Prologue: Introduction to the Marauder's Life

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"Can you pass me the ink bottle?" I nodded and handed Peter the black ink, after dipping my own quill in it. I sighed and flicked the prefect badge on my shirt absentmindedly. Yeah, I'm a prefect. Cool huh? Not that I'm so excited about it. It means so many more responsibilities to follow. The least thing I want is to turn into some sort of…nerd.

Right now, I am sitting in the Gryffindor common room with my fellow marauders and trying to finish a Potions essay that's due tomorrow. Why I am doing the essay at the last minute? Well, we marauders are well known for being fun and spontaneous. Other people like the teachers would put it in a different way, something like irresponsible and naughty. Tsk tsk. Irresponsible? Moi? Then why did Remus and I get the prefect badges, huh? But I admit that there was simply no way that neither Peter nor Sirius could've gotten it.

Sirius and I are like brothers. We've spent most of our years at Hogwarts serving detention or sneaking off into Hogsmeade with my invisibility cloak. He is considered the most handsome guy in all Hogwarts (Ew - obviously by the girls…) and has his own fan club. Although Sirius is not all that interested in girls, he's had one girlfriend or another when he was younger. But they seem to merely bore him. He isn't the type of guy to stick to someone and learn to like them more than as friends.

I glanced at Sirius. He was inflating his cheeks and poking them with the tip of his quill. I resisted the urge to snort. So immature… I rolled my eyes instead and looked at Remus. He was also staring at Sirius in disbelief. His essay, of course, was done. Overdone as a matter of fact. He had written about 10 more inches than we were supposed to.

What a nerd.

Remus is more quiet and reserved than the rest of the group. He gets straight A's in every class and is the teacher's pet. If he ever has a girlfriend, he commits to her and sticks with her until the end. It's a wonder he's only had one. And finally, Peter…he's a good guy. Although he is a bit of a wimp, and is only popular because he hangs out with us, he has a kind heart. The poor bloke has never had a girlfriend in his life (personally, I don't think he ever will). He also needs weekly tutoring with Lily Evans.

I am as popular as Sirius. As good looking and as talented. I could get the same amount of girlfriends that he could, even more - but I don't. I actually haven't gone out with anyone since 3rd year. Lily is the smartest witch in our grade, and is also the prettiest.

I sighed. It had started out as a crush in 3rd year, when we became friends because Remus was in her study group. And last year - 5th year, I completely blew my chances with her.

I slammed my head on the table…harder than I meant to, receiving a 'what in the name of Merlin's beard is wrong with you?' look from Sirius. Ha! Look who's talking. I rubbed my forehead and frowned. I hated thinking about my last year experiences with Lily. I really did. Last year, I made the mistake of asking her out. I was…you could call it mean to other people. Apparently, that pissed her off. And when I asked her to be my girlfriend, she slapped me and walked away. That was actually very rude of her. But it knocked some sense into me. And well…I kind of stopped being so immature and…mean. I don't bully innocent students for the fun of it anymore, not unless they really deserve it, like Snape for example.

Snape is an obnoxious Slytherin that is obsessed with the Dark Arts. He was (and still is) the Marauders' number one pranking victim. I don't do anything to him in front of Lily nowadays, because I have learned that they had been childhood friends. (Yes I know, can you believe it?) So she and I are friends again. We both dropped last name terms and she actually enjoys my company…at times. How? How did she go from hating me to enjoying my company? Well…it all started one late night early this year, when I was sneaking off to the school kitchens to get something to eat…

I rounded a corner, my invisibility cloak hanging over me. I had inherited it from my father, and he from his, and so on. My stomach grumbled. Geez, how impatient. I was going to the kitchens to get some food. I took a glance at my watch. 3:40 Am.

"Damn Wormtail and his stupid nightmares" I muttered to myself. I really hate those, and they happen very often…and then he'll wake up screaming and-yeah.

I stopped short. I had heard someone sob in a classroom. I frowned and put my ear close to the door of the classroom.


Yes, someone was definitely crying in there. I looked around, checking that no teachers were near and quietly opened the door, closing it behind me as soon as I entered. The classroom was dark; I could barely see the shadows of the desks. The crying stopped and I heard a gasp. Taking out my wand from my pocket, I whispered,

"Lumos Maxima". A bright white light shone through the room. I felt my stomach contract and twist as I recognized her. I placed my wand on one of the desks and walked slowly to the figure crouching on one of the corners. My throat had gone dry, but I slid down the wall to come sit beside her.

"Lily…" I whispered finally. Her eyes were red and blotchy and had lost their usual spark. She looked at me like she had never done before. It was an empty look, with no emotion…not even annoyance. I wanted to do something, desperately. I put my arm indecisively around her shoulders. She didn't flinch; a good sign. Instead, her eyes began to water again. I leaned into her a little bit and she buried her face in my chest. Once again, butterflies did loops inside my stomach. I wanted to hold her close and whisper to her that everything was going to be OK. And I don't know why…but I started to sing…

"You're not alone, together we stand

I'll be by our side you know I'll take your hand" Lily sniffed and stopped crying. I rubbed my hand along her back.

"When it gests cold, and it feels like the end

There's no place to go, you know I won't give in

Keep holding on, cuz I know you'll make it through

Just stay strong, cuz you know I'm here for you

There's nothing you can say, nothing you can do

There's no other way when it comes to the truth

Keep holding on, cuz I know you'll make it through"

I faded away as she lifted her face to look at me. I smiled reassuringly and kissed her forehead. I didn't know why she was crying. But I didn't need to know. All that mattered was that she was hurt; nothing else had to be said. Lily closed her eyes and laid her head on my shoulder.

"My parents were murdered…" she whispered in a small voice. I clenched my jaw, feeling hatred towards Voldemort like I never had before. Many students had been getting the dreaded black letter these days. The Dark Lord Voldemort was at large. I hugged Lily closer.

"I'm here for you whatever happens…" I told her, meaning it with every inch of my body. She sat up again and I let my arm drop slowly off her shoulders. She hugged her knees to her chest and smiled at me. I realized she hadn't really smiled at me in a long time, and I liked it. Her face seemed to glow when she did. I smiled back.

"You've changed, James," she said quietly. I almost gasped in surprise. She had called me James. She never did. I swallowed nervously.

"I've tried…" I responded, drawing a circle on the floor with my finger, the light from my wand casting shadows in every corner of the classroom. I heard a small sigh and I looked at Lily.

"Do you…do you think maybe we could try to be friends?" she asked, looking at her hands. I could've done the conga right there. I felt my eyes widen and my mouth drop slightly.

"Wh-yeah! Of course!" I said in a squeaky voice. I cleared my throat. "I mean, yeah. That would be nice" Lily chuckled softly and took my hand.

"Thank you" I looked into her eyes again, they had regained their shimmer.

"For what?" I asked her, mostly to hear it come from her than because I didn't know.

"For everything you're doing for me…"

She leaned into me again and her eyes fell closed. I put my arm around her and took my wand from the table, conjuring a blanket that I draped around her small form. Slowly, as the moonlight shined through the closed window, almost looking out for us, Lily and I fell asleep. And we became friends.

"Prongs! Are you deaf or something?" I looked up, surprised, and felt something floppy hit my face.

"Oomph!" I glared at Sirius and threw the velvet cushion back at him. He laughed and dropped it at his side.

"Did you finish?" he asked. Oh, right! The potions essay! Darn it. I shook my head and sighed. I could always copy Remus'… I turned to look at him and opened my mouth to speak-

"No." he stated. I glared at him and crossed my arms. Fine then, if he wants to be that way.

"You want to get something to snack on?" Sirius asked me again. I looked at his essay. It was blank except for the title and his name on the top. How responsible. I looked at my own. Three more inches to go. I guess I could take a break.

"Sure let's go," We both stood up, Remus looked at us in exasperation. Peter was scribbling furiously on his essay, sweat trickling from his forehead. Seriously, Wormy, it's not that hard.

"James, you're almost done! Finish first and then go to the kitchens," Moony called after us. Sirius ignored him and left the common room. I looked back.

"Sorry Moon-man. I'll finish it later!" I replied, as the portrait swung in front of me to reveal the exit. I heard him sigh and exclaim in a tone of annoyance, "Moon-man? Prongs what the-?"

I smirked to myself and the common room voices faded away as I walked away from it. Get food or finish homework?

I'm hungry. I'm a marauder. Do the math.


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