Halo vs. Metroid:

The Great Journey

Disclaimer: Do keep in mind I do not own Metroid, the Elites, Halo, the Space Pirates, or Samus Aran. They belong to Bungie (Halo) and Retro Studios/Nintendo (Metroid).

Continuation storyline written by Ultimate Ridley.

Halo vs. Metroid is supposed to happen after Halo 3 and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and before Prime 3. Complicated explanations about certain characters being killed in the story and reappearing mysteriously in later games, i.e. Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion perhaps, are all explained on my Homepage's Data Record Room. If you wish to see these, click my name above here and then Homepage on my Profile. It will take you to my Homepage. After that, click Data Record Room on the NavBar and look through the knowledge I post on it. I had to alter the years and storylines a bit, so don't complain about them. My next story will make complete sense, I promise.

Also, I recommend that you should only read this if you are familiar with either Metroid or Halo (as in, BIG wizzes at either) or both. Please enjoy this story full of action, misconception, and many unexpected surprises.

I will add to this story slowly. Enjoy it!

It is year 2557. It has already been five years since John's death. The continuation of Halo 3 was disastrous and unexpected. After John's death, the Arbiter left in his Elite ship with the shipmaster. Lord Hood and his Corps continued to live on Earth, calm...quiet...Earth...

Or so they thought...

Earth-Year 2557, Town of Eurok, Nevada

Lord Hood was standing on a cliff, staring out into the sunset. It was a quiet night. He had no business in commanding anymore, for he retired. The Corps still had their uniforms in their homes, but they were always ready to fight whenever danger came near. (At least, most of them...) Nothing could go wrong ever since the war ended. The Flood was

dead. The Arbiter was gone, so betrayals were unlikely. Life, once again, could be enjoyed, or, perhaps, taken for granted. Now, life would be easy. Or would it?

The Arbiter and the Elites drove off into the distance and far depths of space, searching for their home planet. The search would not be easy, because, even though they didn't know it, they were drifting off course. This is not good especially because they would run into an enemy that would more than demolish their entire race due to misconception...

Lord Hood walked down to his home, just recently built by Marines that have carpenting skills that ran through their family. Most likely the wars are over. The Covenant are

finished, for good. Thank God, thought Lord Hood. He was born with war, with misconception, with his family gone, gone for good. He didn't know if he had just made an ally

for future wars, or if he made a terrible mistake-no, if Johnson made a terrible mistake-to join forces with the Elites. Oh, well. It doesn't matter to him anymore.

Suddenly, Hood heard a noise from outside of his home.

"What the..." Hood said. Outside was a blue and red explosion.

"Covenant? It can't be!" Hood said to himself. He ran out to his kitchen, and grabbed a walkie-talkie. It had long-distance on it.

"Emergency! Emergency! We have a chemical explosion in the city of Eurok!" Lord Hood told the walkie-talkie after clicking the button.

"Who is this?" the talkie buzzed.

"Lord Hood, former general of the UNSC!" There was a pause.

"Okay, sir. We are on our way," the talkie buzzed back.

After about twenty minutes, Hood heard the roar of Pelicans fly over the rocky hills nearby. He looked over out the window. They were flying towards his home.

A fuse let off, and another red and blue explosion set off. This time, a horrific smell was left behind. The beautiful colors engulfed the Pelicans, and after five seconds of colorful

chemicals in the air and the sounds of crashing Pelicans, their were only demolished ships on the ground, with the cargo hold completely open.

"Oh my God," Lord Hood said. He ran into his closet and picked out an assault rifle, ready to go outside and blast the brains out of whatever was causing those horrible smelling, beautiful clouds of smoke. Once he got outside, he ran out to the site of the chemical explosions and pointed his gun at the site. He looked out and saw a silhouette figure running in past the smoke, undamaged.

"What the-" Hood said. He pulled the trigger and started to shoot uncontrollably. The horrific smell started to wreak past Lord Hood's nose. He started to cough and couldn't control it. It irratated his windpipe. He heard footsteps ahead of him, and he raised his head, still coughing. There was a marine-but he was corrupted with the chemical. This marine was the only marine to survive the crash.

"Are you going to choke on this substance, Lord Hood?" the marine asked. Lord Hood looked down and continued coughing.

"Let me put you out before your throat starts to bleed," the marine said. He lifted a gun up, and, heard from the distance, a gunshot. Lord Hood was shot cleanly in the head, and he fell to the ground. This was probably a better death than your head exploding, which would've happened if the nice, corrupted marine hadn't come by. The marine laughed in a very unnatural and creepy way, that sounded like he could very well be hacking. He walked down the path into the mountains, and, may never come back. Lord Hood lay on the ground, a small hole in his head, not bleeding. What could be going on?

Runai Trutlau (The Elites ship)-Year 2557, Somewhere in Space

The Arbiter was just drifting off into space with his Elites. His homeworld was far away...from their course. Although they may not know it, but soon, a different human will attempt to kill them.

The ship turboed its way through the depths of the starfields, and all it was set to do was find the Elite's home planet. That was the Elites' one and only desire. Suddenly, there was a bump.

"Arbiter! What was that?" the shipmaster called. The Arbiter looked out the window and saw nothing.

"Nothing, perhaps just a traveling comet," the Arbiter replied.

"I do hope so," the shipmaster said quietly. The bump happened again.

"Erhem?" the shipmaster said.

"I do not know what it could be. We are not in an asteroid belt, nor an asteroid stream," the Arbiter said. The shipmaster stared out into space and thought for a moment.

"N'tho 'Eliba Turaga! I need you to put on a mask and see what is going on!" the shipmaster said to an Elite. The Elite did a single nod and followed orders. He reached into a storage department and grabbed a type of mask. The Elite ran to an airlock and shut the door behind him before he opened the airlock to prevent damage to other Elites.

N'tho 'Eliba Turaga (just call him Tura from now on) clawed into the side of the ship silently and slowly climbed down to the bottom of the ship on the outside. He looked around and saw something disturbing. A ship was at the bottom of their ship. It was strange. The ship looked a lot like a Phantom, but not completely. It was the shape of a Phantom, but it had orange and red paint on it with a light-green tinted window. Tura pressed a button on his arm and spoke into it.

"Shipmaster! Arbiter! There is a Phantom attached to our ship, its top is attached to our bottom," Tura said.

"A Phantom?" the Arbiter said.

"That could only mean..."

"That they are Elites and we are in our home planet's solar system, or somewhere near it!" the shipmaster cried.

"Our five year journey is almost over!" the Arbiter said. The two of them punched the other's knuckles, and they roared in joy.

"N'tho 'Eliba Turaga! Where shall we meet our brothers?" the shipmaster asked.

"I'm not sure...perhaps the bottom chamber?" Tura said back.

"Let's go," the Arbiter said. The two of them and their Elites started to run down to the lower chamber.

Earth-Year 2557, Town of Webat, Colorado

It was the town of Webat, and many retired marines moved here. No one knows why, though. Most of the marines in the town knew everyone else, but not the one that was walking down the trail. The former marines were just minding their own business, some having dinner with their soulmates, some at the bar partying. One thing was for sure-whatever anyone was doing in Webat, they would stop and watch the corrupted marine pass through the town. And that's just what everyone did. The corrupted marine was blue mainly, and if any skin was shown it was pale. The corrupted marine stopped for a second.

"Why, why, why is everyone staring at me as if I was going to kill you people?" the corrupted marine asked. No answer. He looked around and saw the people terrified. The marine had no idea what he looked like, which would freak someone out for sure. He saw little children with their faces terrified.

"Look, people. I am only passing through this town to get to my..." he didn't know what to say. Would he say 'homeship' or just 'home'? The marine's brain was corrupted mostly, but any part that wasn't corrupted was confused and most likely angry at itself. He continued to walk through the town, and everyone watched him, until he walked away, out of sight. The former marines went back to their business cautiously.

BANG! That's always a disturbing noise.

"Oh my God! That marine has a freaking sniper rifle!" a person shouted. They looked over at the marine, who was in zoom. The mothers scooped up their children and brought them inside their homes. One mother got shot, and the child ran into his house.

Click! The sniper rifle was out of ammo, and the corrupted marine had no spare clips.

"Worthless piece of crap!" the marine yelled as he flung the rifle far into the distance.

Bang! A man was brave. He took out his shotgun and started to fire at the marine.

"What is wrong with you? We don't need anymore war here on Earth!" This man apparently was a marine five years ago.

"Earth? Earth?! This isn't Earth! Earth is gone! Destroyed, annihilated! You don't seem to understand. I'm now only half human-" the marine froze. He fell to the ground.

"Okay. He's dead, people!" he yelled out to the town. Everyone came out silently, then started cheering. The corrupted marine was dead...

Or was he?...

Runai Trutlau-Year 2557, Somewhere in Space

The Arbiter and the shipmaster ran to the lower chamber, and climbed down a ladder. It was the bottom chamber. Nothing was there.

"This is strange," the shipmaster said. He started to walk out towards the middle of the bottom chamber.

"Well, brethren. Unfortunately, we have no Elites left, as far as we know. And we, most likely, are not near our home planet," he said.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The shipmaster fell to the floor. The Arbiter was ready to fight back, trying to figure out what exactly that could've been. There was a red and orange suit, with some yellow, and had two huge spheres on its shoulders.

"Die, Space Pirate!" the thing yelled.

'Space Pirate?' the Arbiter thought.

"Excuse me, but there must be some misunderstanding," the Arbiter said. The creature looked over at the Arbiter and shot him with a freezing beam. The Arbiter froze up, all but his head.

"Who by the Hierarchs are you?" the Arbiter mumbled loudly.

"Samus Aran, of the GFS," the creature said.

"Where is Phantoon?" Samus cried.

"Phantoon? I have no idea who you're talking about..." Samus whipped the Arbiter with the grapple beam.

"One of your race's Hierarchs?" Samus said assuringly.

"The shipmaster you shot and I are our Hierarchy!" the Arbiter yelled. Samus put her gun down.

"Are you rebel Space Pirates?" Samus asked.

"I have yet to understand what exactly a Space Pirate is," the Arbiter replied.

"This is a trap!" Samus yelled and raised her gun.

"No! This is a misconception!" the Arbiter yelled.

"It won't be a misconception once your little 'shipmaster' here is dead!" Samus raised her gun and pointed it at the shipmaster, who was just becoming conscious.

"You have no reason to do that," the Arbiter said.

"We are not Space Pirates," he added. Samus put her gun down and closed her eyes. The Arbiter lifted up both arms and pushed Samus against the wall and held her.

"What is your species and what gives you the right to overkill creatures?" the Arbiter demanded.

"K-2L...and we are of humans..." Samus whispered.

"Oh, by the Gods!" Arbiter yelled.

"That bloody Spartan and his little race betrayed us!" the Arbiter yelled. The Arbiter threw Samus down to the launch area she parked her ship at.

"Get off our ship, traitor!" the Arbiter kicked Samus off onto the top of her ship.

"Floor it!" the Arbiter yelled. An Elite nodded singly and ran back to the control deck of their ship. The Elite sat down and hit the gas. The Arbiter looked down at Samus and said, "Good Riddance," before he mashed the button and closed the launch door which was originally hacked by Samus.

Samus looked up at the Elite's mothership, escaping her pathetic attempts to defeat the Space Pirate nation. She got back into her ship and took off in another direction.

The shipmaster got up and stared at the Arbiter.

"What?" the Arbiter wondered.

"I...have a theory..." the shipmaster said tiredly, clinging to his arm.

"Hm?" the Arbiter hmphed.

"That human explained it was a K-2L...and the others said they were of the UNSC..." the shipmaster said.


"Maybe the homo sapiens are different from the homo iradica," the shipmaster explained, knowing a specie's scientific name well.

"Perhaps the UNSC are different from the K-2L," he added. The Arbiter sighed.

"Are you saying that this human most likely just misconcieved us with a dreaded rival? And, that the other humans we truced with five years ago...are well-trusted allies?" the Arbiter asked. The shipmaster nodded.

"Actually, the UNSC are an organization of homo sapien. Just call them human," an Elite said, calculating something.

"Oh, well. Not like it matters. We most likely will never come into contact with the sapiens again," the Arbiter said.

"We shall continue searching..." the Arbiter said. The Elites groaned.

"Eh, we will get used to it," the Arbiter said.

"At least we have no need to claw across a planet's surface," he added. No answer.

"Tch! Were it so easy..."

Earth-Year 2557, Town of Webat, Colorado

The town of Webat lived on for a few more hours before the corrupted marine came back. He walked slowly, cautiously, seemingly. Did I mention that he wasn't corrupted anymore? Oh, no! He was completely overtaken by the chemical now. No human gene was left-now they were different.

"Oh, my God," the man that had a shotgun earlier said.

"That guy looks even worse now," he said. The marine didn't say a word, just simply uttered an alien noise.

"Get the heck off Earth..." the man said. He shot the marine in the head, and no blood trickled. The marine just flinched, and continued walking.

"Look, I know how you feel. I feel like this on Saturday mornings, and you don't see me attempting to look creepy and shoot people with a sniper."

No answer. The marine groaned in an unnatural sort of way, and a blue, liquid tentacle reached out and wrapped around the man. Inside the man his insides crumpled, and he fell to the ground.

"No! Daddy!" a little girl cried, almost running to save her dad, but her mother gripped her tightly. The marine looked around. He started to speak in a croopy kind of voice.

"YoU pEopLe dO noT unDeRsTanD tHat EaRtH iSn'T hErE aNyMOre. ThIS iS nOT EarTH. THIs IS WhErE PhANToOn lIvEs," the marine said, coughing wildly. Barely anyone knew what he just said. Others were thinking 'Who is Phantoon?' The marine walked over to a stone statue shaped like a creature that the humans thought was shaped strange, and he dripped the chemical all over the statue.

"CoME hITHeR, gREAt oNE!" the marine yelled. The statue started to glow, and then a flash set off, and a levitating creature with a large, round head, a mouth with its one eye in it, and a small, spiky body with two short tentacles appeared.

"What is that thing?" people were wondering. The creature shot a beam at the town, and five buildings collapsed. It then swallowed a few unlucky people with its large mouth. Only seven people managed to escape this monster's wrath. At the end of this horrible tragedy, the creature turned to the marine and spoke through telepathy.

"You did a splendid task, phazonide minion," the creature spoke.

"I know, Master Phantoon," the marine replied. So, now you know what's wrong with the marine. It's cranium has been corrupted by the deadly chemical phazon, recommended only to be handled by dedicated organisms, i.e. Phantoon. Phazon will either screw your life up with corrupting your brain, making you strangely obedient to some creatures, or, if unlucky, phazon will kill you. So I'd beware. Only a few creatures can handle the reactions of this chemical, and let me tell you, humans aren't one of them.

The seven survivors of the wrath of Phantoon stayed off, only about one-hundred feet away from what was left of Webat. They heard an unnatural roar-Phantoon-and a giant black and purple ship arrived at the edge of the mountain. The doors dropped open, and a few odd-looking creatures walked out. They snarled loudly, made rustling noises, and they ran back in. Phantoon and the phazonide marine ran in behind the creatures. The ship closed its doors, and then it took off, towards the tallest mountain in the Rockies.

"What could they want there?" a woman wondered.

"It's just a large mountain," she added. A man looked up and noticed something strange.

"Do you guys remember when that guy said that we weren't standing on Earth? And this is where that creature lives?" he asked. Almost everyone of the seven survivors nodded.

"I believe him," the man finished.

"Whaaat?" a woman looked surprised.

"How so?" another man asked.

"Before the war against the Covenant, I lived here in Webat for twenty years. I know exactly how the mountains are arranged and-" he paused gulping.

"This is not that specific arrangement," he finished.

"You expect us to believe that maybe, just maybe, we ain't on Earth anymore, simply because the mountains are different? Mountains get bigger, you ding-dong!" the other man said. The man didn't say anything.

"I hope you're right," he finally said.

Runai Trutlau-Year 2557, Somewhere in Space

The Arbiter and his Elites drifted and entered a different solar system. This system was familiar, and he wondered if perhaps his homeworld was near. He looked over and saw one planet he wished to visit every now and then-Earth.

"The humans. They are over there," the Arbiter said. He pointed out the window at Earth.

"Earth?! Earth?! By the Gods! That is Earth!" the shipmaster called.

"Should we visit the humans? I mean, it's been five years," the shipmaster asked.

"I suppose," the Arbiter said.

"But I am particularly enraged because we were so close to Earth this whole time. We did not make much progress," the Arbiter added.

"Quite so," the shipmaster said.

"Elites! Get ready! We are about to visit our old allies!" the Arbiter yelled.

"And perhaps kill that Hood character," the Arbiter murmured. An Elite walked over and clicked a key that asked the question: Where would you like to direct the ship towards? through a speaker. The Elite started punching in many complicated codes that led to turning the whole ship towards Earth. The Elites were finally going somewhere that they were familiar with.

BOOM! There was a large boom that inflicted the ship on its side.

"By the Prophets!" the shipmaster hollered. An Elite stared out the side window.

"Arbiter..." it said.

"I really do not believe you wish to see what just attacked us," it said.

"What? It's not like any Brutes or Grunts have came from the grave of an over-exploded ring!" the Arbiter yelled.

"No. Worse than the two combined," the Elite finished. The Arbiter gasped slightly.

"That's not possible! The Flood have been killed!" he cried.

"Gravemind was annihilated upon the destruction of the second ring!" he added.

"Perhaps Gravemind has survived," the Elite said. The Arbiter got up and ran over to the window. Large, creepy creatures that looked like zombie-and-alien hybrids were clinging onto the ship.

"The Flood," he said.

"Hit the rockets! Ready the Fuel Rods! Do something!" the Arbiter yelled. The Flood were ready to bust the window open and kill the Elites. This would lead to more Flood, and more...and more...

This wasn't good. The Flood! How can you kill the Flood without a sacred ring to implode? It was almost utterly impossible. The Elites ran into the storage areas. Some picked up Needlers, some picked up Plasma Pistols, some picked up Plasma Rifles. The Arbiter and shipmaster both picked up their ship's only two Fuel Rod cannons. They were ready to protect themselves against the parasite that would sweep off their whole race. It was time. The Flood would finally die. The Elites watched the door as it shook slightly, and the door busted down. Many Flood ran into the chamber, and the Elites started firing except the Arbiter and the shipmaster. The Flood just wouldn't die for some odd reason! I mean, they were Flood, why weren't they exploding in a pool of guts? They smelled like Flood, they felt like Flood, they almost look like Flood. Wait. They almost look like Flood? Actually, this was truth. The Flood looked oddly different than normal, the Arbiter thought. What could be going on?

Two Elites died already, and were overtaken by the parasite. Now, they were one of them.

"We cannot hold off these...Flood much longer!" the Arbiter said. The shipmaster was stumped that the Flood wouldn't die as easily as before.

"I'm beginning to wonder..."

A big thump was heard, then about a hundred other thumps. Blackish-grey creatures that had their organs showing slightly, with silver, crablike claws, appeared. They looked somewhat similar to the Elites, but not exactly. A voice from around the corner could be heard.

"Extend your weapons!" it said. The creatures extended their claws and shot a yellow beam at the Flood. After a few shots, the Flood fell over and exploded.

"Slit their cores!" the voice yelled. It was a deep voice that occasionally made little screeches in its tone. The creatures ran over and pushed a Flood to the ground, ripping open their chests, and tearing the "cores."

"Throw your Pirate Pods!" the voice yelled, and this time, you could see a creature about 17'6" walking around the corner into the chamber. It had large claws that weren't crablike, more like a dragon's. The creature had the figure shape of a dragon as well, but it stood on two legs, occasionally hunching over. It had a long, somewhat thin neck, and two large batlike wings. The lobes of the wings were reddish. It had yellow eyes. Its tail was spiked, and its legs were like a dragon's as well as its arms. The Arbiter was shocked, so shocked he readied his Fuel Rod cannon. The other creatures threw a little pod that exploded and killed some Flood.

"Good. Now, I will handle the rest," the creature said. It extended its wings and flapped, and a ferocious wind nearly knocked the Arbiter off of his feet. The Flood didn't manage to stay up, though. The winged creature crushed a Flood with its claws, spun around, and its tail slit the Flood in half. It then spat a reddish goo that emitted a smell that was horrifyingly disgusting. The Flood that was a victim of the goo was gone with no trace of DNA left. Now, the Flood army was gone, and the creature walked up to the Arbiter. It held out a claw.

"Greetings, fellow alien. I am Ridley," the creature said. The Arbiter lowered his Fuel Rod, and, shakily, reached out to shake its claw.

"I am Frota Enera Kuta, but you can merely call me the Arbiter," the Arbiter said.There was a pause.

"How did you fend off the Flood parasite?" the Arbiter asked.

"Flood? What are the Flood? We just saved your behinds from a parasite known as the Taridians," Ridley said. The Arbiter felt weird. Who knew it was really the Taridians, and not the Flood?

"Space Pirates, formation X-3!" Ridley yelled. The crablike creatures, apparently called Space Pirates, huddled together to form a shape.

"Space Pirates? We just recently had a human in an orange suit attempt to slaughter us, calling us that name!" the Arbiter said. Ridley paused for a split second and gained angry.

"Have you had any intention to kill her?" Ridley asked, starting to sound angry.

"No, but we did scare her off," the Arbiter replied. Ridley shook his head.

"Let me check your weaponry," Ridley told the Arbiter. The Arbiter handed over his Fuel Rod cannon. Ridley popped open the circuitry.

"Don't do that! You'll force it to explode!" the Arbiter said, but was well ignored.

"I know what I am doing," Ridley retorted. The Arbiter sat still. Ridley started to fidget with the wiring and circuitry of the Elite's choice of weapon. He lifted out wires, squinted at them, shifted a few microchips around. Strangely, whenever an Elite did that, the cannon exploded. Ridley snapped everything back into place.

"Your weaponry is about...oh, two-hundred years old," Ridley said. The Arbiter was stumped.

"What?" he said.

"We Space Pirates used this weaponry about two-hundred years ago. Our weaponry is far more advanced than this," Ridley said. He looked over at a Cybernetic Space Pirate.

"Weavel, toss me a Battlehammer," Ridley said. The Space Pirate threw his gun to Ridley, and Ridley gripped it.

"Watch and learn," he said. He pointed the gun at an open area where pretty much no one visits. He pulled the trigger, and little green pellets fired in an arch formation in the area. When it hit the floor, the green pellets popped, leaving behind some radiation.

"We stole one nuclear missle from the humans and distributed them to our Battlehammers, currently used by our Cybernetic Space Pirates. Its range is small, because of the arch formation, but is deadly if you are not armored properly," Ridley explained. The Arbiter's pupils widened.

"But wait! There is more. We Space Pirates have harnessed a chemical known as phazon. Phazon is a new element that is reactive to all sentient organisms. The reaction varies depending on the species. Most species who inhale phazon either perish or mutate in a nasty way, and will never be normal again. Humans and Space Pirates are included in this majority. I, however, have a strange supernatural immunity that doesn't allow it to hurt me, and I can use it against my foes," Ridley explained. He spat on the ground, and more red goo dripped out.

"That is disgusting," the shipmaster said.

"The Taridians are a species that have a metabolism that does not allow any phazon to be touched or digested," Ridley said assuringly. He squinted and stared at the Arbiter.

"That is impressive," the Arbiter said. Ridley continued staring at him.

"What is it you want?" the Arbiter asked, freaked out at the pure yellow eyes just looking at him. The eyes turned red, and the Arbiter backed away. The eyes turned to yellow again, and he stared at a basic Space Pirate.

"I know why Samus Aran has attempted to kill you," Ridley said.

"Why?" the Arbiter asked. He was surprised Ridley knew her name as well.

"Your cellular structure," Ridley said. The Arbiter looked stumped.

"By your current look, you have not a clue what I have said," Ridley said as he leaned towards the Arbiter slightly.

"Samus Aran's helmet has the ability to allow the wearer to examine things, such as information on programs or organisms, cellular structure and DNA, etc.," Ridley said.

"By closely examining your cellular structure and comparing it with that of a Space Pirate's, I have noticed something disturbing. Your species' DNA is very similar to the Space Pirate's. She is targeting to kill Space Pirates, and she can examine the cellular structure of your species. Because yours is so close to my Pirates', she assumed you were one of us. So, she tried to kill you before you plotted something devious, such as, harness ultimate powers through deadly organisms or substances," Ridley explained.

"Which we did," he added. The Arbiter was confused for that long speech. He thought at first Ridley was a mindless monster, but after his speeches, the Arbiter thought quite the contrary.

There was a long pause.

"What about Phantoon?" the Arbiter asked. Ridley looked surprised.

"How did you know about Phantoon?" he asked.

"Samus asked me if I knew where Phantoon was. I hadn't a clue what she meant," the Arbiter said. Ridley stared at the Arbiter strangely.

"Phantoon is one of my Squadron Control Space Pirates. He levitates over the ground with tentacles, and his one eye is in his mouth," Ridley said.

"I wonder why Samus Aran wants Phantoon. I am the Space Pirate leader," Ridley said. The Arbiter stared off into space, thinking.

"I haven't a clue," he said.