Satsuki's Journal

A/N: First and foremost, I am basing this largely off of the ADV dub, specifically character personalities and pronunciations. I will be doing my best to keep the cast the same as it was during the anime, but many of the ghosts that will be appearing will be original, and by that I mean that they were not in the anime, not that I created them myself. Most of them I'll be stealing from other mythologies and the like.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Stories or any of the characters within.

From then Till Now

An uneventful three months pass after the sealing of The Ohma, spirit activity all but ceasing after his capture. Several ghosts remained active, but none that were malevolent; the largely kept to themselves in the old school building.

Satsuki and Keiichirou left during summer holidays with their father to go on a vacation to their old town. Momoko passed much of the summer preaching to the sinners to repent their ways. Le on the other hand spent the first couple days searching for any remaining violent ghosts, but quickly gave up, instead resigning himself to his computer for the duration of the holiday.

Hajime was forced to attend various community centres throughout the summer by his parents. They were rarely home, and without school to contain him, they didn't want him having run of the house any more often than he did. His parents even selected many of the activities he would partake in; needless to say Hajime was not pleased. However all things come to pass and eventually summer ended. The gang, with the exception of Keiichirou, are starting their first year in middle school, finally free of elementary.

A/N: This was just to give a broad summary of what happened between the anime and the first actual chapter. Obviously more happened, but if it has relevance then I'll cover the event in more detail when it needs to be done, and if it's irrelevant then there's no point in including it at all, unless I feel like padding my word count. First chapter should be up within a couple days.