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When Hermione awoke the next morning she awoke to an empty bed, she looked around the room and saw no Draco.

She quickly got out of bed and decided to check the living room and the kitchen.

When she got to the living room she saw Harry, Ginny, and Ron sound asleep on the couch and she smiled, Hermione grabbed a blanket that was laying on the other couch and laid it across them, and she went back on her search for Draco.

Hermione became worried when she checked the kitchen and the bathroom and there was still no sign of Draco, she walked out of the bathroom and remembered that she forgot to check the baby's room.

When Hermione got to the baby's room she saw that the door was open, she quietly went into the room and saw Draco standing over a baby crib there was bubble wrap and plastic all around the room, and in the corner of the room was a huge cardboard box with a picture of a baby crib on it.

Hermione relived that Draco must have put the crib together and she smiled, Hermione slowly made her way over to Draco, she looked at him he looked so deep in though she did not know if she wanted to disrupted him so she decided so leave she slowly made her way out of the room and almost made it but damn the bubble wrap.

Draco turned to the sound and saw Hermione stand by the door and he looked back at the crib. Hermione didn't know what to do she was caught she didn't know if she should continue leaving or say some thing. She decided to at least say good morning to him.

"Morning Draco" Hermione said as she made her way back over to him.

He stayed silent, "So Draco did you put this together?" Hermione asked as she ran her hand across the cherry wood crib.

Still no answer, "Because if you did it is really good I like it." Hermione said with a smile.

When she still didn't get an answer she decided it was pointless the he would tell her what is going on when he was ready.

"Ok so I am going to go downstairs and waked the others so they can get back to there partners and then I will come back and change so I can go to breakfast when that is done I was going to go for a walk and if you want you can come with me." Hermione said with a smile as she stared to head to the door. "That is if you want to and maybe we can talk that's if you want to I guess I will go but you know where I will be if you want to join me bye Draco." Hermione said as she left the room.

Hermione hoped into the shower and got dress and walked out into the living room and headed over to her friends who were sound asleep on the couch and started to wake them.

Hermione and the others made there way to the great hall for breakfast and saw that things were different there was and extra table, where the 6 and 7th years that were chosen for the baby project were sited Hermione and the others made there way over to the table when Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini jumped up.

"Harry Potter where the hell were you last night?" Yelled Pansy.

"Ginny Weasley where the hell were you last night" Yelled Blaise.

Hermione looked at her friends and decided to help them out, "Guys look it was my fault that they were not with you last night I need them for something I am sorry about it." Hermione said hoping they will understand.

"And why the hell would you need them Mudbl…" she was interrupted

"PANSY" yelled the man. We all turned toward the voice,

"Draco?" Pansy said "Hey baby," Pansy said as she throw herself onto Draco, but he just pushed her away.

"Draco baby what's wrong?"

Draco slowly made his way over to Hermione, which caught her off guard, she though that Draco and Pansy were a couple.

"Draco what the hell are you doing with the mudbl…"

"Pansy watch your mouth I don't want to every hear you call her that again."

"What you're telling me that you are taking her side and not your girlfriend's side?" Pansy wined.

"Pansy your not my girlfriend you never were, girlfriends don't sleep with the entire Slytherin house now do they." Draco said with a smirk

"But Draco I love you can't do this to me." She winced.

"Sorry Pansy but we are through."

Pansy screamed and stormed out for the great hall in tears Harry sighed and looked at Hermione, Hermione nodded and Harry ran after Pansy.

Hermione looked at Draco with a smile.

"Granger how about the walk?" he asked with a smirk.

Hermione smiled even bigger and nodded, as bid farewell to Ginny and Ron and walked out of the great hall with Draco by her side.

Hermione lead them to her favorite spot right by the lake, there is a huge tree the provides plenty of shade and you can see the whole lake for that spot Hermione loves to go out there when she is sad or when she just need to think.

Hermione said down against the tree and sighed she could not believe all the has happened in the past three days she would have never expected that her 7th year would start off like this she never thought that in a million years the Draco Malfoy would stand up for her, she sighed again, Hermione looked over at Draco who was still stand looking at the lake.

"You know you can sit down don't you." Hermione said smiling

Draco nodded and sat down right next to her and looked at the beautiful view. "You come here often?" he asked her.

"Ya I come here when I need to think I love view it beautiful don't you think?" she said as she looked over at him.

"You could say that."

Hermione would not take not knowing what happened, but she knew that if she tried to push him into telling her then he will close up and never tell her, but she has to know it is killing her she wants to help.

"Draco can I ask you something"

"You just did." Draco said with a smirk

"Draco," she said lightly hitting his arm. "Seriously?"

"Wow deja vu" Hermione thought

"Sure ask away." He said staring at the lake again.

"What did the professors say to you yesterday?" she asked praying that he would not yell at her.

Draco looked over at Hermione and looked her in the eyes, "Do you really want to know?"

"Ya I do but only if you want to tell me you don't have to if you don't want to." Hermione said as she looked deep into his eyes.

Draco looked out at the lake again and began talking.

"After you left the professors told me that there had been an incident that they got there to late they said that they had heard about a death eaters meeting taking place at Godric's Hollow, they said that they must have heard the time wrong and they got there to late."

Draco stopped there were tears streaming down his face.

"To late for what Draco?" Hermione asked as she rubbed his back

Draco looked at Hermione once more, "they said that the meeting was to try to get information from my mum they tortured her but she would not talk they said that they got there just in time to hear them say it, they killed her they fucking killed my mum wh…why…why wou…would the…they do that..." Draco cried

Hermione pulled Draco into a hug she keep telling him that its allright every thing will be alright.

When Draco finally calmed down he pulled back and thanked Hermione, Hermione smiled at him.

"Hey Draco did they tell you what information they were trying to get out of your mum?" Hermione asked.

"No they didn't why?" he asked confused

"Because since they could not get it out of her they could try and get to you." She said worried.

"Why would they do that?" Draco asked even more confused

"They could think that you might know what they were trying to get out of your mum and they might try to get it out of you don't you think."

"Maybe your right Granger but I don't even know what they wanted."

"Well then I think that it is time that you pay professor Dumbledore a visit to get some answerers." Hermione said as she stood up and offered Draco a hand up.

When Draco got to his feet he and Hermione started towards the castle in silence.

When they got to the headmasters gargoyle Hermione said "snickers" the gargoyle nodded and moved out of the way to reveal a set of spiral stairs that led to the headmaster's room

"Go on Draco." Hermione said with a smile "I will be right here waiting for you."

"Um," Draco looked over at Hermione, "Granger do you think you can come with me?" he said with a scared look on his face.

Hermione smiled at him and started to head up the stairs.

Draco stared at her as she headed up the stairs, Hermione looked back at him with a smile "Are you coming slowpoke?" she said with a laugh when she saw Draco trip on the first stair.

"It's not funny." Draco said as he stood back up

"It's a little funny." She smiled.

They slowly made there way to the top of the stairs, when they got to the door Hermione looked at Draco and he nodded at her and he knocked on the door.

"Come in." said a voice

Draco walked in to the headmaster's office slightly nervous Hermione saw this and she grabbed hold of his hand and smiled at him as she whispered that it will be alright.

"Ah Mister Malfoy, and Miss Granger what do I owe this pleasure." Professor Dumbledore said with a smile

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