A/N: I always wondered what the cards thought while they were loose. These drabbles show things from the cards' point-of-view.

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Thoughts Of The Cards

Chapter 1 – Windy

I am the free wind.

I can never be chained.

Or, at least, that's what I thought before I was sealed.

I knew we had it coming.

We were too strong, and caused too much damage.

I rest in the book, trying to ignore the snoring of our sun guardian.

He should know better than to doze off like that.

After all, he has to guard us.

We could escape while he slept if only someone would break the seal.

Hmm? Someone's here.

Someone new.

Someone with strong magical powers!

The seal is broken!

Keroberos, wake up!

The cards will escape!

I hear my name.

The Windy.

I guess I'd better work my magic.

After all, she broke the seal and said my name.

She must be very strong, and if she said my name, she must be summoning me.

With a rush I start a windstorm.

She seems frightened.

The other cards!

They're escaping!

I hear some of their voices as they are blown away.

Thanks Windy! That's Sleep.

Wheeeeeeee!!! Rain.

Freedooooooom! That's Cloud.

And here I thought you were a goody-two-shoes! grumble Water.

So it's all my fault?

Darn it!

I'm supposed to be the responsible one!

Maybe some of my wild instinct from before still exists.


Keroberos is happy to see me.

He must be glad I didn't escape.

After all, I am one of the four element cards.

Looks like I'll have to help get the others back.

sigh They're going to hate me for this.


A/N: How was it? I'm doing them in the order they were captured, so Fly's up next.