His hands had shook a little as he read the transfer orders, but he managed to keep his voice even when he gave the whereabouts of his comrades. He knew Breda and Feury would be up, soon. Both of them being in the building close by. As the door shut beside him he sunk back into the chair behind his desk. North He took a deep breath, willing his hands to stop shaking. Lt. Havoc's hands wouldn't shake. He was still sitting, breathing deeply, when Breda barged into the room. He watched as the man hurriedly strode to his desk, pulled out two pistols and a notebook, and slammed the door behind him as he left. He sure left quickly. Maybe there is something I should be doing, too. I was never informed of a contingent plan in this situation.

His hands slowly stopped shaking as his thoughts began to gather. He jumped when the door slammed open again. He looked up as boots paused in the entrance. It was Feury, the poor man looking out of breath and slightly green. He could make out doggy paw prints on the shoulders of the smaller mans coat. He smiled a little to himself, already missing his current post.

"Warrant Officer Falman. Did you get new orders?"

"Yes sir. I am being sent North to the Briggs Mountain under the command of …"

"I know who commands there, sir. I'm going to go see if Hawkeye and the Colonel are alright. Have you seen Breda?"

"Yes. He came in, grabbed his guns and a book, and left."

The master sergeant looked a little relieved at this. "Good. I'll be going now, if you'll excuse me."

He returned the man's salute and watched him break into a run in the hallway, pulling his coat on as he sped up. He shut the office door once Feury disappeared from sight. So what do I do now? He looked around the office, thinking of the next best step. I suppose I should learn some more about the person I'm going to be working under. At least my transfer came with a pay grade boost. He referred to his Central Headquarters Directory and pulled on his coat. Guess I'll start with her nearest of kin. I hope the major doesn't mind me not having an appointment.