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Who can say if I've been changed for the better?

I do believe I have been changed for the better

And – because I knew you

Because I knew you

Because I knew you

I have been changed for good…

The song lingered in the air, and my eyes filled with tears as my throat closed up. I gazed at the best friend I'd ever had, trying to drink in all the details I would most likely never see again. Elphaba had pretty eyes, green with flecks of brown in them. I'd never noticed – I'd never really looked at Elphaba before, because I'd always thought I would see her again. But now that I noticed, those eyes were mesmerizing in their intensity. I felt exposed, as if my friend could see right through me. Well, I'd always felt that way with Elphaba, really. She wasn't the type of girl to believe in facades or to be fooled by them.

I couldn't, and didn't dare, look away. It would break the spell, this one moment in time, the last we would have together. I wanted to remember it always. Suddenly I decided I didn't care if Elphaba could see through me. Let her. It was true that Elphaba was a much better person than I, but if anyone wouldn't judge me, it would be her.

For an instant, I felt an overwhelming surge of affection well up inside of me, mixed with regret. There was so much I wanted to say, but no time left in which to say it. Tears fought to escape my tear ducts, but I held them back. I wanted to show Elphie I would be all right.

Elphaba's face opened for just a moment, and I could see that she, too, harbored regrets and guilt. Despite the fact that we had forgiven each other just minutes ago, we couldn't yet forgive ourselves.

Without thinking, I stepped forward and hugged my friend tightly. I felt her stiffen, then relax. It was only the second time we'd ever hugged in our friendship. The first had been when Elphaba was to leave for the Emerald City to meet the Wizard. It seemed so long ago now, but the parallels were undeniable. Both times had been when we were parting from each other's company. Only this time, I would not be able to follow her. She wouldn't let me. I wondered if Elphaba was thinking of that time, too, because a choked sort of noise escaped her.

"Elphaba…" I began, stepping back. I wanted to comfort her, but I couldn't think of the right words to use, and her face had closed up again anyways.

She turned from me, gazing at the door, and opened her mouth as if to say something. Before she uttered a syllable, however, the sound of marching boots and shouting became audible from down the hill.

Elphaba turned towards me quickly, her eyes wide. A thrill of terror ran through me from head to foot as I realized that the time had come.

"Quick!" Elphaba exclaimed, and her voice was strangled with – was it fear? – and a strange sort of fevered excitement, "You must hide! No one can know you were here! Hide yourself!"

"But-" I began, but Elphaba seized my arm and pushed me roughly into the next room, shutting the door.

"Remember, you promised," she whispered as I was left in darkness.

I had never been so frightened in my life. My heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute as I leaned against the door, pulling on the handle with one hand so that it could not fall open on accident. My fingers trembled – my whole body shook.

I heard nothing on the other side of the door, nothing but the mob approaching outside the castle. Then, just when I thought I couldn't stand it any longer, there was a tremendous crash as the front door was broken down and the Witch hunters entered, terrible in their misguided rage.

Suddenly, I wanted out. I couldn't just hide here and let Elphaba suffer. Whatever they had planned for her, it would be awful. I jiggled the door handle, only to discover that the door was locked. Elphaba had known I would try to help her after all, and she'd locked me in. Desperately, I tapped the lock with my wand. As predicted, nothing happened.

"Oh, what use are you, you stupid thing?" I angrily flung the wand to the ground, hardly caring whether it broke or not.

Just then, there was a sound that made my hair stand on end. It was an unearthly scream, uttered by some creature in unimaginable pain. It had to be Elphaba. Even though I'd never heard her scream, I knew it was her.

Shaking so violently my tiara slipped lopsided on my head, I fell back against the door, wanting to cover my ears but knowing that would not help muffle the noise. It rang inside my head, a drawn-out shriek, torturing me. It was only gradually that I realized the scream was fading…it was gone.

There were cheers from the mob, and fury burned inside me at them, at those who had the nerve to hurt a woman with ten times their guts. They were all cowards, every one of them. None would have dared face her alone; it was only as a group that they could attack her.

There were many confused footsteps; the farmgirl, Dory, or whatever her name had been, said something about a broomstick. I hated her at that moment, though she was nothing but an innocent child caught up in this by accident. She wore Nessarose's shoes, and she had no right to them. Then the sounds slowly faded away; they had gone.

I reached down for my wand, discovering it to still be in one piece. I had not broken it. I tapped the handle of the door, knowing beforehand that it would work this time. It did, and the door slowly opened.

Tentatively, not sure if I wanted to see, I crept into the next room and stopped short. Elphaba's cloak was lying messily on the ground. Her hat sat neatly on top of it. The pile of clothes was steaming slightly, which puzzled me until I saw the empty bucket lying on the ground nearby, a small puddle of water spilled out of it.

Oh Oz.

I hear her soul is so unclean, pure water can melt her!

"Elphie?" I asked softly. I went over and crouched down, setting my wand beside me, "Elphie?" I picked up the hat, the hat I had given her as a cruel joke, and held it to my heart, whimpering softly.

My heart felt ruined, torn in two. How could she be gone? She couldn't be, she would pop out any moment and laugh at this nasty trick she was playing on me. The idea of Elphaba actually dead made my self-control crack, and I let myself cry for my dead friend.

There was a rustling beside me as Elphaba's head Monkey, Chistery, approached. He reached down among the folds of the cloak and retrieved something I hadn't noticed.

"Miss – Miss Glinda?" he said quietly, passing me the object. It turned out to be Elphaba's bottle of green elixir, the very same one I had seen her with back at Shiz.

Despite my grief, something clicked. I'd seen a bottle like this one before, but it hadn't been with Elphaba. I had been in the company of someone else, and I had been devastated…

The Wizard. The Wizard offered me a sip from his own bottle of elixir after Fiyero left me for Elphaba.

Shocked, I stood, clutching the hat in one hand and the elixir in the other. A feeling of resolve dominated my other feelings, at least for the moment. I had to go to the Emerald City.


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