A/N: Did anyone see the 'Halloween on Ice' with the scarecrow? Much shorter chapter than last. Changed title and description because...well...I can. Will try to stay on track.

The slow creaking and cracking of the large metal Ferris wheel was the only thing she could hear as they both silently rode the rest of the way down. Nervousness and anxiety filled them both as they looked down below them. Dorothy's Uncle Henry, Auntie Em, Hickory, and Zeke all looked up at them, disappointment and anger in their eyes.

Dorothy tried not to look or worry for the few seconds she had left, but she wasn't doing a very good job at that. A nice, simple day at the fair had been ruin by her and Hunk's ridiculous kiss. But it didn't feel ridiculous. It had felt right, as if she had found that missing piece of her.

Unfortunately, no one else agreed with them. As soon as the two hesitantly jumped off the seat of the ride, hell was to be paid. Auntie Em grabbed Dorothy's hand and dragged her away from the men and towards the car. She looked back to see her Uncle Henry pulling Hunk away by the ear, yelling all sorts of cuss words and accusations of evilness and sin at him. Hunk gave her an 'I'll be alright' look and nodded at her through his pain.

Dorothy blamed herself entirely, letting Auntie Em scream at her as they both sat in the large rusty truck. Her aunt's lips were thin and her eyes were ablaze as she yelled at her niece.

"Don't you understand, child?!?" Auntie Em screamed. "What a terrible, horrible, disgusting thing you have done!"

"But it wasn't terrible or horrible or disgusting, Auntie Em." Dorothy quickly piped up. "It was beautiful, wonderful…even magical!"

"No it wasn't." Auntie Em said. "Now, I want you to promise me you'll never do what you did with Hunk, or anybody else for that matter, again. You hear me? Promise me, Dorothy!"

"But Auntie Em…" Dorothy tried to make reason.

"Promise me!" Auntie Em bellowed.

She turned away, ashamed of her quick flowing tears. Knowing that her aunt wanted nothing but the best for her, yet she didn't see any right to it.

"Dorothy!" Auntie Em said again.

"I promise." She sorrowfully replied.

The time went by so slowly as the two waited for the men to come back. Her aunt kept talking just to hear herself speak; something about the sin of the devil is the lust of the young. The fair lights slowly dulled and the rusicks died down. Finally, in the distance, four figures came into view.

"Time to go home, Em." Uncle Henry sighed as he sat down in the driver's seat.

Dorothy didn't even bother to look behind her, for she knew that she would just be yelled at. She didn't enjoy the childish nature of the road bumps, she didn't enjoy any of the adult talk her uncle and aunt was participating in. She had never felt so alone.

Dorothy's springy bed was the next destination. Still with a wandering mind and a sunken heart, she tried to sleep. But her aunt's disappointment and a permanent reminder of Hunk's kiss, she doubted she could.

Another soft, lasting memory landed in her thoughts. For her last birthday, Hunk had sacrificed a month's pay to buy her a music box. But not just any old music box. This one was a beautiful silver color, and when you opened it, a glow of ruby red shone from it, and a little dancing fairy danced in front of a shiny mirror. After she had received the glorious gift, she absent mindlessly threw her arms around him and gave him a huge squeeze. Sure, she had hugged Hunk a dozen and two times, but this time it was awkward. Almost as if she was hugging a stranger.

"Psst!" a voice sounded from outside, followed by a knocking at her window.

She quickly sat up and took a peek at her window. A long finger was pointing downwards, motioning her to open the window. Slipping on her worn slippers and a faded checkered robe, she opened the locked window. Crouching down on the balls of his feet, Hunk helped her out of the window. It seemed like it had been years since she had last seen him.

"Hello, Hunk…" Dorothy shyly said.

"I don't have a lot of time to talk." Hunk whispered. "I told Hick that I had to go to the out house, so he expects me back soon. They are watching me like a hawk on a dead rabbit."

She smiled at him. He was always so sweet and funny. And to put his life and bond with the other farmhands on the line just to talk to her…!

"I just had to tell you I didn't mean to get you in all this trouble." Hunk mumbled, looking at his feet. "I just couldn't help myself…please don't think…"

"No, it was really sweet…" Dorothy mumbled back. "I didn't mind at all."

Dorothy wanted to kiss him again, but couldn't pull herself to do it. There was no way she would risk getting caught and lose any more hope that he would get kicked off the farm forever. She could wait, for now, she would just dream.