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(LAST) CHAPTER Five: Rukia Abarai!

"YOU WHAT?" He snapped.

"You know I don't want to Ichigo! I just started to get settled here, and I love it here...with all my friends...and you!" She managed to say through tears.

"It's gonna be okay, I'm gonna figure something out!" He assured her. It was one thing to see her crying...but to see her sobbing like this...he just wanted to KILL the person who did this to her.

"Do you remember what I promised you yesterday?"

"...I guess." She whispered.

"You know, how you'll be fine as long as I'm with you?"

"OH. Yeah I remember."

"...Well? I'm with you, aren't I?"

This just made her want to cry more. She didn't want to leave, and as much as she liked Renji...I mean, she grew up with him! He was family! But she didn't want to marry him! She squeezed him tighter and continued to cry

"Don't's gonna be fine!" He whispered into her ear. She slowly stopped crying and slipped in and out of an uneasy sleep as he stroked her hair and rubbed her back. She was happy for one of the first times in her life...and it was all going to be taken away! Chills went down her spine with every stroke of his hand. She wished she was marrying him, and the thought that she couldn't made her want to cry more! She looked up at Ichigo...who was looking down at her.

"Rukia, I-" He was interrupted by her lips on his. They were sweet like the last time. Ever since last night, when he kissed her the first time, she wanted more. And she got it. A small moan escaped her mouth as she slowly pulled away, not because she wanted to stop, but because she was too tired to continue. She lied with her head in her lap, and that's how she stayed for the remainder of the night.

Back in Soul Society Renji and Byakuya sat at a small table, discussing the future events. "That boy...will never let us have Rukia peacefully, you know." Byakuya told him.

"I know that?" Renji snapped.

"Well, what do you suppose we do to solve the problem, Renji?"

"I'm prepared to fight!"

"And if you loose?"

"Loosing isn't an option...

The next day, Ichigo until around noon, which was completely uncommon for him, especially when he had school! He didn't care...he wasn't just gonna leave Rukia alone. "Where is Rukia?" He thought out loud.

"I'm over here..." He heard her whisper. Her voice was filled with worry, and maybe even a hint of regret. "I need to get packed, I got a message that said Nii-sama and Renji are coming to get me around four o clock."

Ichigo shuddered. He remembered the last time Renji and 'Nii-sama' came to get Rukia. He remembered her face, blotches of red all over it from crying so much. She walked away in without saying goodbye, in hopes he would not follow her or try to save THAT was gonna happen!

Surprisingly about three hours passed as they silently packed her things. They headed off to Urahara's Shoten, awaiting Byakuya and Renji. She whispered "I hope you know what you're doing."

"I beat them before, I can do it again."

"DON'T KILL THEM!" She said immediately.

His eyes looked to the ground. "I...wouldn't do that to you."

"AHH, why does it have to be so COMPLICATED!" She snapped, after moments of silence.

Four o clock rolled around, and sure enough, Byakuya and Renji walked off of the porch or Urahara's home.

"Come, Rukia." Byakuya said calmly.

It took her all she could not to move.

"Rukia?..." He asked again.

"No." She whispered.

Byakuya was shocked. Never had Rukia disobeyed him.

"Rukia? Don't you wanna marry me?" Renji asked, smiling at Ichigo, for he knew the question bugged him.

Ichigo just stood up and pulled out Zangetsu...with his usual scowl on his face.

"So you wanna fight, do ya?" Renji asked, pulling out his own Zanpakto.

Ichigo wasted no time. Renji hadn't even made it through Zabimaru...when Ichigo called out,


As the smoke cleared, there stood Ichigo. His black coat blew in the wind. Renji was screwed...and he knew it.

"I can't believe you expect to beat me with that little change of outfits you got there!" He said laughing, and trying to sound even slightly tough.

"SHUT UP!" Ichigo yelled as he disappeared from Renji's sight.

Where'd he go? Renji thought frantically.

"I'm over here, ass wipe!" Ichigo called out.

Renji looked, but still didn't see him.

Ichigo took his Zanpakto and placed it threateningly under Renji's chin.

Rukia just watched from below. His Bankai was probably the sexiest thing she had ever seen. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. And Byakuya, knowing where this was going, turned his attention to Rukia, who swore she saw him crack a smile.

Ichigo's blade sliced right through Renji's chest and arm. But Renji got a hit in himself. He stabbed Ichigo in the side and he fell to the ground, along with Renji.

"ICHIGO!?!" Rukia called as she ran over to him. She looked up at Byakuya, who was turning around. "Nii-sama?" She called.

"Renji, get up. We're going. I have no interest in this man anymore."

Renji was shocked. Byakuya is giving up? No...he can't be! Then it hit him.

"You're just protecting him because Rukia loves him, and you know it! Right?" He yelled.

"I said we are leaving!"

Renji just got up and followed, as much as he hated Ichigo for taking Rukia away from him.

When they left, Rukia looked at Ichigo, unsure of what just happened. She crawled over to him slowly and ran her fingers up his chest all the way up his cheek. She kissed him, slow and soft, putting every single one of her many emotions into it. Ichigo smiled between kisses, as did she. Because they were both thinking the same thing, I LOVE YOU!

Rukia loved her Strawberry and that was that, and Ichigo had fallen in love with the most annoying, and sexy little brat in the world...and he didn't want it any other way.

"I have another game!" She purred.

"What's that?" He asked playfully, as she climbed on top of him and kissing him more passionately.


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