now? Why did you allow me to survive?" The White Guardian stood and gave the Doctor a real smile.
"Because Doctor you have accepted change and that change can still help the universe." His smile softened to a more amused smirk, "Besides you never can be sure of the future of a species while a subject that is compatible with other species is still around." Before the Doctor could remark on that the Guardian laughed. "K-9 has the information you need Doctor to make the Time Loop and this should help." The Guardian raised his right hand and then pulled it down in a sharp gesture, a silver goblet appeared which the Guardian took from the air. Small engravings and wires ran all over its surface making it shine in the dull light of the TARDIS. Setting it on the control panel the Doctor raised an eyebrow as the wires slid into the TARDIS controls. "No damage Doctor." Stepping back, the Guardian nodded in satisfaction, "Place the Key to Time in this, it will protect it from anyone but you and myself using it, even my opposite. This device will also let you channel the information for the Time Loops through the Key to Time and into the TARDIS. Nodding the Doctor stepped forward and placed the Key to Time in the goblet watching as it spun on its point for a moment as a small field of golden light spilled from it. A moment later however it slowed and stilled but remained on its point in a low field of light. Smiling at the Doctor the White Guardian adjusted his white hat and nodded. "I'll be in touch Doctor." Then he shimmered and faded away from the TARDIS.

Looking back at the goblet, the Doctor ran a finger over it carefully before looking down at K-9. The tin dog did not respond to his master as the whirling of the computations continued. Sighing the Doctor plopped down in the chair, "You can come out now Ace." The Doctor actually smiled as his companion peeked into the room with a sheepish smile.
"Always was rubbish at eavesdropping, wasn't I?" Nodding at her, Doctor couldn't really maintain anger and gave her a small smile.
"It's okay Ace, I understand." Smiling in relief Ace nodded.
"Good cause you need someone to watch your back on this one Professor." She glanced down at K-9 who was still whirling and beeping. "Cause that tin dog isn't gonna cut it"
"I am fully functional and programed to assist Doctor-Master." K-9 cut in, his ears twirling.
"Oh none of that you two." The Doctor laughed, putting his feet up on the controls, "Lets at least have fun at this."

Ace grinned and nodded, "Let's hurry though"
"Got somewhere to be?" Shaking her head Ace chuckled to herself.
"No, Doctor but if I don't meet this Rose Tyler soon, I may die of curiosity"
"We wouldn't want that," The Doctor muttered rolling his eyes.
"I'll see you in the morning then," Ace replied, smirking at him over her shoulder.

The Doctor didn't sleep much, it was a fact of Time Lord biology so it was a surprise to him when he awoke in his bedroom a few hours later. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around in surprise, realizing that he had actually slept. Returning to the control room he grinned as K-9 rolled toward him. "Data complete Doctor-Master." His grin widened further than he would have previously thought possible as he knelt in front of K-9.
"Has the super dog done it yet?" The Doctor blinked upon hearing Ace's voice behind him as she joined him in the control room. He glanced up at her and blinked in surprise at her new clothing choice. Dark trousers and a black tank top with her jacket tied around her waist. Following his surprised look Ace shrugged, "I remembered where the wardrobe is"

Ace nodded and smirked at him, "Hasn't changed all that much Professor." Shrugging the Doctor looked back at K-9 and took the small read out the dog printed out. Glancing at it he nodded as K09 extended his antenna. "What's he doing"
"Sending the information to the energy translator." "The what"
"The cup thing holding the Key to Time." Ace's mouth formed an o shape and she nodded.
"Then what Professor?"

The Doctor ran a hand through his hair as the energy translator began to glow, "How you doing K-9"
"Download 54 complete Master." The Doctor nodded and pressed a few buttons on the console, seeing he was busy and completely focused Ace sat down and watched. "Energy spiking." The Doctor muttered as the golden field around the Key to Time intensified. Eyes darkening in intense concentration, the Doctor began running around the console, hitting buttons, turning knobs and flicking levers. Grabbing the screen, he muttered under his breath. "Download 98 complete Master." Nodding the Doctor looked back at the energy translator and his eyes widened as the glow grew to a dangerous level.
"Ace look away!" Doing as she was told Ace swung down from the chair, turning to the wall and closing her eyes but the Doctor stared at the energy translator. Reaching out, he touched his hand to the Key to Time. "Download complete." Then the TARDIS went dark.

Coming Soon: Cross the Past