The Search for Rose by Lumendea Chapter Fifteen: Way to the Future

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Rose turned her head to the side to see Ace entering, a frown briefly crossed her features, but she was too sleepy to hold it. Sighing, Rose flinched as she tried to move. Ace moved to her side, taking her hand in concern, "Careful Rose, the Doctor would never forgive himself if you got hurt now." Rose paused and considered the other woman carefully,
"So what is going on?" She leaned back, clearly exhausted, "He said he'd explain, but he just left after we named the baby." Shaking her head, Ace chuckled,
"That sounds like him," she paused for a moment, "Well I'm Ace. I traveled with the Doctor a few regenerations ago. We ran into each other while he was finding the Key to Time. See this object gives control over the universe, or at least most of it. The Doctor used it create a time loop," Ace paused, "That means he could alter his own past without it having any actual effect." She watched Rose frown thoughtfully, "See one Time Lord couldn't cross into your universe, but your Doctor is the tenth form so by bringing all his forms together he could cross over to you."

Giving Rose a moment, Ace studied this younger version carefully. She was clearly tired and her emotions were a mess, but she was smiling again. "Did he know I was pregnant?" Ace shook her head and laughed despite herself before she answered,
"No, oh no. He just wanted to see you again," Ace glanced at the door, "Right now he's out there showing off your son to all his other forms. He completely adores you Rose," Ace paused, "How are you doing"
"Very confused," Rose said after a moment, "I woke up only to give birth, which is beyond painful, but apparently pain killers would have hurt the baby. The Doctor and I have a son, I'm a mum and our relationship was never like that. I'm never going to see my family again, I have missed almost half a year of my life and now I'm a mum. The Doctor and I haven't talked about it and I have no idea of where I stand." Ace smiled softly as Rose finished and took a breath,
"Feel better?" Rose nodded and looked at Ace,
"So you've been traveling with him." Ace shook her head,
"I wouldn't call it that, I traveled with him years ago. This was a quest. You were the only thing on his mind." Watching Rose, Ace was relieved when she smiled again, real happiness glowing in her eyes. Swallowing, Rose started to say,
"I wasn't sure that he . . . I hoped and half of the time I was confident that he did, but I was never completely . . . " Squeezing Rose's hand, Ace looked over at the door to see the Doctor standing there nervously. Nodding, Ace stood up and walked toward him,
"Shall I take James"
"We can talk with him," the Doctor said with a nod, "Just keep the other mes out of trouble."

Rose welcomed the weight of James into her arms, cradling him gently, "I still can't wrap my head around this," Rose said softly as she looked at the infant, "It doesn't feel real." The Doctor nodded his understanding and Rose looked toward the door,
"You're going to have to explain this to me now, Doctor"
"Whatever you want," he told her with a nod as he reached for her hand. Giving her hand to him with a smile, Rose looked back at James,
"What are we going to do?" Rubbing his neck with his free hand, the Doctor sighed,
"Take one day at a time and enjoy the fact that I don't need as much sleep"
"That will help," Rose teased before biting her lip nervously, "What about . . . " she dreaded bringing it up, "What about us?"

The Doctor looked at their entwined hands and sighed softly, "Rose my life isn't safe, you know that," he swallowed, still unable to look at her, "but I want you to be part of it for as long as we can manage it." Rose squeezed his hand and looked at James,
"I love you, Doctor," she said softly. He looked up sharply at her and grinned in relief,
"And I-" he swallowed and paused as years of conditioning held back the words. The smile didn't leave Rose's face as she nodded and handed his James. Sighing, the Doctor looked at their son before looking back at her. Rose had leaned back against the pillows and looked up at him with tired eyes,
"It's okay," she said, "I'm sure now that you do." Holding James, the Doctor nodded and kissed her forehead before saying,
"Rest now, when you're up we'll send my other selves back to their places in time and space."

Inside the other TARDIS, the worn dark coral supports glistened in the low violet light as the column began to move. The Twelfth Doctor smiled as their TARDIS entered the vortex. Straightening his dark suit, he nodded in satisfaction before turning to his Rose. She was sitting in the jump seat which had since been redone in dark red leather after it fell apart in his last life. Looking at him, she tilted her head and let him take her hand. He kissed the back of her hand gently before pulling her into his arms. "I proud of you," he told her softly, "You didn't have to forgive him at the end." Rose shrugged in his arms,
"You love my compassion, Doctor. The last thing I want is to stop being the woman you love"
"Impossible," he said with a smile as his blue eyes glinted,
"I do wish you wouldn't use that word," Rose said with a grin before she relaxed against his again. Smiling, the Twelfth Doctor rested his chin on her head,
"Where to now?" "Does it really matter?" Rose asked, "In all the years we've been together, we only get to where we are trying to get to a third of the time." Rolling his eyes, the Twelfth Doctor squeezed her wait, making her giggle.
"Humor me," he added with a grin. Pausing, Rose smiled and looked up at him,
"Why don't we go see one of our lovely universe balancing and protecting children?"

Stepping away from him, Rose helped her Doctor set the TARDIS controls to track the TARDIS' of their children. Smiling, she glanced at him, "That was a hard day wasn't it." "We had to build a real relationship while trying to raise a child"
"It didn't take us long," Rose reminded with a smile, "Once your other selves were gone, we started figuring it out," Shaking her head, Rose laughed, "And then Ace left and teamed up with Jack"
"I think the shower incident scared her off." Nodding, Rose paused and grinned,
"I teased her you know about her not knowing if she had met the kids or not." The Twelfth Doctor looked up at her sharply,
"You didn't tell her the guy she made out with was Timothy did you"
"Nope," Rose said as she popped the p. Grinning at her husband, she pulled the brake and the TARDIS came to a slow stop. He looked at her in confusion, until he saw her smile. She gave him a wink and walked out of the control room, toward their living area. Readjusting the controls, the Twelfth Doctor grinned and patted the column,
"Later old girl."

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