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Thoughts Of The Cards

Chapter 21 – Move

This'll be fun!

I love playing Keep-Away!

The object of the game is to take an object and keep it away from your opponent.

If they give up, you win.

If they get it, you lose.

I love playing this game with people, but I can only use really small and light things.

This book looks just the right weight.

It's tough, but I can lift it.

This boy will make a nice opponent.

Let the game begin!

I'd better leave before he notices me.

I can sense magical energies coming from him.

Well, I've found a spot to rest for now.

Oh, look!

Another playmate!

She leaves to get a ladder, and I leave before she gets back.

This is so fun!

That boy's trying to get the book again.

Now you see me, now you don't!

The girl and the Cardcaptor have seen me.

I'm gone again!


The boy's trying to get me again.

He runs right up to me, and I vanish again.

The girl reaches for me again, and I vanish out of her reach.

I love this game!

They keep trying, and I keep vanishing.

None of them can beat me.

No one except for Clow Reed ever has!

Eventually, we all end up outside.

Outside means more space.

More space means more places to move!

They keep trying, but I'm just too fast!

They'll never catch me!

I command you to return to your power confined, Move!

No way?!

She sensed my next move!

How did she do that?!

Well, there's one thing I just hate to admit.

She was a worthy opponent.


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