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Chapter 9: Rikkidai and travelling.

Ryoma and Kevin arrived at the courts where they were playing that day to find everyone already there.

"... We're not late are we?" Kevin asked looking at his watch and then at the one above the rest of the team.

"No, you are on time today. Lets see now. Singles one - Tezuka, singles two - Fuji, singles three - Kaidou, Doubles one- Golden Pair and Doubles two – Mysterious pair."

"... I get to play?" Ryoma asked looking slightly confused but happy at the same time.

"Yes. You have kept up with the training this week so I am allowing you and Kevin to play today. However I want you to take it easy. Any signs that you are tired then we will forfeit the match."

Ryoma didn't look that happy about it but nodded. Takeshi smiled softly at Ryoma and put his arm around Ryoma's shoulder. Ryoma smirked up at him. They walked to the registering tent and registered for their match.

"Ryoma-kun, it is nice to see you again." a soft voice from behind him said.

"Seiichi-san, it's nice to see you again." Ryoma said turning to see him. Seiichi smiled and held his hand out to Ryoma. Ryoma shook it before turning to Tezuka. "Buchou, can I go warm up?"

"Hai. Take Kevin, Eiji and Oishi with you. Be back in ten minutes." Tezuka said.

"Hai buchou." Ryoma said before Kevin joined him on the way to the practice courts. Eiji and Oishi nodded to the other team before following the younger team. Oishi smiled seeing Eiji running after the younger of the two, trying to find out what was happening today. Ryoma had phoned him telling him that he had a surprise for Eiji before for they went to England. He couldn't wait to see Eiji's face when he saw it.


Ryoma and Kevin kept their warm up to bellow forty percent before heading towards the courts. Eiji was using his split step so there was two of him. Ryoma smirked before doing the same causing passer-bys to do double takes thinking they had been seeing things.

"Ryoma-kun, Eiji-kun, behave. Keep your energy for the match."

"Hoi, hoi." Eiji said going back to one. Ryoma nodded and done the same. Ryoma looked up ahead and smiled.

"Eiji-nii-san you wanted to know what I have been keeping from you correct?"


"Well, look ahead of us." Ryoma said pointing ahead. Eiji blinked before following to where Ryoma was pointing. There in front of them was a group of six all smiling at him. Three ladies and three men.

"Chibi-chan." the younger two ladies said

"Eiji-chan." the eldest lady said smiling.

"Eiji." the three men said.

"... 'kka-san, Otou-san, nee-san's, nii-san's... how..." Eiji stammered

"I knew you were missing them Nii-san so I arranged it with your Otou-san and Okka-san so they were here for our final game." Ryoma explained

Eiji hugged Ryoma before heading to his family hugging them all and catching up with them.


"Eiji, it's time to go."

"NYA! Already? Gomen..."

"Ikko, Eiji-kun. We will catch up when you come back England."
Eiji nodded before giving them all a quick hug before running on to the court with the rest of the team. Ryoma smiled at Eiji before turning to face Rikkidai.


They all bowed and said their greetings before they went back to the stands. Seiichi sat on the coach while the rest of the team sat on the bencher's. Kevin and Ryoma took off their jackets and took out their racquets before standing at the net. Ryoma looked over at Takeshi and smirked. He turned to the net to see that Seiichi was sending out Kuwahara Jackal and Marui Bunta.

"... we're getting them." Ryoma said slightly confused. "Why?"

"How should I know? Seiichi-san must have something planned. We will just have to wait and see." Kevin replied. Marui burst his gum again as they walked up to the net.

"Why are we against the chibi's?" Marui asked as they stopped at the net. Ryoma stopped looking at Kevin before glaring at Marui.

"Seiichi-san should teach them manners. They don't respect their betters." Ryoma growled. Kevin sighed before pulling him away from the net.

"Come on Ryoma. Let's get this match going." Kevin said keeping him self between Marui and Ryoma. The umpire looked slightly confused before turning to Kevin. Kevin spun the racquet.

"Which?" Kevin asked Jackal.

"Rough." Jackal replied. They all turned to see which way the racquet fell on smooth.

"End." Kevin said picking the racquet up before he turned to Ryoma before pushing him towards the base line. "You serve first Ryoma. Don't kill them."

"He is going to pay for that comment." Ryoma muttered as he started to bounce the ball.

F&GF&GF&GF&GF&GF&G (Missing out the matches. Can't write Matches.)

"Game, set and match Echizen Pair." the umpire called as they crowd started to cheer.

Ryoma and Kevin looked at each other before walking to the net. Jackal struggled to get up before helping Marui up and making their way to the net. They shock hands with Ryoma and Kevin before heading to the bencher's. Ryoma and Kevin walked to the bench to grab their bags. Ryoma stopped for a minute before falling forward.

"RYOMA" Kevin cried moving forward to catch Ryoma and only managed to catch him just before he hit the ground.

Takeshi ran to them and picked Ryoma up. He carried him over to the bencher's and laid him down. Oishi checked him over but couldn't find anything wrong with him. Seiichi walked over to them to find Ryoma waking up. He covered his mouth only to have Kevin push a bag in front of him.

"Are you okay Ryoma-kun?" Takeshi asked rubbing his back.

"... I feel awful."

"Stay lying down Ryoma-kun. It will help with the sickness." Seiichi-san said.


"Sleep Ryoma-kun. I think you might need it." Seiichi said smiling softly before turning back to his team.

"Nya! Ochibi-chan, don't stress your self out. You need to be ready for the nest two weeks." Eiji said as Fuji prepared him self for his match against Kirihara.


Fuji won his match in thirty minutes. He found Ryoma resting with his head on Takeshi's lap listening to something on Kevin's ipod. Eiji and Oishi were next to go up against Yanagi Renji and Yagyu Hiroshi only to lose against them, 7-5, 6-4, 6-2. Tezuka went up against Sanada Genichiro and won 6-3, 7-5, 7-6. Takeshi was stroking Ryoma's hair just as he started to wake up, again. They lined up to shake hands again before going and packing up their equipment. Seiichi walked over to Ryoma just as Takeshi took his hand. Ryoga looked at them from where he sat at the back of the bencher's.

"Chibi I think you should go to the hospital." Ryoga said as he walked down the steps.

"Iie. I have a plane to catch." Ryoma said weakly as Takeshi helped him stand out. Kevin picked up Ryoma's racquet case and slung it onto his back as well as his own.

"What do you mean you have a plane to catch?" Seiichi asked.

"I am competing at Wimbledon on Monday. I can't go to the hospital till I come back from England." Ryoma said softly before paling "Po-sensei is going to kill me!" He added sounding scared.

"I'll explain it to her when she calls by." Ryoga said as he walked with them to the front of the tennis court where there was a limo waiting with a blonde haired man leaning against it.


"... Katsuya-san?"

"Ah, ah, Kat-kun. You may be sponsored by me but you have the right to call me Kat-kun." the blond man said. "I am Katsuya Jonouchi, I am the head of K company."

"K company?" Takeshi asked.

"K company creator of seventeen different flavoured toothpaste, mouth washes and gums." Eiji said with sparkles in his eyes.

"Katsuya-san has been my sponsor for three years. I have another two sponsors but Katsuya is the main one." Ryoma explained.

"Why are you here then?" Seiichi asked confused.

"I am heading to England to make a deal and I offered Ryo-chan a lift there and back as well as his team." Katsuya said as his driver put the tennis bag in the boot.

"What about your clothes?" Ryoga asked.

"Had you been in the house this morning you would have seen the bags waiting at the front door. Waiting to be picked up." Ryoma said before yawning. Takeshi pulled him close and held him tight.

"I am okay Take-kun."

"I know Ryo, but I can't help but worry." Takeshi said.

"Come on boys we have a schedule to keep to." Katsuya said putting on his sunglasses. Ryoma nodded politely to Seiichi before climbing in to the car with the others following him. Katsuya bowed to the others before climbing into the limo. Katsuya pulled Ryoma into a hug as the car pulled away from the curb.

"I missed you Ryo-chan."

"Kat-san, get off." Ryoma muttered trying to move back towards Takeshi.

"Gomen Ryo-chan, but you are just damn cute. I think you should get some sleep when we get on the plane. You can sleep in the new seats."

"New seats?"

"I had the plane refurbished. The seats are now top class. They can go flat, give massages and you can plug in your i-pods."

"Sweet!" Takeshi said smiling widely. Ryoma yawned again before leaning against Takeshi. Takeshi smiled softly before putting his arm around Ryoma's shoulder.

Once they were on the plane Ryoma curled up on the first chair that he could find. Eiji and Katsuya found this very amusing as Ryoma drifted off to sleep with a strong hold on Takeshi's arm.

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