A Megatokyo fanfiction

I don't own blah blah blah Megatokyo but if I did blah blah blah

I just felt like writing this after reading the first four books. It's Piro's P.O.V

I never thought something would happen between Hayasaka-san and Largo. I don't want to mess around between them but it's awkward to be in there presence. It's not like they have problems with PDA or anything. It's just knowing, it's just weird.

I never thought that Ping would…..I never thought Ping actually had real feelings. She scares me now. Somewhat, I suppose. Though since she brought that freaky goth gamer chick, Miho, into our lives I suppose I should just boot her out of the apartment. Who would do that to Ping though?

I never thought Kimiko-san would actually like someone like me. I never knew that was even possible. I never thought about any of this really. It just sort of happened. Like coming to Japan. It seems that everything that is happening in my life is doing just that happening. Without even a warning.

I need Seraphim. And an Advil.