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"Do you think this will work?" asked a mysterious figure.

"It should. Now let's go." The two figures jumped out of the window as the door swung open.

Gaara entered into the poorly lit room, setting his Kazekage hat on a table. He changed into his pajamas and slipped on a blue nightcap.

Gaara sat in bed and pulled the sheets up to his neck, but something felt out of place. He looked to his left, horror stricken across his face. He jumped out of bed and ran downstairs into the living room where Temari and Kankuro were watching Survivor: Land of Wind edition.

"Temari, Kankuro!" Gaara screamed at the two.

"What is it?" Temari muted the T.V.

"Teddy's gone!"

The two looked nervously at each other.

"What're you talking about Gaara? We haven't seen him today."

"Exactly, he's missing!"

"Now, calm down. Did you look everywhere?"

"I left him on my bed. He hasn't moved since."

"We don't know Gaara. Maybe you just misplaced him."

Temari smiled innocently as she moved ever so slightly to hide something. Gaara, being Kazekage, didn't miss the sly move and spotted a brown ear. Gaara's eye twitched angrily and he lunged at Temari. She jumped to avoid the collision and hit the floor.

Gaara pulled out hid bear and turned to the two.

"You jerks! How could you?"

"You can't depend on that thing forever. You have to grow up sometime."

"You had better say sorry or I'll make sure you depend on a wheelchair for the rest of your life."

The two bowed before Gaara.

"We're sorry. We are not worthy to be your siblings."

Gaara smiled triumphantly, but gave Temari and Kankuro a swift kick in the butt for a good measure.

He walked upstairs, leaving the siblings in pain.

Crawling into bed, he cuddled his bear.

"Goodnight Teddy."

Never come between an angry jinchuuriki and his teddy.

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