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CHAPTER ONE: The Problem With Pi!

"Onee-chan! You're home! I've Miss-" SQUEEK "Shut up, Kon!" Ichigo said as he squished the stuffing out of Kon.

"Ahhh...what is it with teachers here?" Rukia asked rubbing her neck. "That math teacher of ours gave us homework up to our ears! ...Why when I was in Soul Society, we never-"

"SHUT UP! Stop complaining and go back there if everything is so much better than here!" Ichigo yelled at her, obviously annoyed...already.

" I didn't say everything was better in Soul Society, just that we didn't do a lot of work when we got the food's way better here anyway!" Rukia said while biting a chocolate brownie with vanilla icing and pink chappy sprinkles. "MMM, mwhat awe deese cawed?" she mumbled with her mouth full of chocolate.

"GOD, you are sooo annoying!" Ichigo hissed. He found himself smiling other than frowning...What the hell is wrong with me? He asked himself. "They're brownies. I'll ask Yuzu to make some if you want." He told her.

"Well, we'd better get started on that homework if we're gonna get it done tonight!" He sighed. "AWWW but it's FRIDAY!" Rukia whined. Can't we work on it tomorrow? Renji wouldn't make me work on it till SUNDAY..." She said, dangling Renji in his face again. "

Would you just shut up about Renji? I'm tired of hearing about that dork! If we finish the homework tonight, we can have fun for the rest of the weekend!" He explained. "Okay! Stop treating me like a child, I've lived over twice as long as you have, I would kill you for such rude remarks!" She warned.

"Why don't you kill me then? I wish you would, Bitch. Just work on your homework, I'm not doing it for you!" He hollered at her.

"Fine...I don't understand problem 13.a... what's a pi?" She asked.

"Okay, pi is just a name, it's equal to about 3.14..." His voice trailed off.

She couldn't pay attention. He could be sweet! She wanted to hate him most of the time...but at a time like this, she couldn't.

"So do you get it now?"

"y-yeah" She lied. For she hadn't heard a single word he had said. "Hey Ichigo..."

"What now?"

"Thank you."

He looked at her...then smiled. "No problem."

When they eventually finished, they lied on Ichigo's bed. She had fallen asleep on his shoulder, he wanted to move, but he didn't, for he feared waking her.

Not that he was scared she'd be grumpy, but she looked so peaceful, he couldn't just ruin that innocent look on her face. He wanted to sit there and watch her all night, but then he mentally slapped himself for thinking that way. He just couldn't admit, even to himself, just how beautiful he really thought she was.

She rolled over slightly onto his chest, wrapped her arms around his neck and murmured "Renji..." in her sleep.

"Freakin' Renji! I should kill that Bastard!" He screamed in his head. "What's so special about that damn idiot anyway? He lost over half the fights he ever started!" Ichigo was fuming, silently nit-picking anything that had to do with Renji.

But then he looked down at Rukia, who was sleeping so peacefully, and wondered what she was dreaming about.

"Hey, Ichigo" She whispered. He looked surprised, thinking she was still talking in her sleep, almost happy she said his name!

"Ichigo..." She whispered again. He was very confused now. He just sat there, still watching her, trying desperately to figure out what she was thinking. "Would you STOP looking at me like that? You're scaring the shit out of me!" She said, bonking him on the head.

He sat there speechless until she got off of him and turned to sleep on her own side of the bed, when he answered: "I wasn't looking at you, dumbass!" But she didn't say a word... she was too tired to argue.

He put the books and paper they used away, then decided he would get up and lay in her usual spot in the closet, when she grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. She used him as a pillow (without even realizing she had done any of it!) and he didn't even care!

He was okay with her silky skin on his, it felt nice. He really didn't understand why he was so suddenly thinking like this. He always wanted to punch Rukia! She was SO annoying!

Her voice was usually like nails to a chalkboard, but now it sounded like angels! So he lay there, with a girl in his sisters pajamas...AND HE DID NOT like her! At all...he did not like Rukia that way! But for some reason he had second thoughts when he went to turn off his lamp and heard the girl next to him softly whisper "Ichigo..."