Title: fun and games at Seigaku.

Disclaimer: I do not own PoT or any anime/Manga in this story.

Warnings: Yaoi, possibly Mpreg

Pairings: Takeshi Momoshiro X Ryoma Echizen, Shusuke Fuji X Kunimitsu Tezuka, Eiji Kikamaru X Shuichiro Oishi, Kaoru Kaidoh X Sadaharu Inui, Keigo Atobe X Jirou Akutagawa, Seiichi Yukimarua X Genichirou Sanada X Akaya Kirihara.

Chapter 1: Bombshell dropped.

As the youngest member of the tennis club regular walked in he noticed that Eiji, the acrobatics of the golden doubles pair was sitting with his knees up to his chest and had his arms wrapped round his legs. He changed into his tennis outfit and turned to see the other of the golden pair standing at the white board talking to Momoshiro. He walked across to them.

"… He's been acting really strangely for the past couple of days."

"Ne, senpais. Something is wrong with Eiji-senpai."

"What do you mean, Echizen?" Momoshiro asked
"He's been sitting like that since before I came in." Ryoma said pointing to the now rocking back and forth Eiji.

"I'll speak to him see what's wrong you two head out."

"Usiu." Ryoma said shouldering his racket. As he and Momoshiro walked out of the changing rooms Oishi, the other member of the golden pair walked across to his friend.

"Eiji, are you alright?"


"Are you sure? Ryoma-kun even noticed that you have been acting strangely."

"Ochibi-chan doesn't notice much." Eiji said thinking slightly.

"Eiji, if it concerns one of the team members he notices. Remember when Momoshiro was in trouble and when Taka's friend pounded one of the first years and Araia."

"He's just imagining it Oishiii." Eiji said forcing his normal hyper attitude. He walked out leaving the vice captain thinking. As he walked out the coach was walking into the court. Oishi stood beside the Captain and his friend, Tezuka. As the coach's speech came to an end Tezuka turned to Oishi.

"Oishi? What's wrong?"

"Something is wrong with Eiji. Not like when Ryoma-kun went to America but something more; like he is more than distracted."

"Senpai, Eiji-senpai isn't his normal self." Taka said coming up to them. Kahido joined them and nodded in agreement with Taka's observation.

"He's been going to different stores collection boxes." Inui said as he walked up to them with his notebook open.

"Eiji, Echizen, on the court." Tezuka said.

"Usiu." Ryoma said pulling his cap down slightly. Eiji wrapped his arms round him.

"Ochibi-chan, go easy on me."

"No chance Eiji-senpai. You wanted to know what I learnt in America and I'm going to show you."

"Nya, Ochibi-chan, your so mean." Eiji said pouting slightly.

Ryoma shouldered his racket and walked onto the court. "Senpai, I'm not going to wait."

Eiji got into position. Ryoma chucked the ball up and serves a twist serve at Eiji. Eiji would normally have been able to return the ball but he didn't even move for the ball. Ryoma was getting pissed off. He served more balls to him and Eiji didn't move. Ryoma won 6-0 with out Eiji even moving.

"Captain, what is wrong with Eiji-senpai he didn't even try today. I need a challenge and he isn't even trying to win. He is in a world of his own."

"Oishi find out what's wrong with him. Minna practice is over for today."

"Ne, Echizen, want to go get burgers with me?"

"As long as you are paying Momo-senpai."

"Nani! You eat just as much as me."

"Yeah, so your treat then." Ryoma said walking away from Momoshiro.

"Oi, Echizen, matte."

"Haiku, senpai."

Oishi and Eiji walked towards home. Eiji climbed onto of the dumpster that they always sat and talked on. Eiji was usually the one that started talking but today he didn't start talking.

"Eiji, what's wrong?"

"It's best if we went to my house to talk." Eiji said quietly. They didn't mutter a single word as they walked to Eiji's house and up to his room. Eiji placed his bag down and picked up his teddy bear. He sat on his bed and held his bear close to his chest. Oishi was now certain that something was wrong as the only time Eiji hugged his bear like that was if he was upset about something.

"Eiji, what's wrong?"

"…We're moving."

"What? Moving where?"



"I don't know. Soon I think."

"Is this why you have been acing strangely?"
"Aa, I don't want to say goodbye to anyone. The tennis team is like my second family. Ochibi, Momo-chan, Fujiko, Tezuka, Kahido, Inui, Taka-san, Araia, sensei demo most of all I don't want to say goodbye to my tennis partner and best friend." Eiji said before burying his face into his teddy.

"Eiji-kun, no matter where you go you will always be my best friend and my tennis partner. If I can't play doubles with you then I won't play doubles any more." Oishi said hugging his friend. Eiji cried into Oishi's shirt and clung to his teddy. There was a knock at the door. Eiji broke away from Oishi and walked to the door and opened it.

"Dinner… Eiji-chan, what's wrong?"


"Oishi-kun… you know don't you?"

"Hai, Eiji, I'll see you tomorrow, ne?"


"Oyasumi nesai Eiji."

"Oyasumi nesai Oishi-kun."

Oishi waved to his friend before walking out of the house and heading to his own house 'Eiji, no matter what I'll always be there for you even if you are in a different country.'

When Oishi turned up at school the next day Momoshiro and Echizen were sitting talking at the sides of the courts.

"Senpai, Ohayou." Ryoma said seeing him.

"Ohayou, Ryoma-kun… where's Eiji?"
"He hasn't shown up yet."

"That's strange he's usually the first one here as well."

"We thought he was with you."

"I've not seen him since we talked last night."

"What was wrong with him?"
"I can't say not till I have spoken to Tezuka."

"Talk to me about what?" Tezuka asked coming up to them.


"Ah, okay, let's go."

Oishi followed Tezuka to an empty classroom and they sat down and talked.

"He's moving to Kyoto and he didn't want us to find out."

"I see when does he move?"

"He didn't tell me. His sister came in and told him his dinner was ready."

"I'll ask Fuji if he's in today later on. right now we should get to class."