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The Life and Times of Wuncler High

Chapter 1: Welcome Back…

Huey's Narration

It's a beautiful morning, the birds are chirping, the sun is painting my room gold and it's my last first day of high school. Sounds like the ideal life for a seventeen year old senior, right? Well that this into consideration…your grandfather has only six months to live, your 15 year old brother is well on his way to becoming a street thug, and you go to one of the worst corrupt high schools in the nation. Now tell me is that the life to live?

Huey sighed as he took a long sip of his green tea. Riley then walked into the kitchen. Huey shook his head in shame by his brother's appearance.

"What you lookin' at, nigga?" Riley said brushing off his 3XL crisp white tee off.

"I'm lookin' at a dumbass now let's get in the car!" Huey grabbed his book bag from off the marble counter.

"Whatever, nigga!" Riley growled as he grabbed his book bag and followed. "Oh snap! I can't wait to get back to Wuncler High!"

"Why? So you can cheat your way through your sophomore year like you did your freshman year?"

"Ha! Nah man…I get to see my hoes!"

Huey sighed as he opened the driver's door of his black 1994 Nissan Sentra. "One more year and I'm out of this hellhole." Huey said as he started the car. The engine roared as it came to life.

"Yo Huey, check out my new CD!" Riley then put in the new 50 Cent album: Curtis

"Respect come from admiration or fear, You can admire me or you can catch one in your wig, You see the Testarossa, the toasters right on my lap, So If a nigga get outta line, a nigga get clapped" Riley sang along with 50 Cent.

"What the hell…is this??" Huey instantly ejected the CD and threw it outside the car window.

"Aye man! Fiddy is da troof son!"

"Yea the truth of ignorance, now let's put some real music in." Huey then put in one of MF DOOM's, the metal face super villain's, most infamous CD, Madvillainy.

"They praise four times a day, they pray five, whose ways are strange when it's time to survive?" MF DOOM's monotone voice boomed across the speakers.

"Aw man this shit is wack, makes a nigga wanna sleep!" Riley folded his arms and pouted. Huey started nodding his head to the beat.

'Good, putting music with actual wordplay shuts him up.' Huey thought to himself. The rest of the car ride to Wuncler High was silent between the Freeman brothers.

At Ed Wuncler Memorial High School…

They finally arrived to their destination. It was definitely hard to consider this a high school, it looked more like a business building. The skeleton and frame of the building was made of pure steel and glass. Huey and Riley walk into the school, welcomed by loud-chattering teenagers. 1,501 to be exact.

"Damn look at all the freshmeat!" Riley said while cracking his knuckles and checking out some new targets to bully.

"Hey Huey! Hey Riley!" a familiar voice yelled to the brothers. It was the voice of Jazmine DuBois. Her style hasn't really changed since she was ten. She still loves everything that is pink and brings happiness and joy to the world. However the young mulatto did mature a lot, physically. She was now equipped with dangerous curves that would make any straight guy's mouth water.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaamn! Wuts good Jazzy?" Riley smiled while licking his lips.

"Hey…" she then focused on Huey. "What's up Huey?"

"Nothing at all, just counting down these last 180 days of coming here."

"I kinda hear ya on that one, but I'm gonna miss yo-, I mean here." she quickly blushed.

"And what's so great about The Boondocks?" he arched an eyebrow.

"Everything! It's peaceful, calm and it's just the ideal place for…"

"Rich white people, well I'm going to class." Huey walked off, leaving Riley and Jazmine behind.

"So Jazzy, how about you come over to da crib after school?" Riley put his arm around Jazmine's small waist.

"Uh…I've got some work to do." Jazmine lied.

"Nigga it's the first damn day of school!"

"But I'm a senior! I'm bound to get some homework!" she was then interrupted/saved by the 5 minute warning bell.

"Oh snap! Time to go to class, I can't be late neither or the coach will have my ass!" Riley yelled as he checked his schedule. "Hmm…I got African-American History, whatchu got?"

"The same class." she semi-smiled. Lucky for her Riley was too dumb to realize she was wearing the fakest smile. All 32 teeth were showing.

"Word, well let's go!" Riley grabbed her hand and lead them to their destination.

What does the African-American History class have instore for the pink-lovin' mulatto and Timid Deer Lane's #1 thug? Find out in Chapter 2: Fight The Power!

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