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Staring at her had become a hobby of his. Arthur would sit and stare at her, completely drowning her words out, for what felt like forever.

If Leaf ever realized Arthur was gawking at her, she never said anything. Leaf had always been beautiful, but Arthur was beginning to notice how impossibly curvy her thin body had gotten in the years he had known her.

"Arthur. Arthur. Arthur are you listing to me!" Leaf's shouts brought Arthur out of his daze.

"Oh. Sorry. I got a bit distracted. What were you saying?" Arthur said quickly.

"I was just asking when you're next meeting with Dame Primus is." repeated Leaf.

"Um…It's just random I guess. She'll call when she needs me."

Arthur, with much help from a long list of people, had defeated the Morrow Days, had claimed all seven keys. So now, at sixteen years of age, Arthur was finally able to live the normal, peaceful life he wanted.

"Well when they call you tell Suzy and Noon, and everybody else I said hi." she requested.

"Come with me." It was more of an order than anything else.

"I don't know. I'll only get in your way." was her reply

"Come." grabbing her hand to reassure here.


Arthur saw Leaf's mouth moving, but once again wasn't really listing. He was more focused on her bending over, picking something that had fallen out of her pocket up.

She still hadn't let go off his hand, that was distracting to.

"Well Arthur don't just stare at her bust, Leaf's got quite the rear to." laughed Monday's Tierce, Suzy Turquoise Blue.

Leaf blushed a deep red that contrasted with her pale skin.

"Maybe she really didn't know I was staring at her." thought Arthur.

"Suzy what are you doing her?" questioned Arthur.

"Gee, you don't sound so happy to see me." pouted the Piper's child.

"Well, what kind of warm welcome do you expect after a greeting like that?" he inquired.

"You deserved that comment, if I hadn't shown up you would've groped her or threw her against a wall." she exclaimed.

" Suzy!"

"You know I'm alright"

"Um…so why are you here Suzy? Not that it isn't wonderful to see you." asked Leaf, who was very eager to change the subject.

"Oh…right. Meeting with Primy next Monday." said Suzy

"Thanks." returned Arthur, who was attempting not to stare at Leaf again.

"So Bye!" exclaimed Suzy before taking her leave through whichever way she came, probably the house door.

"Would you have groped me?" whispered Leaf. Arthur's face was turning multiple shades of red and pink.

"Well would you have?" repeated Leaf, running her hand up and down Arthur's arm.

"Maybe" gulped Arthur.

"Did you like what you where staring at?" in quested Leaf, now breathing in Arthur's ear. She could feel him shiver as she blew hot air on his neck.


"Thanks" Leaf replied before taking her leave. "See you at school tomorrow Arthur."

"But you…why…Leaf." Arthur exclaimed after her. Taking a long sigh afterwards.

"Such a tease. She really is sometimes." thought Arthur.