Never Alone

Disclaimer: Not mine, though I wouldn't mind to take Chase under my wings.

Warning: AU. Unbeta, possible of OOC. Surprise/Romance.

Summary: Chase sent home by House, and Chase seemed surprised of the encounter he had.

Spoiler: "The Mistake"

Robert Chase sat in the chair of the apartment; dark and cold room it became to him, and now after his dad is dead, he left alone, staring at the dark, wondered where else he could go, but knowing he had no choice – he had a work.

There was a knock in the door, Robert walked at the door, opened it, and was surprised to see her, but said nothing, as she remembered him his mother, the one that he cared so much even with her drunk position.

"Is it something that I can do?" she asked.

"N… no, but I thank you for come in here." Chase replied, stuttered been heard in his voice.

She closed his private space, her hands touching his as she asked, "Are you sure? I can ease it even for a bit."

Dr. Chase raised his eyebrows as he stared at her like she falls from some land.

"I don't want or need anything." He said to her, hope to see her gone, and is forget about the whole thing.

She moved her hand upon his chin, moving her lips closer to him, and kissed him lightly.

When the kiss was broke, Chase looked at her, as love seemed filled his mind, as his mouth was open and his tongue was out, like calling for her, to kiss him again.

She smiled, and then kisses him again, and when the kiss broke again, she said, "You are never alone, you have me now."


"Always, Chase." She confirmed.

"I love you Lisa Cuddy."

"I love you too, Robert Chase."