Ok well first it was 51 ways to annoy Kai but i have finally gotten another one up and its 51 ways to annoy Tyson, now i must admit Kai was quite alot easier to do then Tyson as pretty much everything annoys Kai (shrugs) anyway

Disclaimer: I do not own beyblade or any of its characters i just like to bend and twist them all to my will.

Warning: Possibility of misspelled words i apologise in advance for that.

Dedicated: This is dedicated to my mate Kirsty who took me out clubbing and made me laugh on the 30 minute drive into H-Town with all our talk of Beyblade and Yu-Gi-Oh and back in the days.

So read and laugh and enjoy.

1. Tell him theres no more food left in the house.

2. Announce youre putting him on a diet.

3. Threaten to flush Dragoon down the toilet if he doesn't go on said diet.

4. Lock him in a room with Hilary.

5. Lock him in a room with Daichi.

6. Tell him Kai is a far better blader.

7. Let him know you think Kai deserves to be world champ.

8. Tell him a monkey can blade better than him.

9. Force feed him fruit and vegetables.

10. Make him eat Hilarys cooking.

11. Pay Grandpa to chase him around with a kendo stick all day.

12. Tell him he smells...Bad

13. Ask him sweatly when he first realised he was in love with Hilary

14. Ask him when he and Hilarys baby will be born and if you can be godmother/father.

15. Make him do homework all day.

16. Pretend that you accidently flushed Dragoon down the toilet.

17. Ask him really nicely when he first realise he was gay.

18. And in love with kai.

19. And his brother. Hiro

20. Make him run for his dinner.

21. Then give him a piece of bread and lettuce.

22. Question everything he does.

23. Repeat the last word of every sentacne he says.

24. Everytime he speaks turn away and chuckle away to yourself.

25. Everytime you see him wakc him on the head and pretend it wasnt you.

26. Everytime he walks somewhere ask him where he's going.

27. Then ask why.

28. Make him read the dictionary.

29. Take him on the longest hardest trek up a mountain by telling him theres an all you can eat at the top.

30. When you get there laugh then tell him you forgot, you only saw it in a dream.

31. Tell him you think him and Kai make a cute couple.

32. Tell everyone Tysons a cross dresser.

33. Con him into wearing a dress then take pictures and post them everywhere.

34. While he's sleeping draw rude pictures on his face with permanent marker.

35. Tell him you know the funniest joke, then walk away laughing without sharing.

36. Tell him everyone abandoned him...Again.

37. But let him know Daichi is there forever and ever and ever and ever.

38. Replace all his clothes with Hilarys

39. Hide all the food from him except the healthy stuff and hilarys cooking.

40. Tell him some Beyblade magazine called and wanted an exclusive on him but you turned them away.

41. Let him know that he has no fangirls, there all after Kai instead.

42. Then tell him its because Kai's better looking.

43. Then remind him its also because Kai's a better blader.

44. Tell him Hilary can blade better then him.

45. Tailor his jacket to say NO. 1 Kai fan.

46. Decorate his clothes with pink frill lace.

47. Tell him they replaced him as world champion because he was too tacky.

48. Let him know that summer vacation was cancelled this year and he will have to attend school everyday.

49. From 7am to 5pm.

50. Handcuff him to Hilary

51. Handcuff him to Grandpa.

Teehee Hee ok so there they are...Now let me just tell you i wrote this at like 1 in the morning cos i couldnt sleep and i just needed to write something and nothing came to mind and then i started this and well yea.

Hope you enjoyed it. And maybe one day in the near future i may get around to doing other characters.