Chapter 6: Promise Me...

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"What's going on?!" shout Tea and Mai, both dashing in Serenity's room with their two children gripping onto their mother. The two halted as they saw Serenity, gripping, and shaking for unknown reason. The men halted too as they enter inside the room, Tea and Mai both move towards the chair that was at the end of the wall where they were. When Seto came in, his whole body was stiff and his blood ran cold. It was her, for the last five years, she was there in front of him.

"Seto!" Mokuba called him, rushing to him, and Seto snap out of it and looked at his little brother, who was worried. "Why are you here?!"

"I got in touch of who you were calling and I found out that you were calling th--" Seto start to say but got cut off.

"Ahhh! Stop!!" Serenity screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably, she was gripping hard on Joey's hand, which was grunting but didn't protest. While the two kids, was trying to talk their mother out of it.

"Okaa-san?!" shout Kaz, who was gripping her mother's other hand, while Hiro was trying to stay calm by holding his sister hand, and also hold his mother's hand at the same time.

"I... I'm sorry..." Serenity said, as she open her eyes, staring at Kaz and Hiro. She breathe, shallowly.

"AH!" she said as she felt another sharp pain, she lean back on the bed, "Jo... Joey..."

"I'm here! So is everyone!!" Joey said desperately, gripping hard onto Serenity.

"I'm sorry... I didn't..."

"Don't talk! You need your rest!" said Mokuba, rushing towards Serenity.

"Moku... I'm so sorry... I didn't want..."

"Okaa-san!" called Hiro. Who was trembling, Serenity turn her head from Mokuba to Hiro, silence came from the group.

"Hey..." Serenity said trying to smile, "...what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Don't talk, please!! You have to rest!! I can take care of Kaz, please just... just..." Hiro started to say, but he choke.

"You know... you look a lot like him..."

"Who?" ask Kaz, wiping her tears away from her eyes.

"Your... your father..."

"Who is he?!"

"Kaz, Hiro stay with your uncle, okay..."


"The man beside me... stay with him for a while okay... Promise me?" Serenity said as she took out her hand and took out her pinky, Kaz and Hiro nods their head and also took out their pinky and wrap it around hers.

Chapter 7: The Secrets?

"The man beside me... stay with him for a while okay... Promise me?" Serenity said as she took out her hand and took out her pinky, Kaz and Hiro nods their head and also took out their pinky and wrap it around hers.

"That's my kids... be good to each other... Mommy needs to rest," and with that Serenity slowly close her eyes and her hands slowly drop. Dr. Yusho rush towards Serenity and check her pulse, he sigh in relief.

"She's asleep."

Everyone in the room sighs in relief.

"For now, it's best that she's rest." sighed Dr. Yusho, leaving Serenity's room.

"I'm sorry..." came a soft whisper, a tear came from her eyes. Joey look over at Serenity, he took his hand and wipe the stray tear away from her face.

"Y'know..." said a male voice, "Okaa-san... she been doing that since I can remember..."

"What do you mean Hiro?" ask Yugi.

"Ever since the two of us were young enough to remember, as a baby. Okaa-san was crying and saying sorry repeatedly, we didn't know what she was talking to..." said Kaz.

"That's when we went through Okka-san's things."

"What...?" Duke and Tristan trying not to laugh.

"That's not funny!" said Kaz, staring at Tristan and Duke.

"Okay. What happen?" ask Mokuba, grabbing a seat, while the others did two. Seto stood still listening to the kids, very carefully. Kaz and Hiro both sighs and climb up to their mother's bed. Kaz, on the right with the help of Joey and Hiro on her left with no help at all.

"Mommy never told us about anyone." said Kaz once she and Hiro was seated, "that when we went through Okaa-san's things, that when we found a picture," taking out a old photo of everyone in the room, it was at a birthday party.

"That's my birthday party!" Mokuba announce.

"That's what we thought too." said Hiro, "Kaz, read the back for them."

Kaz turns the picture from the front to back and read: "Mokuba's 13th birthday. Last day with everyone. Must not tell anyone about them and it. Keep as a treasure"

"So 'them' is you two, right?" ask Bakura, the twins nods their heads.

"But, what about 'it'?" ask Tristan.

"Okka-san's eyes." Hiro said quietly, his eyes hard staring at his mother, who was breathing peacefully.

"What about her eyes, sugar?" ask Mai.

"She didn't tell us, she said it was nothing, that why she was happy. But I didn't believe her. I knew she was faking it, but most of the time she was happy."

"Then why did she leave?" Seto said aloud.

"Heh," said Kaz and Hiro at the same time, staring at Seto with cold eyes, sending shivers down everyone's spine. "...that's what we ask her and she said, "I didn't want anyone else to know." But we both know she was hiding something else."

"What was it?" ask Joey.

"She didn't tell us, but we know that one day, she will tell us."

"It's getting late," said Tea, standing up, with Yugi taking a sleeping Souta from her.

"You're right." said Duke yawning.

"Let's go." Mai said, also yawning with Iruka sleeping.

"You go ahead." Joey said, standing up, stretching and giving the guys a handshake. And with that, Tea, Yugi, Souta, Bakura, Tristan and Duke left.

"Are you sure?" Mai ask, wanting to make sure.

"Yeah, I'm not leaving her side."

"No," said Hiro, who was standing next to Joey. " should go."

"No, I'm not leaving!"

"Joey..." call out a voice, the four turn their head from Hiro to Kaz, whose eyes were darken and half-close. "Please...go, spend time with them, you and the others can come and visit me tomorrow. Okay?"

"Is that you? Serenity?"

"Yes, it's me, please, you need rest."

"How… how can you hear me?" Joey asks, staring at a sleeping Serenity and a half-daze Kaz.

"That I can explain later, but for now go. Leave the two here."

"Fine," Joey said, sighing and pat Hiro on the head, "see ya kids, take care of your mother will ya?"

The twins nods their head as Joey and his family left. When they left, Kaz fell foreword.

"Kaz!" Hiro shout, just in time to reach for his sister, who was about to hit the ground.

"Is she alright?" ask Mokuba who walk over to Hiro and Kaz, Hiro nods his head and carries his sister in a bridal style. Placing her next to his mother.

"Where's my cards?" Hiro said, now wondering if his mother got his cards back.

"Here." Mokuba said, handing him is cards. Seto stared at the child, wondering about the child. The two of them, why do they look so familiar.

"Hiro?" Kaz said, slowly rose from the bed, Hiro left his cards next to the lamp and walk towards to her.

"Okaa-san said to give you and me this," Kaz said, shuffling to Serenity's neck and unchain two necklace, that was a shape of a dueling cards and handed one to Hiro and one for herself.

"What is it?" Hiro asks, staring at the Dueling card necklace that was handed to him, and stare back at Kaz's.

"Open it," Kaz said as she open hers with small click from the Dueling necklace, Hiro moves his fingers to the opening of the Dueling cards and inside he let out a small gasp.

"No! How..." Hiro started to say, but Kaz stop him.

"Mommy has a special friend that gave her that card, and look at mine." Kaz said, showing him her card that was inside it was the legendary card of Sliver Akira with her friend the Sliver Wolf.

"Wow," said Mokuba and Hiro at the same time, staring at the shiny card.

"What yours?" Kaz asks, closing her necklace, and re-chain it to her neck.

"I can't believe it, it was the card that I always wanted, look!" Hiro said, who couldn't keep his excitement any longer, he show his card to his sister, and she was shock as too.

"Wow! I can't believe Okka-san has something this strong,"

"Yah, I know... I wonder how she could get this?"

"What is it?" ask Mokuba who was leaning over at the kids, his eyes widen at the card that was in Hiro's hand, "No way..."

Hiro look at Mokuba who was shock, "What? Do you know what this card is?"

"Yeah, I do, more than you. Hey... Seto come here,"

"Why?" Seto ask, wondering what could be so interesting over there, "Just come!"

"Fine." was Seto answer as he sighs and walks over, his eyes also widen as at the card in Hiro's hand.

"Where did you get that?" Seto ask, staring at the card. It was his legendary Blue Eyes Sliver Dragon.

"Why are you asking me, I just got it!" Hiro said, snapping the cover of the dueling case shut and hang it around his neck.

"That's not nice Hiro." call out a warm voice, turning heads to where the voice was coming from.

"Okaa-san!" Kaz shout in glee as she plant herself on Serenity's chest, hugging her.

"Hey," Serenity said, laughing, " you're blocking my air."

"Oh, sorry!" Kaz said as she remove herself from Serenity and she climb down from the hospital bed.

"How are you feeling?" Mokuba asks, giving Serenity a soft smile.

"A little tired that's all, did you like the presents?"

"Yep!" reply the twins.

"I'm sorry, we couldn't celebrate it." Serenity said in a sad voice.

"Don't worry about it," Hiro said as he reach for his mother arm and gave it a light squeeze, "...I'm glad that you're alright, that's what matters right now, we can celebrate it another day."

"I'm glad." Serenity said, as she pulls herself up into a sitting position.

"Say... Serenity can you answer a few questions for me?" Mokuba ask, hoping she'll answer.

"Sure, Mokuba. I don't mind."

"Answers ours first!" call the twins, staring at their mother.

" 'Ren?" called out a whispering voice, Serenity turns her head to where the voice was coming from.

"Hey, it's been a long time, hasn't it? Mr. Kiba?" Serenity said, as she gave Seto a business smile.

The words that she had said cut though him as ice. Seto stood still gathering the words that she had just said to him.

"Don't you know who I am?" Seto ask as one of his hand was clenching tightly.

"Of course I do, Kaz, Hiro. Say hello to the President of the Dueling Cards." Serenity said, as she looks at Hiro and Kaz. The two look at their mother and back at the tall man with chestnut hair, his eyes were hidden behind his bangs.

"Mother... do you know him?" ask Hiro staring at his mother, his voice it was like a business matter way.

"Why do you think that, Hiroshi?" Serenity ask in a cold voice, as if something inside her died.

"Do you know him?" Hiro repeated in a hard business matter.

"He's nothing that's all, just a friend of a friend that's all." Serenity said, with a fake smile.

"S-s-stop!" Kaz shout, staring at her mother, Seto, Mokuba and Hiro were in shock to see Kaz shout. "P-please... tell me, tell us... where's Dad--"


"Mother? Who is he? Why isn't he here with you?!"

"I -I can't..."

"We know you can! You know that we knew who he was!! JUST SAY HIS NAME!!" Hiro scream, tears streaming down his cheeks, staring at Serenity with determination.

"Why should I tell you if you already knew?" Serenity said with a dead voice, as if the voice had a drop of venom in them. Making Hiro and Kaz stop their tracks.

"You know who he is and yet he's right here with you? Why aren't you two leaving?"


"Has nothing to do with me. He's here, so go to him." Serenity said with a smile as she flips the covers. Standing up, walking past Mokuba, and two crying kids. A hand grab her wrist tightly, Serenity didn't turn her head or do anything, but she knew whose cold hand was on her warm wrist.

"Wh-why?" he said with a hit of desperation and hurt.

"I didn't want you to find out, but it's not about them. It's me." she said, as she try to remove her wrist from his hand, but he didn't let go. He held it on tightly.

"Why didn't you tell me!! Where were you for the last five years?!ANSWER ME!!" Seto shouted, his hand were holding tightly onto Serenity's, not letting go, but his knees were weaken, and now they were on the hard hospital floors. Seto Kiba a man with pride is now on his knees begging for answers of a women he once loved. Seto moves his hands that was clutching ever so tightly to Serenity's hand, moves to his forehead, Mokuba, Hiro, and Kaz stood there watching them. Serenity didn't move nor make any sounds.

"Please... I beg you... answer me! Do you know how hurt I was?! Please! Serenity!!" he said as tears were slowly streaming down his shaking body.

"Let me go." was her only words.

Seto look up, he stare at Serenity who has not shed one tear from his begging, however her eyes, her hard, cold hazels eyes.

"Didn't you hear me!?"

"Yes, I heard, you don't have to yell," Serenity said as she whisk her hand away from Seto Kiba's cold hands. Seto gritted his teeth and stood up, wrapping his strong arms around Serenity's tightly.

"Let me go." Serenity said in a monotone voice, not moving, not yelling, just... just standing still.

"No! I won't let go!! You're here!! I can't let you go!!" he said he hold her tighter, his chin was resting on her shoulder, smelling her sweet perfume, tears stop flowing.

"Okka-san?" came a whispering voice, from Kaz, who was staring at her mother and father. "Why didn't you tell us about, Daddy? About everyone else?"

"I was planning on telling you today, but seeing how sharp you two are like your father, I didn't need to tell you."

"Then why did you leave us?" Mokuba said with desperation.

"I had a choice, and I choose my choice."

"What were you planning on doing to us then?" Hiro ask.

"Have Mokuba take you to your father and I go and disappear. Just.. like..." Serenity said as she put two of her fingers to together and made a snap sound, "...that."

"Why??" Seto ask, turning her around, staring in her eyes. In her eyes he saw nothing

that he could get out of no shedding of happiness, a glimpse of emotions, nothing. As

if she was empty inside to begin with.

"I have to go, tell Dr. Yuho, that I will be back for the check-up next week." Serenity

said as she did around-the-house-kick him in the stomach, sending Seto to the wall

at the end of the room. A loud clattering was made as Seto was send flying to the





The three rush to Seto who was grunting and spilling some blood from his mouth, a

hand was on his stomach. Seto look up to see Serenity who dashing out of the room,

to a open window that was open. As she past by she whispers...

"I'm sorry, I love you." then something drops next to him, it was the medium size

heart with the initials of S. K. & S. W. Then she was gone, again with no trace,

leaving two of her children behind, and once again her friends.


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