Chapter I: Is It You...?

It has been five years since Serenity had her eyes operated; now her eyes are beginning to fade. If she doesn't get her another eye operation, she will become blind. The doctor said that she would only have three months before she'll become blind permanently. Five years ago, she left, and now she returned. Everything had changed, the buildings, streets, schools, people, even her old friends. What happens to them? That will be answered inside of this story.

A/n: This story will begin at the Domino's Hospital. Well, enjoy!

"I'm sorry, it's late...we can't regain them..." said a voice.

That voice was the most things I was afraid of, and the words. Those words...I didn't want to heard them...not now.

"Poor child... her eyes were such a beauty too." whispers voices that were around me.


I could feel my face with anger and frustration.

"Don't..." I began to say to them, the nurses, "...pity me." as I stared at them with cold eyes. I see the nurses give some sort of nod and I left. Walking to the hallway of the Domino's Hospital, I was in my clothes. A long sweater with a hoodie, pants, and a pair of sneakers. As I walk by, I could see children coming out of the gift shop that was a few feet away. A smile crept from my lips. I kept walking until I saw someone. A raven hair, with violet eyes, in a suit.

"Mokuba...?" I whisper staring at the young teen in a suit, I could feel my body stiff for a moment; his head turn to my direction. His eyes widen towards me, and so did mine.

Mokuba's POV:

I sighed, as I walk inside of the Domino's Hospital. I was in a suit, with short, spiky hair. I walked around, mindlessly, making time pasts by, everyone was busy, and they are always busy. Yugi, Joey, Tea, Mai, Tristan, Devin, Bakura, and even Seto. All of them were always busy, all expect one person... her.

She always had time for me, even if she was busy with her own work, she had time for me and Seto... I let out a small chuckle as I remember that distant memory of her, me and Seto...



"Mokuba! Where are you?" called out that mother like female voice.

"Here!" I called out to her, from the "Game Room". She walk in with bags in her arms, I pause my game for a second to stare at her, getting up from the floor, walking towards her, "That's a lot of stuff," I said, helping her by grabbing the bags out of her hands.

"Of course it is! What do you think?! A party?!" she asks me, with one hand on her hips, her amber hair flair a little, "Ya, sort of..."

She sighs and stared at me, "I can't believe you forgot about it..."

I raise one of my eyebrow slightly up, "Forgot? Forgot about what?"

"Mokuba, what is today?"

I counted my fingers to get the date of today, my eyes widen at the realization, "OH!"


She let out a small giggle, I stared at her, "So what?"

"So...that isn't healthy to forget your own birthday, Mokie."

"Don't call me "Mokie"!!" I said, staring at her.


"It sounds like a child!"

"Fine...," she sighs and smile, "I call you Moku then."

"Fine!" I said, walking back to my game.


"Okay..." she said, with a little hint of sadness, I halted, and turned around. To stare at her, her eyes, it was full of sadness. Hurt? I couldn't tell the differences it was as if she had both of them in her, as if something else was wrong.

"Ren?" called out a worried voice, her eyes turn from that expression to almost happiness, and "In here" she called back.

She didn't noticed me stared at her, she walk to him, he came to greet with a hug, when they pull apart. They spoke for a while, I couldn't hear them, but I stared at them, watching them. Then I saw her pulling away from Seto, turning the other way, Seto was walking towards her, she step aside turning towards me, I stared at her, her eyes, turned to hate? Anger? Upset?

Seto was trying to grab her wrist however didn't succeed. She whisks her hand away and stared at me, her eyes widen a little, I quickly turn the other way. Then I heard a shout, jerking my head to where the voice was coming from.

"WHAT?!" shouted the voice, it was Seto, staring at her.

"You don't have to shout!" she replied, staring back at him.

"What's going on?" I ask, walking towards them.

"It's nothing, Moku, Seto won't be joining us tonight."

"Oh, okay." was the only words that was able to come out of my mouth, I stared at Seto who was staring at her. My eyes advert to her. Her face tightens, her teeth clenching together.

"I'm leaving." was the words that came out of her mouth, Seto and I was alert and alarm, and at the same time we spoke, "WHAT?!"

"Why?" Seto asks, wondering, his hand was reaching to her shoulders but she moves to her left.

"That..." She began to say, "...I can't tell you..." and left.

End of Flashback


That was the last time Seto, I and everyone else saw her, was at my birthday party, with a fake smile on her face and the next day, she was gone. No one knew where she went, not even her own mother and brother, all they know was that she left each of us was a letter. Quickly five years had passed so fast, Seto buried himself in his work, and everyone else was going to their own way. We met occasionally, but not long enough, since she left.

I gave a small sad smile, then I thought I heard her calling me, for the first time in the last five years, my eyes turn to that voice, my eyes widen, so did hers. For the first time in a long time, I was happy...