He ignored the dog spit still trailing down his neck as he stared in shock at the men in front of him. Secretary Storch had always been an intimidating man and he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as he watched the man pivot on his heel and stride away. He took one last glance down at the papers he had been given before shoving them inside his uniform jacket. Feeling a little better now that he wasn't staring at the life-changing and possibly threatening documents he absentmindedly rubbed the saliva off his neck.

Something had happened. That much was certain. Breda was taking care of the messy details, now it was his turn. He left Falman blinking in the office. First he had to see to Lt. Hawkeye. He didn't want the colonel blind-sided by this if he could avoid it and then he needed permission to undo some "wiring". He threw his coat around his shoulders and took off jogging. He wasn't as strong as the other people in his unit, but he could run forever.

When he reached the outside fence and caught up with her, he was sweating more from nerves than any workout the little run had given him. He cringed at how tired her eyes were as she acknowledged his salute. Feeling a little safer in her presence he allowed his composure to slip a little more as he filled her in on their new orders. His heart almost exploded out of his chest when Secretary Storch appeared again.

His anxiety was almost to the point of boiling as he watched the Lt. open an envelop identical to his. He tried to keep his voice even as he asked where she was being sent, feeling a moment's hope leak through his agitation as she started her answer. He couldn't help his jaw gaping or the fresh renewal of fear that flooded him when she finished. He lowered his eyes, stunned, as Storch strode away.

He found himself riveted to the sidewalk, unsure of what to say. As bad as his news had been, this was worse. He couldn't imagine the fear she must feel or the failure. A slight squeeze on his arm caused him to come back to his senses and he almost cried as his eyes met her light smile. She straightened again and gave him a nod, all business now. He realized what he needed to do, that not everything was lost, and saluted her before running back to the office, to take care of his duties.